Friday, September 30, 2016

30 September 2016

We finally got Dad to post.  He has been busy and just plain tired.  We think it is from watching football games and all the rain we have been getting.  Seems like the hedges need to trimmed and the grass mowed all the time.

Here are some pawtographs of our pal Fritzie.  Fritzie and Gemini play quite a bit.  Running around and chasing.  Sherman just sits back and barks at them.
Fritzi Getting a Drink 
Fritzi Gives Gemini a Kiss

Fritzi and Gemini Play While Sherman Watches

We saw Lunchbox and Pocket a couple times each week.
Lunchbox Exploring 
We will try take some pawtographs and post tomorrow.  There are some pups leaving Key West and some new pals at Angel Paws.  In the meanwhile, maybe we'll take a nap with Dad.
Gemini and Sherman Take It Easy
Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Gemini's First Bark-Aversary

Dad woke up this morning, rolled over and wished me a Happy Bark-Aversary.  Bowsers, I have been living with Dog Dad and Sherman.  Dad sang Happy Bark-Aversary to me this morning, kissed me on the nose and went for a walk.  Then we chatted in the DWB chat room with our pal Skye in Connecticut.   Followed by spending time at my favorite place, Angel Paws Dog Park.  Unfortunately, the normal crew was not there.  There were two other pups, but Dad forgot to take a pawtograph.
Gemini At Her Favorite Angel Paws Perch
Gemini and Sherman Drinking Some Cold Water
Sherman Trotting Back to Dad
Gemini Has Grown A Lot
Just look at these pawtographs from a year ago.  I was so tiny back then. I still love my Dad and Sherman.  Give me a chance and I will get close to them and give me a face lick.  I enjoy living with this pack.  
Last Sniff At Holmahven Before Leaving For Key West 
My First Ride in the Colliemobile 
My First Meal in Key West
One year in Key West, I have a loving home and a big collie Uncle that I adore.  Life is good.

Dog Speed,


Thursday, September 1, 2016

New Leash

We are watching Herricane Hermine and hoping our pals in northern Florida are safe.  We figure that Denny and Reilly will get a lot of rain.  We got some rain, but not near as much as we expected.
New Leash
Things were different when we went for our morning walk this morning.  Dad got a flexi leash and Gemini got to use it.  I gave Dad a nasty look and said I'm older, Dad looked at me and said that I already broke one way back in April 2015.  I snickered and knew it was a lost cause to argue about the leash.  Since I pull and tug especially where I exchange barks with another dog  on our walks, Dad said Gemini gets to use the flexi leash.  Sigh.
Sherman Checking Things Out
Gemini Looking Pretty 
Gemini Playing With a Piece of Bark 

We went to Angel Paws in the evening.  It was a cloudy Day and there were no other pups there.  We enjoyed ourselves anyhow.  Gemini found a piece of bark to prance around with.  Dad laughed at her antics of tossing it and prancing around.

Dog Speed,

Sherman and Gemini