Sunday, December 31, 2023

Today Twenty Years Ago

Bowser, where has time went.  We've been meaning to post, but there has not been much to post about.  
Essex Explores Her Yard for the First Time
Dad was telling us about 20 years ago.  If you read this blog, you know that Essex came to live with Dad 23 December 2003.  He told us how he had called Lil earlier to set up a pickup date.  The drive up to Miami and back.  Meeting Essex for the first time.  How when he was pulling out of Holmhaven how she tried to crawl up his arm to go out the window.  He calmed her with his steady soothing voice.  
Check To See If Any Pup Lives Next Door
They got out of the car halfway home, so Essex could take a potty break.  When the got home, she explored her yard.  The tiny pup grew up to be an outstanding collie.  As Dad gets misty eyed, he gives us both a hug and prepares for our visit to Angel Paws.  
Essex's Holmhaven Puppy Pawtograph
We'll keep Dad company tonight and he'll protect us from the booming fireworks.  Hope everypaw has an awesome New Years.

Dog Speed,

Gemini and Normandy

Monday, September 18, 2023

Gemini's Rest of the Story

Cyber Paw Pals,

I was besides myself when Dad left to take Normandy to LeadER.  He decided to have a Chucho's Pawrents watch me.  They were going to pick me up later in the day.  

Dad put Norm in the car, then let me out of the bedroom.  I was beside myself looking for my nephew.  I quickly paced around the house.  Dad could tell I was upset.  He left the house to drive north and could hear me barking.  He had made the decision to have me stay with friends because he thought it would be a quicker visit and didn't know he would be staying with my relatives.

I got picked up later in the day.  Chucho's pawrents relayed I was upset and pacing around.  Spending time with them showed no improvement.  They decided to bring me back home the next day, where I was a little more settled.  
Gemini Trying To Relax

Dad thinks I was overwhelmed.  No Norm, No Dad, strange house and the storm.  When they came back home, I was tuckered out.  I greeted them, but I was not bouncy.  

Dad told me if he had known it was going to be several days and he knew they were going to stay at Holmhaven, I would have come with him.  I'm happy life is back to normal.

Dog Speed,


Saturday, September 16, 2023

August Holmhaven Visit

I finally got Dad to post the pawtograph from my visit to Holmhaven.

First, I want to let you know that I am doing pawsome.  I have not had any nose bleeds since I my testing at LeadER back on 29 August.  Between no bleeding and all the tests being negative our pack is extremely happy.  

I totally enjoyed Dad and my visit.  If we knew it was going to turn out like it did, Gemini would have come with us.  She has finally forgiven us both.  I enjoyed running with by relatives.  Dad enjoyed the visit too.  Lil told him we were easy guests.  That made us both smile.

Below are pawtographs of my relatives.

Dog Speed,






Rosie and Nate

Two pawtographs of Pal

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Norm Is Normal

A sigh of relief has come over our pack.  Dad got a voice mail from LeadER and talked to the Vet today.  The Vet relayed that Norm is normal.  

All the biopsies, CAT scan and von Willebrand's factor test were all negative.  The Vet reiterated he saw nothing abnormal during the exam and the tests confirm he is fine.  He asked if Norm had a nosebleed.  We answered the last time he bled was when we left him off for the exam.  That was eight days ago.  If Norm started bleeding again, we can call the Vet at LeadER.  What caused the nosebleed?  Is a mystery. We are happy Norm is doing okay.  The collies and dad danced for joy.     

We will post more soon about our visit to Holmhaven and Gemini's being left with friends in Key West.
Normandy and the Holmhaven Collies
Dog Speed,

Gemini, Normandy and Dog Dad

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Dad & Norm Are Back

Normandy and Dad got back home this afternoon.  I didn't get all joyful when I saw them.  I just relaxed and was happy they were home.  

Nothing really stood out to the vet from the scan or looking up Norm's nose.  We will have to wait until the results come in from the lab.  Why they need a labrador retriever to tell them what is going on with Norm is beyond me.

We have several things to post about, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.  

Dog Speed


Monday, August 28, 2023

Nose Bleed

Normandy and Norm are off to Lead ER in Cooper City today.  It all started with Norm having a slight on Tuesday, 14 August.  Dad used some peroxide.  Wednesday it got worse.  We were off to see our vet on Thursday but they were closed.  So we saw the emergency vet that are about 40 mins away.  They couldn't see the bleed because it was further up the nose.  The vet gave me some Amoxicillin/Clavulanate (Clavamox) and EPINEPHrine.  Early Saturday Norm bled again.  We left home around 1:30 AM to Emergency Vet again.  We got some Yunnan Baiyao and more EPHINEPHrine to use as needed.

Things would improve, then take a step backwards.  With no great improvement by Monday morning, an appointment at Lead ER was set up.  The nosebleeds have lessened significantly since early this week, but Dad is keeping the appointment.  

The entire time there has been no change in Norm's appetite, mood or energy.  It has just been he gets a nosebleed, then stop it will stop bleeding.  The ones on 16 and 17 August were about the size of the palm of my hand.  Lead ER can't give a timeline on when Norm will come home until they look at him.  Hopefully, we'll be back later today.  Norm has a good appetite, spirits and a normal stool. No significant nose bleeds this weekend. 

Gemini is doing fine.  Expect she will be barking and carrying on when we leave.  Some dog park friends will be picking her up later in the day.  She will stay with them and their pup.  

Dad is keeping an eye on the weather too.

Dog Speed,

Gemini & Normandy

Friday, June 30, 2023

We Finally Got After Dad

We had to really get after Dad to post. It has been many dog moons since our last post. We are doing well. Life is mostly slow at the dog park.

Here are some pawtographs from Chucho's Barkday way back on 16 June. There were some treats and a cake we could eat. As you can tell Chucho turned 3. We had a fun time at the Barkday Party.

Chucho's Mom Gives Gemini Some Cake

Gemini & Sherman Ask Chucho's Mom For Cake

Dad has been meaning to post, but things keep coming up. Dad told us he has to get the house straightened up. Having failed over the last several month, he is going to try an old strategy. He is going to listen to episodes of Johnny Dollar and get after things. Johnny Dollar is an old radio show from the 1950s. Dad knows he can get things done listening to the show. It isn't as distracting as the TV or as boring with nothing on. We'll let you know if Dad got anything done.

Dog Speed,

Gemini & Normandy

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Remember 15 April 1898

Earlier today we followed Dad into to the WABAC machine.  Once again it was set to the year 1898, location Havana, Cuba.  We get out and sniff around the area.  Suddenly at 9:40 PM we hear a loud explosion.  We run over by Dad and hide behind his legs.  

We bark out "What made that loud thunder Dad?"  

Dad replies, "You remember a couple weeks ago we were in Key West to watch the USS Maine leave Key West?"

We nod our heads yes.

"The USS Maine just exploded.  Of the 355 members of the USS Maines crew, 261 crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Six days later, the US went to war with Spain."  We couldn't find any reports of a dog being aboard the ship, but there could have been one.  
The Wreckage of the Maine in Havana Harbour

That event changed a lot of things in USA.  We had territories half-way around the world and would become more involved in global events.  We join Dad in a silent prayer at Angel Paws.   After today we too will "Remember the Maine."  

USS Maine Memorial in Key West Cemetary

Dog Speed,

Gemini and Normandy

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

24 January 1898

There is a creaking noise in the house.  Gemini's tail starts to wag.  We ramble over to a big door and see Dad turning some dials.  I bump Gemini and give her a quizzical look.  Gemini barks out "It’s the WABAC machine Norm!"

Gem explains the collies would join Dad and go back in time using the WABAC machine. I listen as Gem woofs about previous WABAC adventures.  Dad turns the dials to 24 January 1898, location Key West. 
We arrive in Key West.  There are no cars and people dress funny.  We see lots of horses and hoomans walking.  Dad says “Today the wheels of history start to turn.  Several weeks from now, the trajectory of US history will change furever.  The US will start to get more involved in world politics.  In a several weeks we will use the WABAC machine again to witness the event that starts that avalanche and begin that change.”
The USS MAINE - 1898 - Library of Congress

We watch a ship start to slowly leave port, belching smoke into the air as it moved.  We read the name the “Maine.”  Dad looks at us and states, “The Maine is heading to Cuba.  Captain Charles D. Sigsbee is the commander.  The Maine will arrive in Havana the next day, 15 January, around 10 AM.  In a several weeks, we get in the WABAC and go to Havana Harbor.  We will watch, listen and we too will remember the Maine.”
USS MAINE Entering Havana Harbor - 15 JAN 1898
Dog Speed,
Gemini & Normandy

Thursday, January 19, 2023


Well Dad got the news from the Doctor.  He has lipoma.  Lipoma is a benign tumor of fat, formed between the skin and the underlying muscle.  We all exhaled after Dad got the results.  To celebrate Dad took us to Angel Paws on time.
Norm & Gem Chilling Out

After receiving the good news, we chilled for a short time before Dad took us to Angel Paws to celebrate.  Now Dad is off to the next project.  Appreciate everypaw thinking of Dad and praying fur him.  We love our Dad.

Dog Speed,

Gemini & Normandy

Wednesday, January 4, 2023


Well cyber-pals Dad is going to have surgery today.  He felt a couple bumps on the back of his neck the second week of December.  He went to Urgent care and they referred to another place.  That Doc saw him and scheduled him fur surgery.  Being the holiday, he ended waiting until after New Years.  They are going to put Dad under, which he isn't thrilled about, but do what you have to do.  He reports in at 7:15 and should be out before 10.  

Dad will walk about 15 minute to the place that does the surgery.  Copper's Dad will pick him up to take him home.  We were extra good during our walk and told Dad not to worry.  Dad will worry anyhow.  When Dad gets home we'll post to let you know how he is doing.

Dog Speed,

Gemini, Normandy and Dog Dad

= = = = = = =

UPDATE:  11:00 AM

Dad is home and doing well.  He is under the loving supervision of Gemini and Normandy.   No Angel Paws today,, but we will get extra time tomorrow

We will get results of what the lumps were sometime in the future.  He is scheduled to see the Doc again in around ten days..   

Sunday, January 1, 2023

2022 in Review

There were quite a few things that happened last year.  Nothing much going in Key West.  Dad still masks in public, and he got his Covid booster shot in December.  We spend a lot of time enjoying Angel Paws and taking care of Dad. 

 = = = = = = = = = =

24 February – Russia invades Ukraine.


31 May – Our pal Bear moves to a new home in Key West.



16-27 December – Copper visits us.

= = = = = = = = 

We wish everypaw a very Barky New Year.  Hopefuly, "The Year of the Rabbit" 2023 is a pawtastic year.