Monday, December 31, 2007

Four Year Anniversary

It was four years ago today, 31 December 2003, that I met Dad. I remember it like it was just yesterday. There was only Buddy and I from our litter at Holmhaven.

I am a lucky dog. I have a good home, a loving Dog Dad and my nephew Deacon. As Rocket would say “Life is good.” I guess it is time I go lick Dads face and wake him up. I need to convince him to use that doggie treat cookbook we got for Essexmas. Our four year anniversary is an appropriate time to make dog treats.

Dog Trivia five point question: Who is Rocket?

Dog Speed,


Essex's Holmhaven puppy picture.

Puppy picture of brother Buddy (Holmhaven Enchanting Flash, CD). Buddy is Deacon's father.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Essexmas 2007

We had lots of fun on Essexmas 2007. Bobby and Howie e-barked us.
= = = =

Merry Essexmas you two. Things are going well. Especially since I am enjoying a Louisiana Essexmas visiting my hooman's relatives and friends. It sure is a nice warm break from the frigid Kansas weather. I heard both of you were good collies, so Santa Paws should be good to you. I woof you both.

Great (Great) Uncle Bobby.

Bobby enjoying warmer weather

= = = =
Merry Essexmas cousins. It is Santa Howie. I wish my two favorite cyber-paw cousins the best of things this holiday season. I hope Santa Paws was good to you and you had as much fun as I did.
Cousin Howie

Santa Howie

= = = =

Great (Great) Uncle Bobby, Howie, relatives and paw pals. We had a great Essexmas. Lots of treats and some neat stuff. Santa Paws gave Dad a dog treat cook book, so now he can make us home made treats. We were at the dog park for two hours, ate plenty of treats, had a belly rub and were scratched behind our ears. We send all of you a double Collie Blessing during this Holiday Season.

Have a Collie Jolly Essexmas and a Barky New Year

Essex & Deacon

A new door mat and a Collie Barking Only sign

Bones, greenies and dog treats - We were good doggies

A Cook Book, Bone shaped Cookie Cutter and a Picture Album.

A Cleveland Browns Dog Pound Ornament

Monday, December 24, 2007

Essexmas Past

It is Essexmas Eve folks. We are eagerly awaiting Santa Paws. I’ve been a good Collie and Deacon has been okay. Other than ripping the love seat cushion, taking out the cable TV twice, digging in the yard, and…… Deacon is giving me the evil eye and reminding me of the grass ball I hacked up last night.

During this time of year we think of Essexmas past. This will be my third Essexmas with Dad and Deacon’s second. My first was spent at Holmhaven with my brother Buddy.

We get treats for Essexmas because Dad found out we play with a squeak toys about one minute. So we convinced him to buy treats.

Below are some pictures of Essexmas past, we think you will enjoy.

Dog Speed and may you all be Collie Blessed.

Essex & Deacon

2006 - Essex with her presents
2006 - Deacon celebrates with his furever family
2005 -Essex with some gifts
2005 - Essexmas card
2005 - Did you see all those reindogs? 2004 - Dressing up as the reindog "Comet"

Young Dad and facsimile Collie

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Deacon's Surprise

I got a surprise in the card in the mail yesterday. The smells were strangely familiar and my tail started to swish. Dad opens the envelope and more familiar scents come to me. The card was from my first Dog Mom, Carol, who had reluctantly returned me to Holmhaven. Dad had sent her an Essexmas card, without telling me. Dad had thought about Pudgy and how he always wondered about his five-scent dog when Pudgy went to a new home.

They card had made them very happy. Carol explained how hard it was to let me go; and that she upset and worried about if I would find a good home. When she saw my smiling face on the card with Auntie Essex, she was ecstatic. Dad got two puppy pictures and Carol said “You can see the same dark marking on his baby nose and the same eager, intelligent gaze.” I started blush when she commented that I had grown up to be such a handsome and happy Collie.

I was over joyed to find out that “Annie,” an older “less-active” female collie had adopted Carol and her Mother. Annie was picked up by Animal Control, while trying to find them. They needed a calmer collie, not somebody as playful and jumpy as me. I’m sure glad Annie found them, because they are grrrreat people. Oh, I still get jumpy when I get really excited. Dad has to calm me down when I first meet hoomans sometimes.

Those smells, the card and the pictures were an excellent Essexmas present for me. The pictures were Polaroid pictures during October 2006 and didn’t scan real well. You can make me out though.

Merry Essexmas cyber-paw pals,


Trying to carve my pumpkin

Leaf herding job complete.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Essexmas at Our House

Well, cyber-paw pals it is almost 25 December, Essexmas. I can’t wait to see what kind of treats I get. Dad used to get stuffed toys, but neither of us plays with them. Not even duck toys that go quack. Deacon did defeet a duck toy once though. Dad tends to get treats and bones because we don't play with toys.

We wanted to share our picture by the Essexmas tree. Here we are with our Essexmas hats and looking angelic. On the top of our tree is a collie holding the name Essex in honor of the Holiday. If you look closely the tree has a flock of dog angels representing our various dog friends and one cat representing our good cat friend Rosie. We have other ornaments with Santa Paws with various dogs and other critters.

To all our relatives, friends and cyber-paw pals, a very Merry Essexmas and may the Great Dane guide your paw in the coming year.

Essex & Deacon

Deacon & Essex pose in front of the tree

Look at the name, it says Essex

A tree full of dog angels

An ornament of a dog greeting Santa Paws

Two more Santa Paws ornaments

Monday, December 17, 2007

Chilling Out In Kansas

Essex and Deacon,

I want to wish my favorite grand niece and grand grand nephew a Merry Essexmas. Essex sure is lucky to be named after a holiday. I don’t know how your Dad found out about Essexmas, but I would guess he has connections with the Great Dane or Santa Paws. Hope both of you good doggies this year?

I am doing very well. It snowed this weekend. Seeing the snow brings back memories of playing with Mac, flipping snow with our noses and catching snow flakes on our tongues. You need to bark your Dad into introducing you to snow.

It has been a good year for you two. You start a dog blog, find relatives and friends in cyber-paw space and meet more friends at Angel Paws.

Woofs and Sniffs

Great (Great) Uncle Bobby

Friday - Getting around outside

Saturday - Nothing like getting a snoot full of snow

Sunday - Just chilling out and enjoying life

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Annual Vet Visit

Hello cyber-paw pals. I passed my annual check up with flying colors. Vet commented what good shape we were in. We barked of course we are in good shape - Dad lives at the Dog Park. I did loose weight going from 78 lbs to 71 lbs. Dad can't figure that out.

Essex gained 5 lbs as she now weighs 53 lbs. Then of course fence patrol season has been slow. Dad had noted little white specks in our feces and the vet gave him pills to kill Mr. Worm. Deacon tested negative for worms. Our question is how do you get worms, if you don't drink tequila? The nice part about visiting the vets is getting a treat and all the people at the vets office stroking our egos.

Next it was off to Angel Paws. Running, playing and chasing. We love going to Angel Paws and Dad loves talking to folks there.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pawtastic Holiday Collies

Our pal Tatum alerted us to a pawtastic site with a lot of beautiful collie pictures. We saw pictures of reindogs and other grrrrreat pictures. Believe me, you won't be disappointed, we give it four paws out of four paws. So click here if you want to check out the 2007 Holiday Collies.

We hope all of you have been good doggies.

Dog Speed

Essex & Deacon

Monday, December 10, 2007

One Year with Deacon

Dear Great Great Nephew Deacon,

I hope you had fun celebrating your one year anniversary living with Essex and Dog Dad. I can tell you really are enjoying yourself.

My family takes good care of me. The following pictures are of me in the family SUV. My Dog Mom and Dad put my electric bed inside to keep me warm and hand fed me. As Rocket would bark, “Life is Good.”

Great Great Uncle Bobby (AKA Holmhaven Bobbing Brown Beau)

Great Great Uncle Bobby taking a nap

Bobby catching some Zzzzzs.

Dear Great Great Uncle Bobby,

Yes it has been a whole year since I came here. When I arrived I was three pounds lighter than Essex. Now I outweigh her by 30 lbs. She is still the boss though. We get along fine and play from time to time. Dog Dad loves watching us play. I get along well with both the small dogs and the big dogs at Angel Paws.

I was named Deacon because my Hooman Grand Paw drove around a chaplan during WW II in Europe. I remind Dad of family, home in Ohio, and the stories his father told him. Grand Paw is really nice and loves all of us.

I feel so lucky that I chose to live with Auntie Essex. I remember being at Holmhaven and in walks a nice guy and a frisky female collie. I warmed right up to the two of them. My Dad Buddy was so happy to see his sister Essex and told me to mind Auntie Essex. It felt so right to be with them. I love going Angel Paws, playing with the other dogs there and chilling out with Dog Dad.

Me at Holmhaven

December 2006, chilling with Essex

All grown and bigger than Essex

A Smooth Collie named Tatum contacted us yesterday. She is sable and white like me and lives in Utah. We mentioned Dogs With Blogs and our Collie friends there. She liked meeting Tosca. Those smoothies sure are cute looking. Tatum will make a fine new cyber-paw friend.

Our newest friend Tatum.

Dog Speed,


Saturday, December 8, 2007

8 December

We have been busy lately, but we needed to post to let our cyber paw pals know we are okay. Dad has been making Christmas stuff and the house has the most wonderful smells. We need to find him some good dog cookie recipes. Does anyone have one they would like to share with us?

Life has been pretty quiet at Angel Paws. PJ is still recuperating and Roxy is still recovering from playing spades. We guess it will be another week or two before we see Roxy. We hope she isn't real cranky. With it getting darker earlier we don't see as many of our pals. That and the bugs have been driving the hoomans and dogs buggy. We still see Sasha, Daniel and Mongo on some evenings. .

Yesterday Dad was in one of his quiet moods. Essex barked that he gets that way every December 7th. Something to do with Pearl Harbor. Dad tends to remember funny things like that.

Below are some pictures of Deacon being silly. You can tell we really feel comfortable around Dad, otherwise we wouldn't rest on on back like that.

Dog Speed