Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Vet Visit and Toys From Cousin Rocky

Well cyber paw pals, Normandy had his first visit with our vet Dr. McGuire. Dad and I had to stay outside while Normandy went inside to have his checkup. When Norm went inside to visit the Doc McGuire I starting whimpering.  Dad told me that Normandy would return, but I was worried about my brudder. I really like my brother and enjoy playing with him.
Our Vet
 Normandy got some toys from cousin Rocky in Cincinnati.  Normandy loved all of them.  
Normandy Examines Toys From Cousin Rocky
Normandy Likes This Ball
Normandy Likes This Ball Too
Dog Speed,

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Normandy Update

It has been six days since Normandy came to live with our pack.  At first I didn't know what to think.  When he came near me, I would get up and walk away.  Norm would follow me around the yard, like my shadow.  I didn't growl at Norm and he was definitely interested getting to know me.
12 July - Norm Sleeping On Dad's Foot
13 July, Dad catches Norm under the dresser and later the bed.  If Dad doesn't see Norm around he'll look under the bed.  14 July Norm's persistence has paid off and I have stopped moving away from him.  When Dad took Norm outside, he would try to dash inside to the comfort of the A/C.  Norm is the only collie that tries to dash back into the house for the A/C and to go under the bed.  Dad said he is a bunker collie. 
13 July - Norm On The Bedroom Dog Bed
13 July - Under The Dresser
14 July, we are sharing the dog bed. Dad is happy that I've softened to Norm.  He pays attention to both of us. 
14 July -In the Living Room Together
Sharing The Bedroom Dog Bed
Talking To Norm In The Living Room
15 July - Norm The Bunker Collie Under The Bed
16 July, I try to play with Norm, but he scurries back to Dad.  He isn't sure how to take my barking, play bow and dashing around the yard.  The next day he is more cooperative and today he chased me around the yard some.  Dad smiles just like he did when Sherman and I chased in the yard with each other.  The following two days we play in the yard some together. 
16 July - Sharing The Bedroom Dog Bed
18 July - Collies At Rest
We got a note and pawtographs from Sir Oliver.  Uncle Sherman told me about Sir Oliver visiting many dog moons ago back in 2013. Sherman and Sir Oliver played with each other quite a bit that day.  I sure hope Sir Oliver can visit some day.  All of us love having other collies visit us.
Sir Oliver Looking Handsom
Sir Oliver Resting On His Couch
Sir Oliver Smiles For The Camera
Dog Speed,


Sunday, July 12, 2020

Normandy Comes Home

Harroo Cyber-Paw Pals, my name is Normandy and I've arrived to keep my Auntie Gemini company here in Key West.  We arrived later than expected as traffic was slow leaving the keys.  My brudder Logan was being adopted at the same time.  Then one of my udder brudders decided to join him.  It made Dad and Gemini smile as a two collie home is pawesome.
Normandy At Holmhaven
Normandy and Logan Share A Leaf
The drive back was pretty uneventful.  The way I slept at Holmhaven with my head on the chair rung and then throwing up in the car, all reminded Dad of Great Uncle Sherman.  That made Dad smile.  
Riding Back With Auntie Gemini
Head Resting On Chair Rung
When I got home, I explored our yard a little to.  I followed Auntie Gemini around a lot.  She is not quite sure about me yet.  
Normandy Exploring The Yard
To make my Gotcha Day extra-special, it is also the Day that Great Great Uncle Deacon was born. Dad told me they are both watching over me.  
Puppy Pawtograph of Great Great Uncle Deacon

Dog Speed,