Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Special Day

Today was a big day for Sherman.  It was his first day at Angel Paws Dog Park.  He did outstanding at the park, under the watchful eyes of both myself and Dog Dad.  We only stayed twenty minutes because a thunderstorm was approaching and the sky was darkening. 

Sherman's first steps at Angel Paws
Brooke and Sidney were already there when our car pulled up to Angel Paws.  I was ready to arrive at the park and Sherman was very confident.  The girls came over and greeted and sniffed Sherman and then he happily bounced around them wanting to play.  Three minutes later Kiana and Tonks arrived.  Sherman quickly became friends with Kiana.  Tonks rolled Sherman some, but not near as much as she usually does.  Was it the approaching thunderstorm, the smell of me (Essex) on my Great Nephew, Sherman's confidence, me watching over him, and possibly the spirit of his Uncle and my Nephew Deacon looking out for him too.  It was probably a combination of all of these.  Sherman was not scared, he was happy, he visited both canine and hoooman, and I watched to make sure he was okay.  Normally, I am on fence patrol, but I was close to the table today.  Sherman is still small, weighing only 27 lbs at the Vet's Saturday.

Tonks, Kiana, Brooke and Sherman

Sherman Gets Along with Brooke and Sidney
Hopefully, tomorrow we can stay longer and the weather will be nice.  The really grrrreat news is that Sherman was a success at Angel Paws.   

Dog Speed,


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pawsome Week

It has been an interesting week at our house.  Early in the week Sherman had his first experience with a peanut butter jar.  He made sure that he ate everything in the jar, and that he had a firm paw on the situation. 
Sherman Enjoying Peanut Butter
The Proper PB-Jar Holding Technique
 Then on Tuesday nights walk, Essex saw an evil trailer go by.  She pulled so hard that she busted her collar.  Dad was happy that she stopped right away and didn't chase after the evil trailer.  Of course Dad grabbed her by the back of the neck to finish our walk back home, which was slow.
Essex Broke Her Collar
Then today we went to Lower Key's Animal Clinic and I got my last set of shots.  Dr James Waddell took good care of checking out Sherman.  He talked with Dad for awhile.  The two of us just sat and listened.  When we got home, we played for awhile.
Dr Waddell Checks Out Sherman
How Did Essex end up with two tails?
Essex and Sherman Having Fun
Dad told Sherman that tomorrow, Sunday, will be a special day.  Do you have any idea what might be special? 

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Up On the Couch

Essex & Sherman,

Greetings from Maine, the Pine Tree State.  You two sure look like you enjoy having each other around.  Sherman, you look like a butterball.  BOL.  I've heard you are barky and frisky just like me.  I hope that I can convince Dog Mom and Dad to come down to visit Key West this winter.  That way we can get together and play some. 

In the Shower
Sleeping, Legs Crossed, Tail Over the Legs
Sherman, I agree that gallon plastic bottles are pawsome and so is barking.  Is your Dad trying to reduce the amount of barking you do, like my pawrents are?

Your Pal,

Sir Oliver

= = = = = = = = = = =

Arrroo, glad to hear from you Oliver,

Yep, Dog Dad is trying to reduce my barking too.  I especially like to do it when Dad is on the phone.    Concur that gallon jugs are one of the most pawsome dog toys ever invented. 

I had an adventure Monday morning.  Dad got out of the shower to the noise of me barking up a storm.  He figured that I was trying to get Essex to play.  He saw Essex in the hall but no Sherman.  When he turned the corner he saw me sitting on the couch, barking.  You see, I couldn't figure out how to get down from the couch.  For the rest of the day I had to listen to "Help , I've up on the couch and I can't get down."   

Up on the Couch
How Do I Get Down?
Drop us a line when you are coming down to Key West.  Maybe you can visit me at our home.  It has a nice fenced yard and I would enjoy playing with another collie pup.
Looking Cute
Dog Speed,


Paw-S:  Essex & Dog Dad say Hi too.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Collie Play

We are both getting along fine.  As you can tell from the pictures of the both of us playing.  There are times Dog Dad laughs when we play.  We are both happy to make Dog Dad smile.  We will bite legs, bark, and carry on.  It is definitely a good time.

Collie Just Want to Have Fun
Sherman Going Low
Sherman Decides to Regroup
Like Angel Dog Deacon, Sherman likes to play with empty milk jugs.  He may have his toys nearby, but the milk jug is a top play item.  Neither Essex or Deacon played much with their toys, Sherman likes playing with them though.

Toys in the Corner, Milk Jug in Mouth
I Like this Toy
Sherman is a vocal pup.  He will bark for attention.  Sherman was the center of attention when we met some children today on our walk.  He revels in the attention that I shy away from.

Dog Speed,


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Having a Ball in Key West

Sherman is having a ball in Key West.  Dog Dad has caught him and me playing several times.  He chuckles as Sherman goes between my legs and when he bounces up and down by me.  Sometimes Sherman jumps up to nip at my ear.  Dad laughed really hard one time where Sherman went between my legs and came out between my back legs and my tail was on top of his head.  There are times I initiate play and bite Sherman's paws.  Yes, we are get along well and enjoy being with each other.
Having a Ball - 29 August
Sleeping - 3 September
Sherman is definitely growing.  You can see it especially in his legs. 

Potty training is progressing well.  Sherman can hold it quite awhile, but doesn't give a signal when it is time.  Sigh.  When he goes outside, it takes him normally about thirty-seconds before he waters the lawn.  He has started going out for morning and evening walks with me and Dog Dad.  It slows us down but gives him some much needed pack time and excersise.  His tail wags now when we go out for a walk.  Sherman still isn't use to all the outdoor noises though. He is being introduced to lots of people and enjoys being around hoomans.  Today at the Pet Store, he sat down and barked at a couple.  He was telling them, "Haroo, please give me some attention."
Chewing Pig Ears - 6 August
He still needs to learn a lot of the basics, but Dog Dad handles things one at a time.  Sherman is still in puppy jail when Dad goes to bed and when he is at work.  Dog Dad tries to minimize doing that and is coming home for lunch.

Dog Speed,