Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Interceptor USA Problem

We have been slow posting lately.  Dad has been busy with one silly thing after another.
Our issue right now is with Novartis.  You may remember us barking about the 2012 Interceptor Shortage March of 2012.  We switched to daily pills, while eagerly awaiting the return of our monthly Interceptor pills.  Earlier this month we got a the below e-mail from our breeder Lil at Holhaven Collies. 
 = = = = = = = =

Novartis has decided not to make Interceptor for the USA market anymore. We need this product for many herding breeds . In collie rescue it is a must to help collies with demodex. I was given this info - please contact Novartis and complain about this - they are going to cause the death of many animals because of this issue . Sentinel is not a satisfactory replacement. We want Interceptor back in the USA. You can register a complaint about this by calling Novartis Technical Products Support Group At 1-800-637-0281
  = = = = = = = =
This makes us want to pretend the folks at Norvartis are fire hydrants.  It is a knucklehead move.  While our the daily pills from Oz are cheaper, a monthly pill is so much more convenient.  Dad fully intended to return to Interceptor after we run out of daily pills. 
Another thing that upsets Dad was the company telling folks that the production of Interceptor was going to resume soon.  A year is not a short time to a dog.  That is like over 2000 bicycles barked at. 
If you want, feel free in joining us and calling the fire hydrant heads at Norvartis. 
Wanting a piece of someones pants,
Essex & Sherman

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Tax Dog Cometh

Well folks, Dad has been grumpy.  It has to do with something called taxes.  He goes through this every year.  This time around Sherman decided to try and help.
If I Look Smart, I Can Do Taxes
A Tax Form
"Where Are The Deductions For Dog Biscuits?"
After about fifteen minutes Sherman barked "What the pup?  No deductions for Dog Biscuit!  Argg, my Brain is going fuzzy!"  He got up walked away and left Dog Dad alone to figure out taxes.  Dog Dad finished Friday night and was a good mood.  Saturday morning we head to the post office to mail them and the post office looked like a scene out of CSI.  That funny yellow tape with black letters was all over the building entrances.  We didn't end up mailing our letter to the IRS Saturday. 
Essex Chilling Out
When we got home Dog Dad read the paper to us.  Somebody had sent a threatening letter containing a strange powder to our post office on Friday.  The building was shut down, and guys dressed in yellow suits with masks visited our post office.  If we were there, we would have been a barking at those funny dressed guys.  Dog Dad told us the FBI is looking into the incident.  Bowser, the G-Men are no nonsense hooomans.  If you want to read about it, here are links to an article in the Key West Paper and a NBC Miami piece.  We don't imagine those links will stay active long.  Any how, Dog Dad was happy we don't live by the Post Office.

With taxes done Dad can get back to the important things like reading e-mail and all your posts.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Athens - 1896

The weather yesterday was cloudy and rainy.  There was no trip to Angel Paws Dog Park, but there was a nice evening walk.  Afterwards, we hung around Dad and relaxed at home.
Sherman At Rest
After our walk this morning, we trotted over to the WABAC machine.  Dad set the date for 1896, the place Athens, Greece.  When we got out the world was very different.  There were no cars, television or radio.  No hoomans were calling us Lassie.  In fact Terhune’s famous collie, Lad, was borne six years later in 1902.  The story of Lassie was many years later.
Official Olympics Report Cover
It is a Monday, and we can tell from the surroundings that Easter was the day before.  We see a large stadium and hear the rumble of the crowd.  As we walk toward the stadium we hear a voice say “"I declare the opening of the first international Olympic Games in Athens. Long live the Nation. Long live the Greek people."   We hear a familiar melody, we bark, the “The Olympics?  The Olympics are in August or September.”  Dad smiles and says “The first Modern Olympic Games were in Greece, 6-15 April and the voice you heard was that of King George I of Greece.  The Olympic Flame was introduced in 1928.  The Olympic Games Committee records state 14 countries competed; unfortunately it doesn’t list the countries by name.  Australia, Chile and the United States were the only countries not from Europe there.  The first Olympics had 43 events in nine sports.  The athletes competed in Track & Field, Cycling, Fencing, Gymnastics, Shooting, Swimming, Tennis, Weightlifting and Wrestling.” 
Panathenaic Stadium Opening Day 1896
When we get back home, we look at the record books to find the United States won the most gold medals (11) but finished second in the medal count (20).  Greece won the most medals (46) and won ten gold medals.  We decide to have our own Olympics with events like wrestling, jumping, running, digging and barking. 

Dog  Speed,

Essex & Sherman