Monday, June 30, 2008

Ohio Trip Report

We always enjoy our trips to Ohio. The first and last dog we see in Ohio has always been cousin Clyde in Cincinnati. He's not a Collie, but he belongs to Dad's sister. When we got there, we were hyper. After a night in a hotel room and 24 hours on the road, we had energy to power a small city. We chased and ran, then did it again. This must have went on for six hours straight. Clyde is sure fun. He is about the same age as Essex.

Clyde taking it easy

While in Ohio, Dad went to the Football Hall of fame in Ohio. They don't let dogs go, so he went with his nephews. The NFL has a number of teams named after felines, the Lions, Jaguars and Bengals. As for canines we have only the Cleveland Browns with the famous "Dog Pound." There were three NFL teams that folded that were named the Bulldogs. Those teams were in Canton, Cleveland and Boston. Three out of four were in Ohio, we wonder if Ohio is a more dog friendly state? We did find one thing that our Airedale friends will like. There was a team named the Oorang Indians in Marion, Ohio that was sponsored by Oorang Kennels. The owner promoted a new breed of hunting dog, the Airedale. At that time a prize Airedale was worth more than an NFL team. Any Airedale will tell you they are still worth more to their hoomans.

Football Hall - Airedales - Oorang Indians

No trip to the shores of Lake Eire are complete without visiting Hattie and Cassie on a daily basis. Those two are pawtastic. We even got to sleep over with them for two nights. Deacon had a blast, while Essex would look for Dad occasionally. When Dad came back, her tale was wagging. We chased, played tag and had lots of fun with our Collie Pals. There Dog Mom and Dad are pawsome in our books. Deacon spent a lot of time visiting their cat Chloe. I wonder if Chloe knows Mojo?

Cassie takes a breather.

Deacon and Essex playing

Deacon surrenders to Essex.

Two tired collies, Essex and Deacon.

We were happy to get back home and see Angel Paws Dog Park. We love our trips to Ohio, but the smells and sights of home always make our tales wag. I am sure the same is true for all of our cyber-paw friends.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon

Sunday, June 29, 2008

We Missed the TV Crews

We made it safely back home on Friday, 20 June. Before we ever got home, Dad stopped by Angel Paws to let us run around. He knew we would be rambunctious unless we could let off some of that energy. Dog Dad was just to tired from the 29 hours of driving in three days and going through his mail to post that weekend. Then things got busy at work and home.

We just missed all the excitement and TV News crews by Grand Dog Dad's house in Ohio. A BIG STORM rolled through the area around 6:30 PM on Thursday, 26 June. The high winds broke a massive section of a huge maple tree next door. It smashed the neighbors front porch and dented the gutters on Grand Dog Dad's house. We barked at Dad, that we could have been stars on the TV. Dad growled back to be careful what we wish for.

We'll post some trip photos tomorrow. We thought this story and these pictures taken by our cat loving cousin were just to pawsome.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon

A big tree limb in front of Grand Dog Dad's House
Look at that break.
The front yard
View from the front porch.
Grand Dog Dad talking with the neighbors
We think the neighbors from porch is history.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dad's Packing Again

Dad is packing so our visit to Ohio is almost over. The weather started getting cooler and we were starting to enjoy our visit to. Tomorrow, we will be visiting Clyde in Cincinnati. We will miss our good friends Hattie and Cassie. We will be happy to be romping, playing, doing fence patrol and seeing our friends at Angel Paws though.

We will post again when we get back.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

One Year Blogaversary

Hello Cyberpaw pals, today we celebrated our one-year blogaversary and our 93rd post. That sure is pawtastic. On top of that Dog Dad saved Deacon today.

Deacon looks on

Our hosts Cassie and Hattie

Our vacation sure has been interesting. We spent two nights at Hattie and Cassie's home, while Dad took Grand Paw to visit family in Buffalo, New York. We had lots of fun with both of them. Deacon played with the ice in the pool and was captivated with Chloe the Cat, who lives with them. As a matter of fact while Deacon and Essex were play fighting and Chloe jumped in between them to break it up. I guess that even cats know about good natured Collies.

Deacon and Cassie enjoying the pool

Essex looking regal
What is cooler than cool?
Ice Cold

Today Dad saved Deacon. We went to visit his sister and Rosie the Cat. Well, a pit-bull named Rocky jumped out of the window from the house across the street and attacked Deacon while he was on the leash. Dad heard a yip, saw an opening and grabbed Rocky by the back of his collar. Deacon only had a small bite, but Dad reported it to the pawlice and took Deacon to the vet. No puncture marks and Deacon is doing fine.

Hope the Great Dane is looking after you, just like he did for Deacon.

Dog Speed

Essex & Deacon

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Arrived Safely

Well, cyber-paw pals we arrived safe and sound in Ohio. We are visiting Hattie and Cassie right now. This cool Ohio weather is pawtastic. We played with Clyde the last two days. We are having a barkarific time in the big yard that Hattie and Cassie get to play in. We even brought them some coconuts to play with. We will post more later.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon