Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Black Object and Friends

Auntie Essex still won't tell me what is going on. I managed to take a picture of the strange black object. It is rectangular and has two wheels. Hopefully, someone can tell me what it is and what is going on. I've never seen anything like it.

The strange black object

Our old friend Hooter is back in Key West. Hooter is a 104 lb Labrador Retrieve that is a three and a half year old. I've played with him this time, but I won't jump on his Mom because he will get mad at me. Hooter tries to bother Essex, but she is on a mission from the Great Dane -- Fence Patrol. Hooter loves to fetch balls and sticks.

Hooter and Deacon welcome committee

Daniel is another park regular. he is a cross-breed and a very good friend of Sasha, the Rat Terrier. In the picture below right to left is Hooter, Daniel and that black spot way down there is Auntie Essex. You can see the path she has worn down from almost four years of fence patrol. She is waiting for the next evil golf cart to pass by. I hear Dad coming so I have to go.

Hooter, Daniel and Essex at the Fence

Dog Speed


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Urban Smoothie Read said...

was ur family getting ready to go somewhere??