Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sherman Is Fine

Hello every paw,

I just want to tell you that I am doing fine.  I was only gimpy for two days.  I would have tried to extend the sad eyes and acting gimpy, but Dad took me to Angel Paws Dog Park.  I see my pals and I just have to start playing.  I think Great Auntie Essex was a bit upset that I couldn't keep up the act.  She was enjoying the extra cheese and treats.
Sherman is doing pawtastic
Weather has not been as steamy as most summers past.   However, friends at the Dog Park have been hit or miss. 

Cheese, Extra Treats and He Blows It
Dog Speed,


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wet Then Gimpy

Yesterday, morning we go out for a walk and it rains.  You can tell that we both got a wet.  The best part when that happens is that we get toweled off when we get inside.  Later we went to Angel Paws Dog Park and had a pawsome day.
Wet Sherman
Wet Essex
This morning Sherman was goofing around and Dad accidentally stepped on his right front paw during our morning walk.  No yelp, but Sherman was gimpy right after it happened, and is still gimpy right now. Dad felt Sherman's paw and leg and there is no swelling.  Sherman didn't give him an ugly face either.  Dad is concerned,  but is going to wait until tomorrow before he makes a decision about going to the vet.  We are making Dad feel extra guilty, so we can get  more cheese.  It is working.
Sherman Giving Dad the Sad Eyes
Hopefully there will be no rain during Dog Park time.

Dog Speed

Essex & Sherman

Friday, July 12, 2013

Lazy Summer Days

Bowsers, time has just ran by us during these lazy summer days.
Are Those Fire Works We Hear?
This Is Our Couch Dad
We have been enjoying the AC and going to Angel Paws Dog Park later in the day.   This summer does not seem as hot and humid as most.  All the rain does have the bugs out in force though.  On the 4th of July we stayed close to Dad in the house after we heard some fire works.  We don't freak out, but we don' t like that noise either.
Sherman and Nani
Essex Ever Vigilant

We have met some new friends at the park, but Dad keeps forgetting his camera.  We did get a picture of Sherman's new girl chum, Nani.  She sure is a cute Labrador  Retriever. 

Dad is remembering Deacon today because it would have been his Barkday.  We both got a slice of Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese in his memory.  Dad gave us both a hug to.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

Monday, July 1, 2013


Dad was busy last week.  The battery to the Collie Carrier (Dad's Vehicle) died at work.  They cleaned the battery one day, replaced it the next.  Dad said thank dogness for AAA.  Then he changed oil Saturday, mowed the lawn Sunday.  He was going to spray the yard today, but it rained. 

Then he cleaned a couple of rooms.  We tried to help, but Dad doesn't think running away from the vacuum cleaner counts.  Saturday we heard some fire works and scurried out to the bed room away from the noise.  We are not panicky, but fire works are not our favorite thing.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman