Monday, December 31, 2012

Essex's Ninth Bark-Aversary

Dog Dad woke up this morning, walked over to me and gave me a sloppy kiss right on my forehead.  Then he said "Happy Bark-Aversary Essex."  I looked at him and smiled.  Then we went for a walk and when we got home it was dog treat heaven.  Cheddar collies, dog treats and cheese.   

Essex Chilling Out
A Little Grayer Around The Muzzle
Bowsers, it is hard to believe that I have lived with my Dog Dad for nine years.  We have had lots of adventures together.  Plenty of happy and some sad times.  We look out for each other too.  Below is a picture taken during the first couple of months in Key West. 
Young Essex Finding Out About Coconuts
We'll time to go, see you next year cyber-paw pals.


Friday, December 28, 2012

Buddy & Islay E-Bark Us

Hope every paw is having a happy Collie Day.  We wanted to share two pawtographs we got from our friends.  Essex's brudder and Sherman's Grand Paw dropped us a line.  We think he looks pawsome with Santy Paws. 
Buddy and Santy Paws
Islay Sends A E-Bark From Across The Pond
Next is a picture of Islay, who e-barked us from jolly old England.  He sure looks like he is having fun.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Essexmas 2012

We wish all of you a merry and holy Essexmas.  We are enjoying are time with Dad and his brudder.  We got a morning walk and plenty of treats this morning.  Then Dad made us some Cheddar Collies.
Hurry Up Essexmas, Don't Be Late
Santa Paws Helper
Wearing Silly Hats For Dad
Cheddar Collies A Cooling

Have a blessed and safe Essexmas.  We post some more tomorrow.

Essex, Sherman & Dog Dad

Friday, December 21, 2012

Celebrating Terhune's Barkday

The world hasn't ended today but we are celebrating Albert Payson Terhune's 140th Barkday today.  Terhune was a big man, standing 6’ 2” tall and was born in Newark, New Jersey.   He was a famous author, dog breeder and journalist.  There were three loves in his life:  his wife, his dogs and his home.  That made him a rich man in our books.  Many of you know his name from reading his collie books.  Hearts and minds soared reading the likes of Lad : A Dog, Bruce, His Dog, Further Adventures of Lad, The Heart of a Dog, Treve, Wolf, Gray Dawn, Lad of Sunnybank and The Way of a Dog to name a few books.    

Writing Away Sunnybank with Lad, Bruce & Wolf
Terhune also wrote the newspaper column “Calling All Dogs” and wrote other articles too.  “Calling All Dogs” appeared in many cities across the US, to include Pittsburgh, Charleston, Fresno, Salt Lake City and Trenton.  During the mid 1930s, Terhune had a fifteen minute radio show.   

Mr. Terhune was an excellent breeder and served as a dog show judge at times.  His Sunnybank Kennel was famous.  Squire (Champion Sunnybank Sigurdson) had a stud fee of $35, which would be over $470 dollars in 2012.  Now that stud fee could buy a lot of biscuits.

Most of all, there were his chums, the collies.  Their names are familiar to collie lovers.  Among them are Lad, Lady, Wolf, Bruce, Bobby, Jean, Gray Dawn, Jock, Treve, Squire, Explorer, Fair Ellen, Thane, and King Coal to name a few.  We found the story of Fair Ellen the most intriguing because she was born blind but lived a full, happy life. 
Happy Barkday Mr. Terhune
We don't believe the world will end today, but we do believe Albert Payson Terhune, his wife Anice and those amazing Sunnybank Collies are smiling at some of us and laughing at others from across the rainbow bridge today.  

"Happy Barkday Mister Terhune.  We toast you, your life, your collies and the timeless influence of your books."  
"Hey Dad, pass an extra dog treat"   

Essex, Sherman & Dog Dad

Monday, December 17, 2012

17 December - Fur Report

It has been a quite week at our home.  Dad is still baking Essexmas Cookies.  Friday was a very sad day as we watched the news coming in from Connecticut.  We know there are a lot of families in pain and our prayers are with them. 
Come On Browns
Dog Biscuits, The Browns Lose Again
We spent Sunday watching our favorite team.  We barked with the rest of the dog pound, but to no avail, the Browns lost.  Sigh.
Sherman's Fur Is Growing Back
We want to let OJ know that Sherman's fur is growing back okay and we were wondering how his fur is coming in.  The fur needs to lengthen and fill in the hole.

Hope every paw is doing well and getting ready for Essexmas.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


There are times we make Dad chuckle and the antics of Essex got him laughing and shaking his head yesterday.  Dad decided it was a good day for grooming.  Both of us had "Hobbit Paws" and  were in need of a good brushing and trim.  Sherman got to go first.  He gives Dad his ugly face but that doesn't work.  Dad is busy trimming the paws when he hears a strange thumping noise.  He stops and looks around and notices Essex is missing. 
"Sanctuary, Sanctuary" Call Me Essexmodo 
He looks around some more and there is Essex.  She is in her kennel, which she hardly ever goes in anymore.  He let out a hearty laugh, smiles and says "Okay Essex, you've delayed grooming for a day.  You are one very smart Collie."  Dad has a rule that he never messes with us if we are in our kennels.  Essex didn't want to get a brush and a trim so she used the sanctuary of the kennel.  
Hobbit Foot
Could Essex Be A Proudfoot or A Baggins?

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

Monday, December 10, 2012

10 DEC 2012

Dog Dad is thinking of Deacon.  It was six years ago today that he picked him up at Holmhaven.  A young pup going on his third home.  We can feel the presence of Deacon by our side, telling us it is all okay.  We think of those eyes, that always seemed to have a special twinkle in them.  When Dad drives to the park today, the memory of being licked behind the ear while driving will come to mind.  The memory of coming home with the big guy and how Essex & Deacon frolicked together will be in Dog Dad's mind. 
Deacon - The Collie Ambassador
Sherman has showed up for some attention.  Both Essex & Sherman will get an extra special hug today.  They deserve it. 

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman & Dog Dad

Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Foggy Morning

When we went outside for our morning walk it was foggy.  We all love walking in the fog, it feels so relaxing.  Afterwards we got our dog treats and daily heart worm pills.  Next Dad went off to the grocery store.  Then we e-barked with our pal Skye and Anne in the DWB Chat Room.  We do that just about every Sunday morning.
It Was a Foggy Morning
Then Dad was busy doing laundry, cleaning the house and watching football.  After awhile we went to Angel Paws.  Sadly, none of our pals showed up.  Essex watched for evil golf carts and bicycles.  She barked at a few of them.  Sherman went around sniffing and then sat down by Dad.  As you can tell, his hair is slowly growing back.  We wonder how OJ's hair is coming in.
Sherman's Hair Is Slowly Growing Back
Watching For Evil Golf Carts
Hope all of you had a pawsome Sunday.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

Monday, December 3, 2012

A Time For Healing

It has been a time for healing since our last post.  First we want to thank every-paw that visited our friend Lady I.  It is definitely helping her Dog Mom through a rough spot. 
Protecting Dad's Shoes
Meanwhile at the Home Front, the sprain and the swelling by Essex's leg has healed.  Aspirin was suggested as a possibility.  We e-barked our cyber-pal, Opie's Mom, who worked as a vet tech for awhile.  She relayed aspirin can have an exaggerated effect of blood thinning with dogs and even though some vets recommend it, she wouldn't use it on Opie.  She personally knew of two dogs that bleed to death before  they got to the vet because of a scratch they got in the back yard.  That was enough to discourage Dad, so Essex limped for a couple days.  She is back to be her feisty self as the Secretary of Da-Fence.  Dad woke up yesterday morning and started laughing when he entered the living room.  Essex was sitting on the couch curled around Dad's shoes.  It was good to hear that happy laugh.
Sherman's Fur Is Growing Back
Sherman's fur is growing back and OJ the cat has challenged him to see whose fur grows back first.  We think the winner will be decided by a hair. 

Last week we happened on an article in the LA Times that talked about canine veterans returning from Military Duty and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.  Here is the link to that article:,0,1859286.story.  It is definitely worth reading.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman