Thursday, August 31, 2017

Praying for Texas Coast After Herricane

We are praying for the folks on the Texas coast.  Dad  talks about Herricane Wilma, and I remember the stories Auntie Essex told me.  It took quite a some time before life got back to normal.  There was sand covering some streets, the roof collapsed on K-Mart, a lot of stores had to get repaired, supplies at home depot were scarce with all the herricanes in 2004 and 2005.  Essex told me about their walks and yards looked like something out of a story about the Appalachians because of all the things being thrown away.  The storm isn't fun and recovery is slow an painful. Lord help the folks in Houston.

We are closely watching Herricane Irma in the Atlantic.  Irma is already a major herricane and looks like it will go into the Caribbean.  We look forward to the end of the 2017 Herricane Season.

Dog Speed

Sherman & Gemini

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Odie, Jenna & Sky Cyber Collie Pals

We want to introduce to you some Cyber Collie Pals.  Their Dog Mom has been a fan of our blog for several years.  Recently they convinced their Dog Mom to send some pawtographs to us.  We of course wanted to share the pawtographs.

First there is Odysseus, who answers to the name Odie.  Way back in 2010 Angel Collies Essex and Deacon met a white tri-color headed collie named Benjamin.  It sure looks like Odie loves his home.  
Odysseus (Odie) 

Below is pawtograph of Jenna and Odie waiting for breakfast.  They sure are patient.   Both of them have ears up, just like angel collie Deacon had.  We imagine like Deacon both of them have a big loving heart.  Jenna looks like a white collie with sable markings.
Jenna & Odie
Last is Sky, a pawsome looking Blue Merle.  He looks as happy as Jenna & Odie.  You can tell by the smiles that these Collies love their hooman.  We appreciate the pawtographs and hope that you all keep your Dog Mom safe and give her plenty of loving.
Sky is a Handsome Blue Merle

Dog Speed

Sherman & Gemini

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A New Collie Mobile

Things around Angel Paws have been slow and things around the home hectic.  Early this month the Collie Mobile decided to start acting up.  Our old Collie Mobile had a wrench light come on.  It would stay on for a couple seconds and the car seemed to shift funny.  Then the engine light decided to stay on and the thermostat light went on for awhile.  While the vehicle was only seven years old, Dad was worried about the lights and Herricane Season.  He wanted to make sure the Collie Mobile could take us to safety if a Herricane came our way.  He thought about for about ten minutes and decided to get us a new vehicle.

We rented a Jeep for a week so we could go to Angel Paws and Dad could go to work.  The Jeep was okay.
The Rental Jeep
Dad decided to get a GM Arcadia because his brudder-in-law retired from GM. He told the salesman he wanted a light color car, with a light interior, cloth seats, cruise control and Sirius Radio.   With the heat in Florida a light car is much cooler than a dark vehicle.  Dad remembers sitting in leather seats once and having a big red spot during his BC (Before Collies) years.  The cruise control and Sirius radio are for long distance driving.  The Arcadia is a good vehicle, but Dad tends to get attached to his vehicles so he misses his Explorer.  Dad is getting used to the little differences between a GM and Ford too.
The New Collie Mobile an Arcadia
As for us, we lie around in the AC and take it easy.  We see some pups off and on at Angel Paws.  There is no steady group that shows up though.

We will try to post later in the week.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini