Monday, September 18, 2023

Gemini's Rest of the Story

Cyber Paw Pals,

I was besides myself when Dad left to take Normandy to LeadER.  He decided to have a Chucho's Pawrents watch me.  They were going to pick me up later in the day.  

Dad put Norm in the car, then let me out of the bedroom.  I was beside myself looking for my nephew.  I quickly paced around the house.  Dad could tell I was upset.  He left the house to drive north and could hear me barking.  He had made the decision to have me stay with friends because he thought it would be a quicker visit and didn't know he would be staying with my relatives.

I got picked up later in the day.  Chucho's pawrents relayed I was upset and pacing around.  Spending time with them showed no improvement.  They decided to bring me back home the next day, where I was a little more settled.  
Gemini Trying To Relax

Dad thinks I was overwhelmed.  No Norm, No Dad, strange house and the storm.  When they came back home, I was tuckered out.  I greeted them, but I was not bouncy.  

Dad told me if he had known it was going to be several days and he knew they were going to stay at Holmhaven, I would have come with him.  I'm happy life is back to normal.

Dog Speed,


Saturday, September 16, 2023

August Holmhaven Visit

I finally got Dad to post the pawtograph from my visit to Holmhaven.

First, I want to let you know that I am doing pawsome.  I have not had any nose bleeds since I my testing at LeadER back on 29 August.  Between no bleeding and all the tests being negative our pack is extremely happy.  

I totally enjoyed Dad and my visit.  If we knew it was going to turn out like it did, Gemini would have come with us.  She has finally forgiven us both.  I enjoyed running with by relatives.  Dad enjoyed the visit too.  Lil told him we were easy guests.  That made us both smile.

Below are pawtographs of my relatives.

Dog Speed,






Rosie and Nate

Two pawtographs of Pal

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Norm Is Normal

A sigh of relief has come over our pack.  Dad got a voice mail from LeadER and talked to the Vet today.  The Vet relayed that Norm is normal.  

All the biopsies, CAT scan and von Willebrand's factor test were all negative.  The Vet reiterated he saw nothing abnormal during the exam and the tests confirm he is fine.  He asked if Norm had a nosebleed.  We answered the last time he bled was when we left him off for the exam.  That was eight days ago.  If Norm started bleeding again, we can call the Vet at LeadER.  What caused the nosebleed?  Is a mystery. We are happy Norm is doing okay.  The collies and dad danced for joy.     

We will post more soon about our visit to Holmhaven and Gemini's being left with friends in Key West.
Normandy and the Holmhaven Collies
Dog Speed,

Gemini, Normandy and Dog Dad