Sunday, September 29, 2013

Put The Lime....

The front yard has new grass and now it is time for the next project.  The coconut tree in the back yard.  This coconut tree is about 45 feet tall and between two houses.  We told Dad those coconuts are big and we wanted him to either get us hard hats or cut the tree down.  Dad decided to have the tree cut down.  His neighbor is happy about that decision as the coconuts and palm fronds fall in his yard too.
Our Coconut Tree
Looking Up From the Base
Look At All Those Coconuts
As you can tell those coconuts are as big as our head.  The day for the tall event is supposed to be Wednesday.  However, the weather doesn't look to promising, so it may be later than that.  Stay tuned cyber-paw pals.  In the meanwhile, Sherman is out looking for some limes.
Now How Do I Put the Lime in the Coconut?
Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Several weeks ago a machine came in stole our grass in the front yard.  Well, some kind folks stopped by a week later, saw we had no grass and put new grass in our yard.  Dad has been watering the yard and now it is starting to look really green. 
Some Kind Soul Put New Grass In Our Yard
It is really nice to walk through our yard and not pick up any seeds of the weed.  More things are going to happen by us, but we'll talk about those later.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pirate Day 2013

Once again, Black Dog, the Collieneer, wanders Key West, looking for the magical key and the vast treasure of bones.  Just like in Pirated Days past, we are searching for Cayo Hueso, or Bone Key.  Surely this is the year we will find it.  
Black Dog, The Collieneer
Arrrrgggg, ye Pupaneers, our search continues. 

First Mate Sherman, stop fooling around and start digging.  Cayo Hueso only appears on Pirate Day.


Black Dog

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Jake The Weather Dog - Crosses The Bridge

Today, our good cyber-pal Jake crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  He was pawtastic friend and grrreat blogger during the hay-day of Dog's With Blogs.  We became very close cyber-chums during those days.  We feel their hoooman's pain and wish we could make it go away.  We do know it is good to look back and remember.
Jake The Weather Dog
The Barkalot Boys first post was on 20 June, only ten days after our first post.  The joined the DWB family on 23 June 2007 as number 514, while we joined on 17 June 2007 as number 506.  Then factor in that our hoomans are both Red Bird Fans and they live a couple hours north of us in Broward County, while we are in Key West, Florida.  They found us around 29 July of that year.  We became chums and have followed their adventures ever since.  We especially appreciated those reports from Jake the Weather Dog during Herricane season. 

Essex remembers going to Myra's wedding with JH on 6 April 2009.  They helped comfort us when Deacon passed in 2011.  If it wasn't for the lightning and extra stormy weather, we would have met in pawson, when Dog Dad picked up Sherman from Holmhaven.   We know that Deacon was there to meet Jake when he crossed.
Snickers, Gussie, Essex & JH
With Dog Dad, we do a twenty-one woof salute for our chum.

"Woof, Woof, Woof -- Woof, Woof, Woof -- Woof, Woof, Woof -- Woof, Woof, Woof -- Woof, Woof, Woof -- Woof, Woof, Woof -- Woof, Woof, Woof."

Dog Speed on your journey across the rainbow bridge dear friend. 

Here is the link for their blog.  We a know a kind word or two will be greatly appreciated.

Essex, Sherman & Dog Dad

Paw-Sss, Thanks Dawn & Katie for alerting us.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Doggie Bed Tail

The UPS truck stopped by about a week ago and we barked like crazy dogs.  They left behind a big box and Dad opened it.  Out came a round doggie bed from LL Bean. 
A New Bed
Dad only ordered one, because he has gotten beds before and we didn't use them.  He takes it out and put it by his bed.  First to try the doggie bed was by Essex, who smiled and winked at Dad. She liked this bed.  When Dad got up that morning, Essex was asleep on the bed.

This Bed Is Pawsome Dad
 Over the past week Dad has awaken to see one of us on the bed most mornings.  That makes him smile, which of course makes us happy.  He told us that he intends to order a second bed, next time he places an order with LL Bean, because we actually use this one.  We will be happy when it comes, because then we won't have to share.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

PAW SSSS:  Somebody put in new grass in our front yard.  

Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day - VJ Day 2013

Happy Labor Day to all our pals in the United States.  Today is also VJ Day.

We got in the WABAC machine this morning.  As Dad set the dial for 1945, he to told us to be very quiet.  We both nodded our heads.  Next thing we knew were in Tokyo Harbor aboard the battleship Missouri.  We watched a solemn ceremony as the leaders of Japan signed the document that would end World War II.  Dad told us that VJ Day stood for Victory over Japan Day and we should say a prayer for those canines and hoomans that crossed the Rainbow Bridge during WW II. 
Japanese Delegation Aboard The USS Missouri
Dad then set the dial for 15 August destination Sidney, Australia.  We watched the famous Dancing Man on Elizabeth Street in Sidney, Australia celebrating the informal end of WW II, Japan's acceptance terms of the Potsdam Declaration.  There were folks from the famous Movietone Newsreels filming the dancing man.  The folks down under call this day VP Day, Victory in the Pacific Day.  Then it was off to a building high above Times Square in New York City.  We watched as folks went crazy celebrating the informal end of the war.  Dad told us the difference in dates was do to the fact Oz was the land of tomorrow, while the United States is in the land of yesterday.  We nodded our heads.  He told us Grand Maw was celebrating the news in Buffalo, New York, while Grand Paw was in Europe doing the same.  The end of the war was a good thing.  The world could begin to rebuild.  Dog Dad told us places like Oz celebrate on the 15 August , while President Truman stated the official day for the US was the date when the official surrender was signed. 
The Dancing Man of Oz
Times Square, New York City, 14 August 1945
= = = = = =

Now back to 2013.  Yesterday we had a lot of commotion going on in our yard.  There was a strange contraption out in the yard and two strange men.  We barked at them and told Dad they were up to no good.  There was strange noises and the clanking of metal.  Dad went outside and talked to them.  After all they left, we went outside.  We stared at Dad and barked, "They stole our grass."  Dad smiled and told us, we were getting new grass for the front yard because there was to many weeds.  When we get a chance, we will have to mark our yard.
Sound The Alert Somebody Is In Our Yard
A Strange Machine

Oh No, Our Grass Is Gone
We received good news this morning.  While DWB is gone, the Chat Room will still be around.  That means we will still be able to talk with Skye, Anne and Blue on Sundays.  Dad was relieved because he won't have to figure out how to install new software that would do the same. 

Have a grrreat Labor Day to those of you in the US.  If you have a chance take a moment to remember those canines and hoomans that crossed the Rainbow Bridge during the Second World War. 

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

Sunday, September 1, 2013

DWB - Nevermore??

It is a very sad day for us.  Dogs With Blogs (DWB)  is no more.  We chatted with our pals in the "Secret Chat Room" last week and this week the chat room was gone.   We clicked on our DWB link, saw this with words from Bob Hope.

DWB was started in April 2006 by Charlie and Opy, who lived in Oz.  There hoomans Greg and Brooke helped them put it together.  The next pup to join them was Bogart and then DWB grew and grew.  Essex and Deacon joined DWB in 2007 as # 506.  The first edition of DWB grew to 1395 members.  Then it closed its doors and a second edition of DWB started. 

DWB was pawsome.  We voted for photo of the month, best post, got together in the chat room on Sunday morning and for New Years Eve.  We made canine and hooman chums across the globe.  We supported each other when pups or hoomans crossed the rainbow bridge to include our beloved Deacon in 2011.  We welcomed new members and new additions to packs, like Sherman to our pack.  Yes, the DWB community supported each other through good and bad times. 

We are sad to see DWB go, but blogging isn't as popular as it was when we started.  We met many cyber-paw pals because of DWB and are very grateful to have been part of that community.   We would like to thank Greg & Brooke for forming DWB.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman