Thursday, March 31, 2011

We Are Fine

We are doing fine. Dog Dad is battling a chest cold and stuffy sinuses the last couple days. When we find our camera, there are some dog park pictures to post. While we say goodbye to old friends, we say hello to new ones. April promises to be busy. Essex will get a teeth cleaning. Dog Dad has plenty of yard stuff to do. Baseball season starts, we have to wonder how the Red Birds and Tribe will do. Dog speed, Essex & Deacon

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Bit Blue

It has been a bit of a troubled week. Friday morning we found out about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Then today the news was talking about the nuclear reactors. We sure hope that everything works out well.

Yesterday, Dad found out that Benjamin, the white collie passed away last year. We blogged about him January 2010, when he came down to visit. Benjamin contracted lyme disease and crossed the bridge at his home in Maine. Benjamin was ten years old. His hooman Mom and Dad came over to talk to Dad yesterday at Angel Paws. Both us can smell collie people and even Essex let them pet her. The hoomans talked about collies for quite awhile. Benjamin's hooman pawrents intend to get another collie later this year.

Then today we find out that our Dog Blog pal Cookie crossed the bridge at almost thirteen years old. Cookie led a good life and had an excellent family. If you get a chance, stop by give her Mom some moral support. This helps ease the pain hoomans feel whenever a good dog chum crosses the rainbow bridge.

We'll try to get some pictures at Angel Paws tomorrow. We want to tell you about the current cast of characters at the Park.

Dog Speed

Essex & Deacon

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sasha is Leaving Key West

Our friend Sasha, the Rat Terrorist, is leaving for North Florida. Tonight was the last night we will see her, unless she visits in June. We will miss her and her Dog Mom.

Sasha chewing on a bowl

Sasha and her Dog Mom

Essex remembers Sasha's first visit to Angel Paws. Sasha hid under the bench. A couple weeks later Sasha tried to get Essex to play, but had no luck. Deacon came to Key West several months later. Sasha found a friend who would play with her. A lot of people got a laugh at the way Deacon and Sasha played. Deacon would roll on his back, while Sasha jumped all over him. Sasha would return with collie hair in her month.

Deacon standing high to get dog treats

Things always seem to change at Angel Paws. One friend leaves and another arrives. We will probably see Sasha and her Dog Mom again in June.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Treats & Dog Parks

Deacon got tagged right across the snout at Angel Paws Friday. That was due to one of Dad's favorite dog park issues, treats.

A lady came in with her white dog and a bag of treats. The dog was protective of her and the treats. Dad had to go over and get Deacon one time and bring him back on the leash. He gave him about a five minute time out, then let him off the leash. After wondering around for four minutes Deacon decided to wonder back towards the treats and this time he got tagged right on the snout. The lady left the park and went to the kids play ground. With no yelping Dad didn't look at him and someone else noted he was cut on the nose.

Dad went over and talked to the lady. He wasn't angry, but he wanted to stress how bad an idea it was to bring treats into a dog park with about ten dogs you don't know inside. He has seen injuries to both human and canine over treats.
When we got home, Dad got out the hydrogen peroxide and put it on the cut. He looked at Deacon and said "Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory... lasts forever." BOL. That is one of Dad's favorite movie quotes.
Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon