Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sherman's Four Year Bark-Aversary

Bowsers, folks it is hard to believe that it has been four-years since I came to Holmhaven to live in Key West.  I have brightened Dad's day many a time since then.  We have been through good times and bad.  Through out it all we love each other.  I can still remember him picking me up and driving back to Key West with Great Auntie Essex.  That day we were supposed to meet Jake and JH, but a heavy thunderstorm stopped us.  Boy did it rain hard and the lightning was pawtacular.  The drive back to Key West was dry and uneventful.
My First Pawtograph with Essex and Dog Dad
Great Auntie Watching Over Me On That First Day
A Pawsome Gotcha Day Pawtograph
When I cam to live with him, Uncle Deacon had crossed the rainbow bridge a little over two months earlier.  I lifted up Dad's heavy heart with crazy collie puppy antics.  A couple years later Great Auntie Essex followed Uncle Deacon across the bridge.  I kept Dad company and made sure he didn't get the blues.  I find that some well placed collie kisses makes Dad smile.  We kept each other happy.
Sherman - Four Years Later
This Monday, we had a heavy rain storms in Key West just after Dad got home.  There was some big boomers, so I stayed right by Dad's side.   The streets outside flooded and after the rain stopped we had a short walk.  We didn't get to go to Angel Paws because of all the rain, but the walk was pawsome.
We Got 3.14" of Rain Monday
As for Angel Paws, there have been lots of pups there lately.  There was twenty pups there Tuesday and nineteen Wednesday.  Lots of new paw friends.  I have some pawtographs of new faces for a later post.  Dad and I will be traveling north to meet Gemini on Saturday.  We bark a little with us, then we will return home.  Gemini will be coming back to live with us on 4 September, if the Great Dane wills it.  It will be pawtastic to be a two collie pack again.  Dad is alright, but he just doesn't play dog games very well.

Dog Speed,



rottrover said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Sherman!! You was a cute pupper!!

-Ruby and Otto

StevieGrrrWonder said...

Happy barkaversary, Sherms! Has it really been that long since dad picked u up to come home with him? Now u will b in the copilot seat bringing home a pup instead of Essex. It has come full circle for u! I know what u mean about keeping dad happy...yur feline cousins Slick, Rocky and Cassie do the same for yur dad's brudder. They're scared of only very loud thunder, but heard rumors that dad was so scared of thunder when he was little that he used to take a flashlight and radio and hide in his pawrents' basement! BOL to the Nth barkgree!!! The weather in the USA is all up in a tailspin cuz of this very strong El Nino weather pattern we r in. It will probably last into next Summer! Up here in the Midwest, we've been getting rain like hell, grass growing when it should b turning brown and drying up. The jet stream is directing any Low Pressure systems directly over us, while out West they're baking in the heat and drying up. GOOD LUCK AND SAFE JOURNEY WHEN U PICK UP GEMINII THIS WEEKEND. GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP U SAFE!!!!

Dianne SS said...

Happy Gotcha Day Sherman and Dog Dad!!! It doesn't seem like 4 years have passed already!! Sherman, you've been a great buddy for Dog Dad!! Please send rain up here to central Alberta--we are so dry, you would think this was like California!!

Dawn said...

Happy Gotcha Day Sherman! I bet the two of you can hardly wait until tomorrow when you get to meet Gemini! We know you will have a wonderful time! Meanwhile...stay dry!

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

Happy Barkday Shermie - oh my gosh - how exciting that Gemini will be home with you soon

Jans Funny Farm said...

4 years already? And you're about to embark on another adventure. We just know you will all be happy together. Less than a month to wait. You must be excited!

onecollie said...

Well Happy 4 year Bark Aversary Sherman!!

Collie222 said...

Isn't it hit down there? I was curious, because with temps here in the 90's, and humid, we have been staying inside except for late evening walks.

Collie222 said...