Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Our Pal Loki Has A Brudder

We received news from our pal Loki that a handsome 9 year old collie boy named Enu joined his pack.  Enu's owner crossed the Rainbow Bridge recently and Enu was searching fur a new family.  Enu was lucky enough to come live with Loki.  Uncle Sherman had told me Loki's Dog Mom was pawsome. We've never seen a collie with so much white in the face.  He is a handsome feller.

On 21 November Loki & his Mom drove to the Tampa area to meet Enu.  The two got along pawtasticly.  We are sure Enu will have a pawsome time living in the Panhandle of Florida.  Here are some pawtographs of their first meeting.

Loki is on far left, Enu is on the far right
Loki is being petted & Enu is mouthing him
Loki is behind the white collie & Enu is on the far right

Their pack even sent us some Essex-mas pawtographs.  We are happy that Loki has a brudder and some one to spend quality collie time with.

A pawsome Essex-mas pawtograph

Hope everypaw had a pawsome Essex-mas and that 2021 is much better than 2020.

Happy Collie Days,

Gemini & Normandy

Friday, December 25, 2020

Essex-Mas 2020

We woke up today to Dad giving us a big hug and wishing us Merry Essex-mas.  The weather cooled down quite a bit and we love it.  Dad took us to the dog park later in the day.  We got extra hugs and dog treats, so all is well.  Dad was off Thursday, so he spent extra time with us.  

Norm and Gem Ready For Angel Paws 
It has been a strange year.  Gemini has done a good job training Normandy.  The two of them get along pawtastic.  They frequently sleep near each other.  Dad loves to watch us chase each other in the yard or at Angel Paws.  Normandy is just a bit taller than Gemini.  He can't sleep under the bed anymore.

Merry Essexmas,

Gemini and Normandy