Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Meeting Gemini

When I turned on the puter this morning I noticed a message from Gemini via Lil.  The e-mail time stamped 6:58 PM 25 August which stated stated "She's yours.     Lil."  Dad and I did a happy dance and then went for a walk.  We chatted about our trip up north to visit the Gemini and her three tri-color sisters.  

Dog Dad and I traveled north to meet the four tri-color collie girls on 8 August.  Familiar smells came to my nose and my tail wagged and I barked as we got close.  When Dad and I got there, another nice couple was looking at Gemini's two sable sisters.  Lil introduced me to the hooman couple and told them Gemini's sable sister should be the same color as me.  Dad and I talked to them for a little while outside of the barn.  Then Dad went into the horse stall to meet Gemini's litter mates.  All four tri-color girls were taking it easy and resting during that warm Florida afternoon.  They had the shade of the barn, but you just want to nap if you are outside during a Florida summer afternoon.  

After about ten minutes Lil suggested that the girls come out into the yard.  I was happy to see Dog Dad but wanted to be Joe Cool around Gemini.  Two of the girls came out and were happy to be in the yard.  One went exploring.  The other came up to me as I walked by and started following my tail.  That was Gemini introducing herself.  She told me that Great Auntie Essex had told her all about me and Dog Dad before she was born.  A couple minutes later Lil came by with the other two tri-color sisters.  One liked being in her arms getting belly rubs, the other said hi to me and then went exploring.  

If you guessed Gemini was collie girl number one, you guessed correctly.  Dog Dad said if he went by the pawtographs, he wouldn't have thought Gemini was collie girl number one.  He knew it was Gemini when she introducing herself.  We had to wait for some test results before we would post which of the four was Gemini. Lil wanted to make sure Gemini was in good health. 

On the way back Dad talked about when Essex, Deacon and myself coming back to live with him in Key West.  Essex was the last of her litter chosen.  Great Auntie Essex was a very smart, loyal and in tune with Dog Dad.  He told me he was convinced she was the best pup of that large litter.  She crawled up his arm and cried as she left her birth place.  She later curled up in the front seat and fell asleep.  Uncle Deacon was brought back to Holmhaven by a really nice lady, then a man came by to pick him up but brought him back the next day.  Dad picked Uncle Deacon up a couple weeks later. Deacon was happy to be coming to Key West.  During a herricane evacuation Uncle Deacon introduced Great Auntie Essex and Dog Dad to the first family he lived with.  We exchange Christmas cards and an infrequent letter with them.  Dad identified me, Sherman, by looking at pawtographs of me an my brother.  The day he picked me up was stormy around my birthplace.  I give collie kisses when ever Dad gets close to my face.  Gemini, she just came up to me and said I will be coming home with you. 
Gemini in the Grass at Our Birthplace
Yesterday at the dog park, Dad went for a quick visit to the grocery store while one of our friends watched me.  I just went and laid down near the gate when I noticed Dad left.  I was happy and gave him a waggy tail when he came back inside the park.  He wanted to buy some extra water bottles and food in case Tropical Storm Erika decided to visit.
Waiting For Dog Dad
Dog Speed,



Bailey said...

What wonderful news!!!! Stay safe with Erica.

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

we too have been getting our 'emergency' kits ready - you just never know when you might need it

Dawn said...

Very happy she picked you!

Dawn said...

Very happy she picked you!

Dianne SS said...

We are thrilled that Gemini picked you!! She's adorable!!You are going to be an awesome big brother, Sherman!! We hope Tropical Storm Erika doesn't visit your area, and doesn't take any more lives like it did in Dominica. Stay safe!!

Duffy and Lanny

StevieGrrrWonder said...

Cute pic of Gemini! It's cool when u get yur first pick of the litter and all tests come up roses. Yur trip on 4 Sept may be a easjout. Erika is forecasted to curve and go straight up into FL maybe 24 hrs or a bit less before u lay tracks down in the same area if u r leaving on 4 Sept. Anything can happen with these storms, but thetes gonna b lotta rain for sure.


StevieGrrrWonder said...

Darn autocortect...WASHOUT, not easjout. Sheesh!!!!

Collie222 said...

When does she come home with you?