Sunday, May 29, 2011

Origin of Deacon's Name

Dawn has asked us several times about the origin of Deacon's name. We have touched on it before, but we will honor the request as it is very fitting to be told Memorial Day Weekend. The choice of the name starts back in the 1940s, a time of great up turmoil and struggle. It goes back to what some call the greatest generation.

During this time Grand-Paw served in the Army during WW II. By the time the invasion of Normandy Grand-Paw was assigned as the chaplain's assistant. He was with the 5th Armored Division and was in Combat Command "R" or CCR. CCR fought in the Hurtgen Forest, which the smaller book called "... a violent screaming hell." From what Dog Dad has read about Hurtgen it was a nightmare. Bodies of soldier are still found in the forest. Grand Paw survived the war, met Grand Maw and had five children.

The Chaplain and Grand Paw

Grand Paw

Grand Paw decided about fifteen years ago to give Dog Dad his books and some other WW II things. He told Dog Dad - "You are the one that who was the most interested in these things. I want you to have them." Dog Dad couldn't refuse. He had read the books in grade school and spent time with Grand Paw looking at old pawtographs growing up as a child. There is no way he could ever refuse such an offer. While they didn't always agree, Dog Dad had tremendous respect and love for Grand Paw. When he was young Dog Dad wished he could have been the star athlete and made Grand Paw proud. Grand Paw didn't tell him until much later that he was proud of the man he had become, and being a star athlete didn't matter. Dog Dad's was surprised.

Grand Paws Books

Dog Dad came up with a lot of name the week before he traveled to Holmhaven Collies to pick up my nephew. Names from Norse and Greek mythology, names of famous battles, but there was none that he really liked. A couple nights before we headed north, he was sitting down and looking through the books Grand Paw had given him. It was then he saw again the words inside of the front cover of the book Grand Paw book The words penned in place back in 1945 screamed at him, the words that said this belonged to Grand Paw, "Deacon" Joe --------.

Deacon was a great name for a Collie, a choice from long ago. He told Grand Maw and Grand Paw about the name. When the three of us came up to visit, Grand Maw told Dog Dad that he had made Grand Paw very happy and proud. Deacon was like Grand Paw, both was a happy go-lucky souls, a bit mischievous at times and both had that special twinkle in their eyes.

Now Dog Dad and I both miss my nephew. We miss his playfulness and happy go lucky ways. We are sure he is with a much younger Grand Paw and Grand Maw. Telling them about their son. He is licking their faces and running with the other creatures that have crossed the bridge. I am alone watching what is going on outside the front window. Deacon no longer stands stretched out with his front paws on top of his dog crate and his bottom paws on the ground. In spirit he is looking out the window with me. Dog Speed Dear Nephew.

Deacon - Dad's Silly Boy

Essex 29 May 2011 - Standing Guard Alone

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Deacon - 12 July 2006 - 27 May 2011

Puppy Picture

December 2006

12 July 2007 - Deacon's First Barkday

At Angel Paws Dog Park wanting a treat

Resting on the Couch Last picture taken at Angel Paws

It is a start of a long day, my first step will be to write a this tribute to my beloved boy, Deacon. Good thing this isn't paper because I tear up some when I think about him being gone. I want to say I appreciate all the prayers and well wishers, it will help me a lot.

What was my nephew Deacon's story. Well, Deacon was born 12 July 2006. His first owner was a nice lady named Carol, who named him Laddie. Carol lived with her elderly mother and Deacon left because he loved to jump on people, which is not a good thing when you live with an elderly person living with you. She brought him back to Holmhaven crying all the way. She hoped he would find a good furever home. Dog dad found out about him and called Lil at Holmhaven, but a couple that had just lost their dog was coming to see Deacon. Lil called Dad back to tell him they had taken Deacon, but she called again the very next day, because the couple decided it was to soon to get another dog. On 10 December 2006 Deacon came to live with us in Key West.

Deacon was a loving dog, that enjoyed being around other dogs, humans and cats. Everybody was his friend and he always excitedly pulled to meet the new person and paws. He introduced Dad to many people.


= = = = = = =

Dog Dad here: I will think of Deacon laying asleep by the side of the bed when I went asleep. I missed him coming in and giving me his quizzical look in the morning when I awoke. It seemed to say "Dad are we going for our walk now." I missed him pulling on the leash to smell something or to meet some paw/person. He was an Collie Ambassador to those he met on our walks or at the park.

On the way to the dog park later today I will miss Deacon nibbling and licking my ear on the way. I will miss him playing and flopping over at Angel Paws. I will think of him jumping up for treats as Miss Lauretta gave them away from outside the fence, or of him sneaking a treat out of someones pocket. I can see him ambling over to meet a new dog or person to say hi. Deacon was a fun loving care free spirit, I can't think of a person he didn't want to meet and lick. He was a trickster and mischievous spirit at times. He was quick to lick your face though.

He was called Deacon, Deak, the Deakster, the Goober-dog, and Silly Boy. He was a young dog full of life, that left in his prime. He left me too soon, he passed away quickly, with a crash, a yipe and a few soft barely audible whimpers. There was no blood, nothing fell on top of him, I guess he just fell at a bad angle. I loved my Deacon and this is going to be one very long day. Lord, one heck of Collie crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday, take care of him. I wish he hadn't been called across the bridge so soon, I wanted to spend more time with him. There is paw print inside my heart, but I think that happens to all of us that love our dogs. I miss my chum.

Dog Dad

Friday, May 27, 2011

Deacon Crosses the Bridge

Deacon crossed the rainbow bridge today at around 6:20 PM.

Dad was on the phone with Uncle Steve. Deacon had his front paws on his dog crate and was looking out the window barking at a dog outside. Dad is guessing about all this but Deacon did that a lot. Next thing we hears a crash and a yelp. He rushes around the corner and sees Deacon laying on the ground, a pool of urine and hears a several low whimpers. He tells Uncle Steve, Deacon is hurt and hangs up the phone. He caresses his head tells him to stay strong. He calls the vet and they give him the number for the 24 hour vet up the Key.

Deacon has already crossed

By the time Dad and Frank get Deacon in the car, Dad thinks he has already crossed the bridge. Frank does too, but doesn't want to bring it up. Dad is hoping Deacon is in shock and the vet can help him. I ride up with a worried Dog Dad and try to console him. When we get to the 24 hour vet, she confirms mine and Dog Dad's fears.

Heaven has gained one heck of a dog. We can imagine Deacon up there licking Grand Paw and Grand Maw in the face.

Dog Speed Nephew,


Sunday, May 15, 2011

News From Ohio

We have two news worthy items from north central Ohio, where Dog Dad grew up. First the house Dog Dad grew up and we spent time visiting Grand Maw and Grand Paw was damaged. From what we heard there was lots of wind and rain. A huge section of the old maple tree by the house finally gave way and crashed on top of the back porch. Portion of the tree that broke crushed the porch and poked a couple holes in the side of the house. Dog Dad sisters were happy they had sold the house in January 2010. The whole story brought back memories from June 2008, when the tree crashed down and landed in our front yard.

The second is good news. Cassie's Dog Mom and Dog Dad in Ohio were adopted by a little female tri-color puppy named Gracie Lou. When we get pictures, we will post them. Dad wasn't planning on visiting Ohio, but he really wants to see that puppy. That makes three things Dog Dad wants to do this summer and he will probably only do one. The three things are:

1 - Go to "The Gathering" in late August in New Jersey. This is were a lot of collies gather at the Terhune Memorial Park, the home of that famous author who raised outstanding collies and wrote amazing collie stories.

2 - Go to a reunion in North Dakota in early August. He might see a lot of former buddies he served with.

3 - Visit family, friends and meet Gracie Lou.

What do you think we should tell Dog Dad to do? Inquiring Collies want to know.

Essex & Deacon

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We've been poofed and you can see the evidence. With all the shedding going on Dog Dad decided it was time to get out the shedding comb. He combed and combed and below is the results. As you can see Deacon looks relay Deacalicious now. All the girl dogs are taking notice. BOL.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mutter's Day 2011

We hope that all the mutter's out there have a pawsom Mutter's Day. Mutters do a lot for us. Dog Dad today is thinking about his mutter, who crossed the rainbow bridge several years ago. He misses talking to her and all the guidance she gave him growing up.

Grand Maw and Dad's Sister Becky

Dog Dad's Mutter with her Family in 1933.
She is first on the left in the pink dress.

Valiant Ebony Flash
Essex's Mom

Holmhaven Golden Touch "Ozzette"
Deacon's Mom

We would say bring them a nice stick, but hoooman moms don't care much for sticks. So instead give your mom a nice face lick and a snuggle, they like things like that.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon

Monday, May 2, 2011

Indian Fever

Woofs cyber-paw pals and Tribe fans. April has ended and the Collies' beloved Indians are 19-8 and have the best record in the majors. We can't believe it but we are enjoying keeping tabs on them. We only wish we were in Northern Ohio, so we could watch them on TV. It is still early in the season, so we will enjoy this as long as it continues.

The Collies have "Indian Fever"

At Angel Paws, we have met two new paw pals. First there is Bennet, a Labradoddle. He sure is a cute little guy and sure to grow up to be a handsome feller Next there is Lady, the Boxer.

Bennet the Labradoddle

Lady the Boxer

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon