Saturday, December 31, 2011

Essex's Eight Year Barkaversary

Me and Dog Dad are sitting looking at each other.  Eight years ago Dog Dad got in his Ford Explorer and drove to the Fort Lauderdale area to bring me into his life.  We are reminiscing me crawling up his arm as he left Holmhaven. I was scared to leave Holmhaven.  I have to admit that I made a good choice in my Dog Dad.  We have been through many things over those eight years.
We have seen many dogs and people come and leave Angel Paws Dog Park and Key West.  I was there to comfort during several Rainbow Bridge crossings.  Grand-Maw in 2008, Grand-Paw in 2010 and the crossing of my nephew Deacon in 2011.  I helped him keep it together during the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma, which flooded most of Key West.  We had happy visits to Ohio together and shared the immense joy of having Sherman come into our lives.  Dad tells me I did an amazing job training Sherman the way of the Collie.
Essex's Holmhaven Puppy Picture - 2003

Checking Out the Neighbors Yard -  January 2004
Hopefully, the three of us will have many more years together.

Dog Speed,


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Essexmas 2011

We hope all of you had a pawsome Essexmas.  We received plenty of stuff and enjoyed ourselves.  Dog Dad got a painting of Deacon on slate, that caused him to get a little misty eyed, he still misses his Collie Ambassador when he thinks about it.  He does love Sherman too.  So here are some pictures of our Essexmas presents for our pack. 

Dog Speed,

Essex, Sherman & Dog Dad

A Blanket from Dog Dad
A Toy From Stevie-Grrr-Wonder

A Present from Dog Dad Sister Marge

A Sqeaky Toy, Pawsome
A Cookie Jar and Treats From Santy Paws
Collar, a leash and a Throw for our Couch
Presents from Marge & Becky
A Treat Jar
Rawhides from Bev in Virginia
A Pawtographed Copy of Joel Walton's Book
Essex Opens Marges Rawhide Treats
We Got Dad a Tote Bag for the Park
Brudder Steve's Present to Dad

Some Cards from our Cyber Pals

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Essexmas Eve

Sherman is so excited.  Essexmas is almost here.  Sherman can't wait to see Santy Paws.   We have been extra good.  Essex has trained her great nephew the way of the collie.  We put up with silly red hats.  Santy Paws, please be good to us.
Dog Speed and Merry Essexmas to all,

Essex & Sherman

Monday, December 19, 2011


Dad is not a happy camper right now.  He found a tick on Essex and then found over twenty on Sherman.  Dad is guessing Sherman is picking them up at the dog park.  In the eight years Essex has been with Dad, if he picked off two from her or Deacon in year, that was a lot.  He has went several months at a time without finding a single tick.  This @#&*#) twenty, that is a lot and it going to make him extra vigilant.  .

Now, we were due to get our medication on the 24th, but it will be a bit early this month.  Essex will get hers tonight and Sherman will get his tomorrow.  Dad needs to get him weighed at the vets office first.  He doesn't want to put to much on Sherman because he is afraid he'll get sick. 

As for the @#&*#)  ticks.  After removing them, Dad boils them in water.  Kill the little @#&*#) is what Dog Dad says. 

Essex & Sherman

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Essexmas Baking 2011

We want everyone that Essex is doing pawsome.  She is eating regular and that nasty giardia bug is leaving her alone.  Sherman is growing like a collieweed.  He is now taller than Essex.  Things have been kind of busy for Dog Dad.  He has been doing Essexmas baking.  When he does that, we just chill out.

Sherman & Essex chilling out

Sherman is getting tall
Walnut Rounds
Petticoat tails
Pecan Delights

Czechaslovakian Cookies
Anise Oil Cookies
Angel Food Cake

Monday, December 5, 2011


Dog Dad was worried about Essex this weekend.  She barked four times Thursday night-Friday morning to let her outside.  When he came home after work she had thrown up twice and he noted some dark liquid stool on the floor.  She wasn't hungry Friday night but Dog Dad doesn't get excited if she doesn't eat her food.  She does that now and again.  When she didn't eat Saturday and Sunday but she still seemed to be in good shape running around Angel Paws Dog Park.  Dog Dad was concerned and confused, but he knew he was going to the vet.  
Essex not feeling well
Dr. Wadell looked at Essex.  She looked in good shape and Doc took a stool sample.  Essex didn't like getting the probe stuck in her rear end.  Doc looked at the smear and noticed this parasite called giardia.  The giardia bug causes an upset  tummy and diarrhea.  It can come from drinking contaminated water or from animal feces.  We got some medicine for Essex.  Sherman is taking the medicine as a preventative measure.  Dog Dad decided that Essex won't be visiting Angel Paws for several days as he doesn't want to spread the parasite to other pups.  Sherman, that lucky pup, will able to go though.  The best news is Essex will be fine. 
Sherman the white nosed collie
A nice white nose
Here's barking at you
Sherman in the meanwhile had fun around the yard.  He was digging in the sand where the pool used to be.  Dad had to take some pictures of Sherman with his sandy white nose.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman