Monday, October 31, 2011

Collieween 2011

Dog Dad had a pawsome Collieween 2011.  Lady I, her Dog Mom and a friend helped hand out Collieween Candy.  Dad went through fifteen bags of candy.  As the children just came non-stop this year.  Lady I was out meeting the kids, Sherman got to visit outside for awhile but was a bit to barky.  Sherman then joined Essex in the back room.  Essex just goes bonkers with so many strangers visiting.

The last couple weeks have been busy.  We got to go to the Angel Paws for several hours on Essex's barkday.  We had lots of fun.

Essex at Angel's Paw
Sherman chilling at Angels Paw
That weekend it started raining.  On Monday the 17 October, it rained so hard the water was up to Dad's ankles on the side walk.  We refused to go past the neighbors house.  Dad drove through some flooded streets.  It rained the next day and really hard on the 19 October.  We had a short walk that morning as cloud to ground lightning kept us home.  Then the rains came forty minutes before Dad left for work.  The streets flooded again and one of the guys Dad works with car blew an engine rod.  
17 October - A Wet Sherman
Essex is Wet Too

19 October - Heavy Thunderstorms - Weather Channel
We went to the vet on the 24th and Sherman weighed in at 37 pounds. 

On 27 October, Lady I, her Mom and a friend came down to visit us.  We had a lot of friend and enjoyed the extra company.  They did some fantasy fest stuff.  Dad said no, saying that he is too old to put up with drunk obnoxious people.  We spent time at the dog park.  They took poor Sherman to Duval Street, but he was so scared by the noise and the crowds that they had to carry him part of the way.

Lady I
Sherman and Lady's Dog Mom
Sherman is a Shy Butterfly
The Collies Display their Fantasy Fest Beads
Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Essex is Eight

Today I woke up to Dog Dad singing me “Happy Barkday.” Then we went on our morning walk and he talked to me about the past. I got some extra treats and big hug when we got home. He told me how proud he was of me and that he valued my teaching Sherman the “Way of the Collie.”
Sleeping Up to Happy Barkday
The Barkday Girl
While he was getting ready for work he told me how much a positive impact I am on his life. I smiled and gave him the look that told him that I had chosen him to be my Dog Dad. Then I rubbed up against him.
My great nephew Sherman gave me some good barks to tell me that he loved me too. We are getting along very well, and I enjoy having the young pup around. Dad is planning to make some Cheddar Collies for us when he gets back from work. Then I want to go to Angel Paws early, so I can enjoy be the “Secretary of Da Fence.”  Pictures to follow on Saturday.

Dog Speed,


Friday, October 7, 2011

Cousin Toby Crosses The Bridge

We found out from our breeder mom, Lil, that our cousin, (Holmhaven Pure Copper, UD, RE) Toby, crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Tuesday, 4 October. Toby was born 6 January 2003; his sire was Duffy vom Grutlohner Hof, Imp and his dam was Holmhaven Crystal Treasure. Both Toby and Essex had Jason for a Grand Paw and both would have called Jason’s brudder Great Uncle Bobby.
Cousin Toby, January 2003- October 2011
The collies are sad. The Key West Collies knew Toby from when we were pups. Toby was ten months older than Essex and was almost a year old when Essex left to come live in Key West. Sherman is even more closely related as Toby paw-rents are Sherman's Great Grand Paw-rents. Our Dog Angel, Deacon would have called Toby’s Mutter, Grand Mutter.

Toby was a Velcro collie and loved to be as close to Lil as possible. He loved going to shows with Lil. When he finished his Utility Degree, Toby still wanted to go to classes and make Lil proud. So Lil and Toby learned to do all the Rally exercises together. Toby was happy to just be with Lil and loved to give her kisses. Toby had been battling a lung when Dog Dad and I went bring Sherman to our home. He fought the lung infection for three months and at the end would only eat only braunschweiger. We know that Lil is missing him terribly. She referred to Toby as her soul mate: and since she has been so lucky to know so many collies, that means Toby was extra special.

To Lil and the Holmhaven Collies: Thank you for sharing your pack with so many people. Know that you have made the world a better place. We know your pain and appreciated your kind words after Deacon’s sudden crossing. We are sure that Toby is playing with Deacon, Cousin Howie, Great Uncle Bobby, Grand Paw Jason and many other Holmhaven Collies in the forest and fields that are past the Rainbow Bridge.

Dog Speed

Essex, Sherman and Dog Dad too.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sherman Loves Angel Paws

There is no doubt about it, Sherman loves Angel Paws Dog Park.  The most dogs at the park this was six, and we are part of that six.  Essex does fence patrol, while Sherman plays.  He definitely has been sleeping soundly at night.  Our first day was cut short, the other days we have been there for about 45 to 80 minutes. 

27 SEP - Getting a Drink at the Park
Sherman is not intimidated by the bigger dogs.  There is no tail tuck but he does roll over and to submit.  This is the result of excellent doggy manners training by Essex.  There has been a number of nights that Sherman's fur is a mess, but we love our Sherman.

28 SEP - Angel Paws Was Fun Today
Dad, Let Me Drive, I Have my License
When we go for our walks, Sherman is waiting and excited to go.  He loves both people and dogs.  As you can see our pack is healing and Sherman is a big reason for the big smiles in our hearts. 

30 SEP - Aroooo, It is Walk Time
Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman