Thursday, July 5, 2018

5 July 1947

We hear a creaking sound.  Sherman's tail starts wagging.  We wander over to a big door and see Dad playing with some dials.  I nudge Sherman and ask him what is going on.  Sherman barks out "That is the WABAC machine Gemini!"
Sherman & Mr. Peabody 
Sherman quickly explains about how Dad would take the collies back in time using the WABAC machine. I listen intensely as Sherman tells me about previous WABAC machine adventures.  Dad turns the dials to 5 July 1947, location Chicago.

The machine makes some noises and then we are sitting on the roof of Comiskey Park in Chicago.  It is the top of the seventh inning the Indians are behind 5-1.  Joe Gordon walks.  Ken Keltner walks too.  Hank Edwards grounds shortstop to 2nd baseman, runners on first and third.Then comes up an African American man, Larry Doby.  Larry Doby strikes out. Cleveland scores two runs that inning..  When the game ends the Indians loose 6-5. 
Larry Doby
We look at Dad quizzically.  He tells us we saw the color barrier being broken in the American League.  Dad told us that  Larry Doby was a great hall of fame player, a class act.  Larry Doby helped bring the Indians there last World Series Championship in 1948.  We smile and wag our tails.  We get back in the WABAC and come home.  Hopefully there will be some more WABAC adventures.

Dog Speed,

Sherman and Gemini