Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Last Post of 2019

It has been a strange Essexmas and New Years Eve without Uncle Sherman around.   I miss not having him around to play with at home.  Dad tries, but he is not very good at dog games.

Angel Paws has been hit and miss.  One day there are ten pups and other days it is just me and Dog Dad.  Dog chums have come and left Key West this year.  Others regulars rarely come to the park now. 

Dad is reminiscing right now about 31 December 2003.  That is the day that Great Great Auntie Essex came to live with Dad.  It was an event that furever changed his life.  At Angel Paws Dog Park, he was telling Rambo's Mom about Sherman, Deacon and Essex.  It all started with the story of fence patrol.

We will post more tomorrow as we look back at 2019.

Dog Speed,


Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Essex-mas 2019

I awoke today to Dad telling me Merry Essexmas. I got a long walk, extra treats and cheese.  That and plenty of attention from Dog Dad. 

Essexmas baking was interesting this year.  The piece that kept the mixer on the stand broke.  Dog Dad jury-rigged the mixer with outstanding results.  He took some string, made a loop and tied it to the kitchen cabinet handle and put the handle in the loop.  It worked pawsomely. 
Jury-Rigged Mixer
Dad will be looking at getting a new mixer.  The old Sunbeam Mixer was his Mom's and is from the 50s or 60s.  That mixer has made a lot of cookies, cakes and mashed potatoes.  Dad would think of Ohio and his pawrents when he used the mixer 

As fur me, I am paying extra attention to Dad, since Uncle Sherman crossed the bridge.  Dad doesn't go back to work until 6 January, so I plan to enjoy having him around.

Merry Essexmas