Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Watching Erika

It is August and we are watching the weather channel.  This time it is Tropical Storm Erika.  Dog Dad and I just don't trust those tropical systems.  The first time I watched the weather channel was Herricane Irene back in 2011 when I was just a pup.  I managed to bark that one away from Key West, but I didn't have enough bark to chase it away from the East Coast.

Hopefully, the storm will be weak or stay away from us.  We prefer both.  We miss the herricane reports from Jake and JH.  JH hasn't posted in a year, sigh.

As for me I will try once again to bark away the storm.  Just like I did with Great Auntie Essex back in August 2011.  Will the collie effect work once again?  Below is a picture of me from 2011 giving a special report about Herricane Irene.

Dog Speed,

Me Giving My First Special Herricane Report back in 2011


Bailey said...

Keep safe.

Jake of Florida said...

I sent a message to Angel Jake, now the Chief Meterologist at the Rainbow Bridge, asking if he'd keep an eye our for us!!!

xxxx Juat Harry

StevieGrrrWonder said...

Bark away, Sherman, bark away!!!!!
Ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff.....RUFF RUFF RUFF!!!!!

Collie222 said...

You were a cutie!

Funny you mentioned Irene...we just posted about Ryder and Kori's 4th birthday, and there is a link to their birthday story with pictures of Irene's damage here. Guess You are very close in age to Ryder and Kori.