Tuesday, August 31, 2021

A Gift From McGee

Well, cyber paw pals our chum McGee sent Dad a book to read to both of us.  The book is "Lad of Sunnybank" written by Tehune,  "Lad of Sunnybank" arrived on 16 August addressed to the both of us.  Gemini danced as she could smell her good friend McGee on both the package and book.  Normandy has never met McGee, but was happy to see Gemini being so happy.

Lad of Sunnybank

There has been quite a few pups at Angel Paws.  Though our good pal Chachi has left the area.  The bane of being around military pals, people transfer every three years or so.  Atlas the five month old husky pup is growing.  He will be a big pup.  He is very friendly and is very mellow.  Max the German Shepherd likes bossing the other pups around.  For some reason he has never bothered the collies.  Fortunately he likes chasing his ball more than anything else.

Both Elsa and Ida stayed far away from us.  We all let out a sigh and are eager for herricane season to end.

Dog Speed,

Gemini & Normandy

Sunday, August 29, 2021

29 August 2021 - All's Well

 Bowsers, we've been meaning to post, but kept putting it off.

Both Fred and Ida stayed far away from us.  A little rain, but nothing to worry about here.  We are praying for the people in Louisiana. 

Grass has been growing quickly and there are plenty of pals at Angel Paws.  Bently and Zeus have a new brother.  A husky puppy named Atlas.   Atlas is going to be a big husky.  Kai the Aussie loves to do fence patrol and Chachi loves to rough house.  Chachi will be leaving Key West soon.
Atlas, Kai and Chachi
Kayla, the Belgian Malinois loves to rough house with Norm.  Dad takes off Norm's collar when Kayla arrives.  She likes to grab it and Dad can see Norm getting frustrated.

Normandy, Kayla & Gemini

Dog Speed,

Gemini & Normandy