Sunday, February 20, 2022

20 FEB 2022

We've been trying to get Dad to post, but things just keep he kept finding other things to do. Sigh.

We have a number of things to talk about.  Angel Paws was only closed fur that one day.  They put a traffic cone over the area where the fake fire hydrant was located.  We got the rest of the story from the other pups.  It turns out some big pups (over 80 lbs) were wrestling and playing.  We they smacked so hard into it, that it broke and the poles that held it out stuck out of the ground.  It hasn;t been fixed, but a cone was put over it to protect the pups from hurting themselves.  
The Fire Hydrant & The Cone

At Angel Paws, there are sometimes a lot of pups and other times only us.  We've been enjoying the cooler weather and done our best to keep Dad at the park longer.  Gemini as usual likes to use the bench when things get hectic.  It makes the hoomans chuckle.
Gemini and the Bench

In are yard we have several Papaya Trees going.  We know Dad's neighbors will enjoy the fruit when it starts growing.  We don't mind the trees because they make excellent P-Mail sites.
Papaya Trees
Dad has a Pawsident's project to work on.  Well talk about that tomorrow. 

Dog Speed,

Gemini & Normandy