Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sherman Is Doing Well

I am happy to report that Sherman is doing pawsome.  Rather than the typical one big meal, we got two smaller meals on Friday.  Sherman ate all his food and didn't throw up.  Dad is thrilled to see the happy intelligent eyes when Sherman looks at him.  When he got up the last two mornings Dad gave Sherman a big hug.

The only bad parts are that Doc told Dad that Sherman had to take some pills and needed take it easy.  So I went to Angel Paws, while Sherman had to watch the house Thursday-Saturday.  I did a pawtastic job of barking that to.Sherman..

Both Dad and I are happy to have Sherman back to his normal.  Sherman gave Dad's face a pawtastic tongue bath.  Yep our Shermie is well.     

Dog Speed,


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sherman Vet Visit

When Dad woke up at O'Dark Thirty, he saw a tired Sherman that was up for a walk..  Uncle Sherman uncharacteristically didn't set the pace and was slow.  About 2/3 of the way through the Sherman decided to rest.  When we got home, Sherman still wasn't hungry or thirsty.  Dad told me we were definitely going to see Doc Waddell.   Dad went to work but came back early, because he just kept thinking about Sherman. Sherman was still not himself. A couple hours later, we got in the Collie Mobile and headed off to our vet.

Doc Waddell checked Sherman out.  He felt his tummy, did blood tests and took his temperature.  Doc said Sherman was running a temperature of 104 F, which made Dad worried until he found out dogs normally have a temperature of 102 F.  We found out the blood test showed no surprises.  Sherman got an x-ray, which we will see the results tomorrow.  Sherman was dehydrated, so he got an IV for fluids and a shot of medicine to break the fever.  While Sherman wasn't with us I whined and carried on.  I even jumped up on Dad and told him I was worried.  Dad did his best to console me, but I was worried.  When Sherman finally got out of the back room, my tail wagged.  Dad got some pills to give Sherman too.
They Gave Sherman a Cute Bandage
Doc told Dad to get some soft food to make a broth for Sherman tonight. That will hopefully get his tummy back in action.  Dad has to watch Sherman's water intake and make sure he takes it easy.

After we got home, Dad spent some time with both of us, then I got to go to Angel Paws while Sherman stayed home.  I played some, but I thought about our Sherman.  When we got home, I went up to him to make sure he felt better.  Sherman looks a lot better and we'll be keeping a close eye on him the next few days.

Dog Speed,


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Worried About Sherman

Dad and I are worried about Sherman.  When we woke up this morning to go for our walk Dad noticed that one of us had thrown up our dinner.  Dad fed us a 6 PM and went to be around 9:30, so he wasn't sure who it was.  We got done with our walk and Dad showered.

He got out the treats and noticed that I gobbled it down, while Sherman wasn't real interested.  Sherman slowly ate his two treats.  This worried us because Sherman usually is quick to eat treats.  When Dad got back home from work, Sherman seemed a little slow, Dad saw he vomited up his treats too.  When he offered some cheese, Sherman refused.  Dad felt Sherman's tummy and it was soft.  Dad called our vet and has an appointment for tomorrow.
Sherman is Not Acting Normal
Sherman is drinking water (good sign) but isn't hungry (worries Dad).  We went to the park, Sherman seems sluggish but chased after a trailer at a slower pace.  Dad is going through his mind things that have went on.  On the 14th he gave both of us some Drontal Plus because he noticed what looked like little rice grains in Sherman's stool.  That is a sign of tape worms, so we both took that pill after Dad checked out cyber-paw space to see if Drontal was bad for collies.  Dad is discounting the pills because that was eight days ago.

Sherman showed some energy at Angel Paws and is drinking water, so Dad is comfortable with the wait.  However, not eating and throwing up concerns Dad.  Unlike Great Great Auntie Essex, who would at times not eat and would even refuse a treat, Sherman has never refused a treat.  So Dad is worried but not in a panic.

We'll see what Doc tells us tomorrow.

Dog Speed,


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Doing Well

It has been awhile since our last post.  We've intended to post, but then something would come up.  That and nothing exciting has happened lately.  Except for maybe gnawing on our Sunday bone.
Gemini Looking Pretty
Our pal Navy has been hit and miss at the dog park. Sometimes there have been several pups at Angel Paws and other times it is just us. 
Gnawing On Our Sunday Bone
At home Dad is trying to clean up the house and yard.  His youngest sister is coming to visit in early March.  It should be fun as Dad is taking vacation and we love having company over.

If we can remind Dad to bring his camera along, we'll get some pawtographs of the Dog Park.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini