Monday, August 27, 2012

Post Storm Report

Tropical Storm Isaac wasn't to serious for us in Key West.  The records for yesterday was rainfall a little over an inch and a high wind speed 54 miles per hour (86.9 KPH) .  We hope Isaac stays a tropical storm for the folks on the North Gulf Coast.  To all our pals out there stay safe.
Essex's Ears Stand Up in the Wind
Today we went for a walk at 6 AM walk very little traffic and we saw Orion high in the sky again.  Later Dad let us out later while he cleaned up some palm fronds, coconuts and some broken umbrella tree limbs.  We hope all the tropical storm we experience are like this one. 
Coconuts, Palm Frond & Umbrella Tree Limb
This Palm Frond and Husk was Interesting
 We count our blessings, and appreciate all the prayers and kind words.

Dog Speed

Essex & Sherman

Sunday, August 26, 2012

26 August 2006

We went for a walk this morning.  The sky was clear.  Dog Dad could pointed out Orion high above and said Orion was laughing at us.  Dog Dad has associated Orion Rising with Herricane Season ever since he started walking Essex early in the morning.

Our walk in the dark of the early morning was breezy but uneventful. We saw many windows being covered, lawns cleared and cars parked on higher ground.  Essex took a poo, Sherman alas did not.  Dad will take Sherman out into the back yard shortly before the bad weather comes.  We are looking at rain with tropical storm or herricane one winds.  Nothing that Dog Dad is overly concerned about.

We lost power shortly after our walk for about a half hour, no surprise.  We try to post later. 

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

***  UPDATE:  Isaac was gentle for a tropical storm.  We got to go for a breezy walk at 10 AM, stayed inside watching the weather channel.  We wanted Animal Planet, but Dog Dad said no.  We then got outside again around 6 PM, we got to roam the back yard for awhile.  Tomorrow will be time for cleaning up the yard and spending time with our Dog Dad.  Thank you for your prayers and wishing us good luck ***

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Memories and Waiting on Isaac

Today a good man crossed the rainbow bridge.  The man was the first on the moon, an astronaut and an aviator.  He did much to make Americans proud and we are sure he is watching over his two sons.  We can see him chatting with his father and playing with the dogs that waited for their hooman to cross.  We thank him for giving us a moment in time when the world seem to stand still and hold it's breath.  We will never forget it.

We know many of you are wondering about us.  We are going to hunker down in our home.  The storm shutters are up and the yard is clear.  We are six feet above sea level, and the storm surge is predicted to be only two feet.  We have sat through category one herricanes and tropical storms before.  Essex sat home alone during Hurricane Katrina in 2005 until they finally let Dad go from work and he made it home through flooded streets.  Then there was rain from Herricane Gustave and Tropical Storm Fay in 2008.  We aren't fond of this time of fear, but Isaac is storm we believe our best course of action is waiting out at home. 

Projected Path of Isaac
This morning around 530 – 600 we went for our walk.  We heard the rumbling of thunder and he checked the radar weather map in cyber paw space before our walk.  When ever we start going east or south, we can see flashes in the sky and hear the rumble.  It reminded Dad of a slow steady artillery barrage.  Dog Dad thinks of Grand-Paw and the Hurtgen Forest.  
We will keep post tomorrow as long as we have power and access to computer lines.  Don't worry, we will be careful. 

Dog Speed,

Essex, Sherman and Dog Dad

Friday, August 24, 2012

Remembering Herricane Andrew

Let's take a trip in the WABAC Machine.  The dial is set back to 1992, the place Homestead, Florida.  (Great Great) Great GrandPa Rex (Holmaven Golden Rex) is only five years old.  (Great Great) Grand Pa Jason (Holmhaven King's Gold) and his brother Bobby are not even born yet.  People who read our early posts will remember the pawsome letters Great Uncle Bobby sent to Essex and Deacon.  As for our kindly Dog Dad, he is stationed half way across the world in South Korea.

(Great Great) Great GrandPa Rex
Hurricane Andrew from Wikipedia
Around 5 PM on 24 August 1992 Andrew decimated the city of Homestead, Florida.  In it's wake people died, the emergency services were maxed out.  Many pilots where Dad is stationed are worried about their family and friends living in Homestead.  Dog Dad wasn't overwhelmed with news coverage, as only CNN covered the story.  At the time it was the costliest Herricane of all time.  It was later surpassed by Katrina and Ivan.

When Dad moved to Florida in 1997, the damage from the Andrew was still visible in the city of Homestead.  He heard stories from co-workers.  Dog Dad has a great respect for the forces of mother nature.  He will not knowingly put the pack in harms way.  Tropical Storm Isaac promises to shake things up but we should be safe in our home.

We'll post tomorrow about Isaac.

Stay Safe and Dog Speed

Essex & Sherman

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Reading Palm Fronds

Essex has lived in Key West since December 2003 and Dog Dad even longer.  They have seen tons of coconuts, but never before have they seen this strange green growth coming from a coconut.  At first we thought it was an alien space ship, right out of the twilight zone.  Dad, chuckled and told us it was a baby palm tree trying to grow.  It sure is amazing to look at cyber-paw pals.
An Alien Spacecraft or Baby Palm Tree?
Essex is Busy Reading Palm Fronds.
We are watching tropical storm Isaac.  Dad keeps muttering something about the "Love Boat," we think he has went a little wacky.  Essex on the other hand is reading palm fronds to find out what Tropical Storm Isaac will do.   She predicts that we should watch the weather channel.

In the meanwhile, stay tuned, same Collie channel, same collie station and we will let you know what we are going to do.
Sherman Stays Tuned
Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Leo "Remember Key West"

It is always sad to see regulars leave our extended pack family.  Thursday, my bestest paw-pal, Leo left Key West with his pawrents and headed to the cooler temperatures of Maine.  He was a pawsome playmate and we would wrestle and chase each other all over Angle Paws Dog Park.  We enjoyed being around each other and when tired would lie right next to each other. 
I got you Sherman
Take Down Two Points Leo
Get Back Here Leo
Leo's Dad will be back in Key West for a couple months and then join the rest of the pack.  Both hooman and canine will miss Leo's pack. Leo, I hope you enjoy Maine but "Remember Key West."

Forever your chum


Friday, August 10, 2012

Ella Crosses the Bridge

Our cyber-paw pal Ella crossed the rainbow bridge on 5 August at the young age of 6.  It came very unexpectedly so her Dog Mom, Marquie, can use some cyber-paw support.  Ella adopted Marquie and Lassie when she was only two months old and staying at a shelter.  Ella loved her pack deeply and they loved her back.   Later Petal joined their pack.  Lassie and Petal are busy taking care of their Dog Mom.

If you want to drop them a line and show some cyber paw support you can click on the following link: Two Collies and a Mutt

Ella Crossed Shortly After Her 6th Barkday
It is hard to loose a paw chum before their time.  You don't have a lot of time to say goodbye.   Dog Dad is convinced of one thing.  That one thing worse than loosing a canine chum, is not having one in your life. 

Dog Speed,

Essex, Sherman and Dog Dad

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sherman's Report



I volunteered for the difficult mission of filling the hole in the heart left behind by the untimely Rainbow Bridge Crossing of my Uncle Deacon.  I chose this pack because I knew I could bring joy. 
Sherman T. Collie
The year has gone exceedingly well.  Great Auntie Essex has done an outstanding job of teaching me the way of the collie.  She will not let me join in fence patrol though.  So I play with the other dogs at Angel Paws. 
10 September 11 - Sherman & Essex
17 December 11 - At Rest
27 May 12 - Sitting for the Camera

I have engaged in a major campaign of face licking, nibbling, affection and overall silliness to bring joy to Dog Dad.  On days like Uncle Deacon's Barkday, Barkaverssary and Rainbow Bridge Crossing day there is sadness.  There is also love, timid smiles and thankfulness that I and Great Auntie Essex are there.  On other days the pack is happy and enjoys life.   
17 August 11 - Life Boat Drills
06 August 12 - Think I Need a New Life Saver
It is hard to believe that I have been a year with my Great Auntie and Dog Dad.  There have been many laughs, hugs, treats and love in my pack.   I received much praise and hugs today.  This mission can be written down as fully successful in the howled official record books of the Great Dane.
06 August 11 - Riding South to Key West
For the Howled Record Books

Dog Speed,

Sherman T. Collie

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Spending Time With Dad

We have been chilling with Dad.  He has been on vacation this week.  He is cleaning the house and watching the Olympics though.  Dad had company over for lunch on Sunday (Tonks' and Kiana's Pawrents) and then again on Tuesday (Leo's Pawrents).  Everyone had fun and Sherman loved the extra attention. 

Dad has been sleeping a lot and drinking plenty of water.  He has cut down some of the umbrella trees and palm fronds in the back yard.  He has cleaned and organized the kitchen, living room, dining room, both bath rooms.  The master bedroom should be done today and hopefully the guest bedroom and computer room will be done by Sunday.  We don't think so, because Dad is slow and those rooms are a mess.  Then off course Dad is doing yard work, giving us walks and time at the Dog Park, so that is less time to organize.  A lot of stuff got tossed in the trash. 

Essex Resting by the Front Door
Sherman Taking It Easy
We have enjoyed having Dad around.  It is nice to get pets and hugs during the day.  We follow him around outside to make sure he is doing the job right.  Then of course there is time to rest and take it easy.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman