Saturday, September 29, 2007

Safe in Ohio

We just wanted to let everyone know we are doing fine. It has been an exciting week cyber-paw friends. We wanted to get on line earlier but didn't have access to a computer. To sum things up, we drove from Key West, Florida to Valdosta, Georgia on Saturday. We passed an accident on the Florida Turnpike near Orlando. A van spun out and the front fender was all bent up. There was a lot of heavy rain near Orlando.

Late Sunday we were in Cincinnati, Ohio. Clyde was really excited to see me and meet Deacon. He was dancing, woofing and going nutz. Deacon and Clyde played and played. We were so ready to play and romp because of being in the car so long.

On Wednesday we were in Amherst, Ohio. It rained a lot that day. On Thursday, Hattie and Cassi stopped by to meet us. Dad took us over to play with them and we brought over Key West Coconuts for them to play with. They loved them. Hattie is eight years old while Cassi is three. We are best friends now. Deacon saw a squirrel and chased it up a tree! He couldn't believe they really existed.

During our walk Friday, we meet a little deaf girl. We are guessing she was about eight or nine years old. She made some grunting signs and pointed. Her Grand Parents told us it was okay to come up and visit. She petted us and was so excited to see us.

We will add some pictures when we get back home. Hopefully, we can convince Dad to get a lap top, so he can update people during his trips.

Dog Speed

Essex and Deacon

Saturday, September 22, 2007

On the Road

Well cyber-paw pals the three of us are on are way north to Ohio. We are so excited that we could jump over the moon. Dad is starting out later than he would like, but it took time to hurricane harden the house. The drive will be long but we look forward to seeing Clyde, Rosie, Cassi, Hattie, Lady and Dad’s hooman relatives. To all of our cyber-paw pals we wish you the very best. We will try to drop everyone a line on Sunday or Monday from Cincinnati.

Dog Speed,

Essex and Deacon

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rosie Out of the Bag

Essex and Rosie take it easy

I know where we are going. Essex let the Rosie out of the bag. When she mentioned Rosie and Clyde, I knew we are going North to Ohio. This will be my first road trip. I’ll meet cousin Clyde, who is very good friends with Essex; and Rosie the cat. I hope they like me.

Then in Dad’s home town I will hopefully meet Prince and Hans two male collies that live close to Dog Dad’s parent’s house. This will be Essex’s fourth trip to Ohio. All of her other trips have been in June or July.

Clyde and Essex in Ohio

On Edge from Fire Works

We hope to meet three other female collies that live close by named Lady, Hattie and Cassi. Hattie and Cassi signed our books and have invited us over to play. Dad has given us warning they’ve been skunked twice and we better be careful. Lady hasn't sent a picture, but she will be the third collie named Lady we've met. I can hardly wait, this is pawtastic news and both of us could jump over the moon. The only bad news is we may be celebrating Essex’s birthday on the road driving back to Key West. Essex says that’s okay because she can see Clyde and everyone.



Dog Speed


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Black Object and Friends

Auntie Essex still won't tell me what is going on. I managed to take a picture of the strange black object. It is rectangular and has two wheels. Hopefully, someone can tell me what it is and what is going on. I've never seen anything like it.

The strange black object

Our old friend Hooter is back in Key West. Hooter is a 104 lb Labrador Retrieve that is a three and a half year old. I've played with him this time, but I won't jump on his Mom because he will get mad at me. Hooter tries to bother Essex, but she is on a mission from the Great Dane -- Fence Patrol. Hooter loves to fetch balls and sticks.

Hooter and Deacon welcome committee

Daniel is another park regular. he is a cross-breed and a very good friend of Sasha, the Rat Terrier. In the picture below right to left is Hooter, Daniel and that black spot way down there is Auntie Essex. You can see the path she has worn down from almost four years of fence patrol. She is waiting for the next evil golf cart to pass by. I hear Dad coming so I have to go.

Hooter, Daniel and Essex at the Fence

Dog Speed


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Confused and New Blankets

Deacon enjoying his blanket

Can any of you in cyber-paw land tell me what is happening? Dad sure has been busy around the house lately. He is checking the car, cleaning and putting stuff into a strange black object. Essex is barking about cooler weather. I’m confused about what is going on and hope you can let me in on their secret.

Dad gave us our new blankets today and then he put them in our kennels. We told him we wanted to pose with them first. They sure are sharp looking and have our names on them. That is me, with the light blue blanket decorated with dogs and bones. Essex has the dark blue blanket with images of a Mommy Dog and her puppy. It sure fits her. She tries to teach me to do the right things. I hear Dad calling me, so I better get going.

It has my name on it

See this one says Essex

Essex takes it easy on her blanket

Dog Speed,


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Biggg Doggg

Zeus is a really big dog
Essex first met Zeus when she was only a puppy. She told me about him, but I figured that was just one of her tall tails told to scare me. Then I met Zeus earlier this week. At 160 lbs, Zeus is huge; bigger than Essex and I put together. That enormous white fluff ball is a Great Pyrennes. Being that big and named Zeus just demands respect. Essex didn’t even mind if he got in her way during fence patrol. Zeus told me about the day Angel Paws Dog Park opened. A ribbon was cut and chaos ensued as of over twenty dogs streaming into the park. Zeus broke up a couple fights.

Bear, Mongo, Zeus, Xena and Deacon

Xena - A female Bull Mastiff

Xena, a female Bull Mastiff, keeps Zeus company and weighs about 8o lbs. She has an irregular heart and her family is giving her medicine. We played for awhile and we got along swell. I hope she gets better as she sure is fun.

Roxy peers at Zeus, you can see some of Deacon.

Roxy is a recent regular to the dog park. She is a sweet little female pit bull that loves playing with me in particular. We are really good friends and she likes wrestling with me. Everyone laughs as she bounces over me. When Zeus entered the park, she ran behind the bench to hide.

Another little friend is Pharaoh, a Basenji. Pharaoh loves to run and play, but his bark sounds more like a yip. He is active, loves to chase around with the smaller dogs and sometimes me. He only weighs 22 lbs. As for me, Deacon, sometimes I run, finding a something in the park and try to get other dogs to chase me, wrestling a little, and once in awhile I just chew on a stick or lay around. Auntie Essex, she is almost always on fence patrol. I try to join her, but she normally bounces me.

Pharaoh looks on, while PJ watches him

Another shot of Pharaoh and PJ

Well, I think Dad is finishing up cleaning. Bark at you later.

Dog Speed,


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Boston Whaler Bobby

Boston Whaler Bobby

Dear Great Niece Essex and Great Great Nephew Deacon,

Wish you were here, I had a great time at Table Rock Lake in Missouri this weekend. My Dog Mom and Dad took me out for a boat ride. I really enjoy boat rides and chilling out with them. I don't go into the water to often, though me and my former partner Mac, dog rest his soul, were once tricked into the lake and had to go for a swim. Boat rides are great and you should convince your Dad to get a boat.

Woofs and Sniffs,

Great (Great) Uncle Bobby

- - - - - - -

Dear Great (Great) Uncle Bobby,

Have you seen the size of the fish here? They are huge, some are a wayyyy bigger than the two of us put together and have eyes that think you are a snack. We rather go to Angel Paws over a boat ride any old day. Give us dry land, we don't like water, swimming or baths. We don't trust Dad driving a boat and trust the other people on vacation even less. We think your bandanna looks pawtastic.

Woof Ya,

Great Niece Essex

Great Great Nephew Deacon

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Favorite Foods

We were looking over the Barkalot Boyz dog blog and noticed one about their five favorite foods. After reading the comments Jake and Just Harry made, we tagged our selves. So without further a-rooo here are the Key West Collies top five favorite foods:

1 – Cheese, especially extra sharp cheddar cheese. Cheese taught Essex how to use the doggie door. We are starting to drool, so we better continue. Cheese ........

2 – Peanut Butter, that stuff is good. A collie's long nose has the advantage that you can reach to the very bottom of the jar.

3 – Ice Cream, if there was a cheese flavored ice cream this would be number one. Hear that frozen paws, cheese flavored ice cream for dog.

4 – Bacon, real bacon not bacon bits. The commercial may say we don't know the difference, but any serious dog owner would notice that real dogs know the difference.

5 – Dog Treats, especially “Al's Grill” Hamburger or Steak flavored.

Honorable mention Greenies, Milk Bone Original Dog Treats with bone marrow, popcorn and pita bread.

Dog Speed,

Essex and Deacon