Sunday, September 25, 2022

Watching Herricane Ian

Bowser, early last week we heard a noise we hadn't heard in two years.  Norm looked at Gemini and barked "Auntie Gem, I think that is the "Angel Dog Jake Tropical Storm Alert System!"  We could hear Jake bark out an alert telling us to get Dad to get things ready in case we had to evacuate.  Jake said he and the other Angel Dogs would try to bark the storm away from his family and ours would try to bark the storm away, but herricanes often have a mind of their own.  We imagined Essex, Deacon, Sherman, Jake and JH barking at the storm.  We even joined them in their barking.

Angel Dog Jake Sending a Tropical Storm Alert

We then got after Dad to get ready to evacuate.  Dog treats, dig food, leashes, a couple dog toys and of course some cheese.  Right now, the herricane track looks like it will avoid us, but we are worried about some of our pals.  However, we trust cats more than we trust herricanes.  

We'll post some pawtographs soon.  Dad is in a rare cleaning mode.  Next on the list is to mow the grass.  All the rain has made it grow and Key West is expecting rain over the next five days.  Dad will get perishable food after the storm passes.  He doesn't want to throw out stuff because the power went out for several hours.

Dog Speed,

Gemini & Normandy

Friday, August 26, 2022

Happy International Dog Day & BeaDee

Happy International Dog Day to everyone out in Cyber Paw Land.  We got after Dad to post about such a special day.  First though was a visit to Angel Paws.  Not very much going on in our world.  Angel Paws is hit or miss.  We haven't had any adventures (for which Dad is thankful for). 

We want to relay some good news.  In our last post we talked about our pal Loki crossing the bridge.  Well a young collie named BeauDee came to console and live with his Mom.  BeauDee is only 14 months old.  His Mom is remembering the challenge of raising a young pup.  Below are some pawtographs of BeauDee.

BeauDee is a handsome feller, and we hope to meet him soon.  He was born in June; the month Sherman and Gemini were born.  His hobbies are eating tasty treats and chewing shoes.  

BeauDee is lucky to have such a grrrreat Mom.  Sherman told Gemini when he was a pup, that BeauDee's Mom is a little bit wacky like our Dad.

Dog Speed,

Gemini & Normandy

Sunday, July 31, 2022

July Update - Enu - Rooster

A lot of things have happened this month and we didn’t pester Dad enough.  We’ll try to make him send out several posts this week to catch up with our reporting.  

The Key West collies have written about her collies a number of times.  Her collie Enu passed away on 13 July.  Enu was battling cancer and it was time to let him go.  Even when you know it is coming, it is hard to let pups go.  Enu was a good collie and fit in well with the household with cats.  


While waiting to get another collie, she is fostering a smooth tri-color boy named Rooster.  Rooster is not a year old yet, so he is proving to be a challenge.  He will probably be in foster care until 14 August.  The lady adopting Rooster is moving from Tampa to Tallahassee.  The lady lost her smooth coat collie earlier this year, so is very excited to having a Rooster join her pack.  


There are no senior collies to teach Rooster the way of the collie.  Rooster is finding inventive ways to make life interesting.  The cats are trying to keep Rooster in line, but we’ve never found cats to be good teachers.  We’ll try to post more later this week.  We’ll just have to pester Dad.

Dog Speed,

Gemini & Normandy

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

27 June - Gemini Is Seven

 Yesterday dad woke me up by singing Happy Barkday to me.  Hard to believe that I am seven years old.   Dad had to go to work, but when he got back there was some extra dog treats, cheese and quite a while spent at Angel Paws.  Norm gave me plenty of kisses and Dad gave me a great big hug.
Norm and Gem at Angel Paws

Dog Speed,


Monday, June 6, 2022

All Is Well - 06 June2022

All is well here in Key West.  We expected a lot of rain from the tropical system this Friday and Saturday, but we got just enough to make the grass grow.  We were all happy.

An Angel Paws Rainbow

We saw a rainbow at Angel Paws.  One thing about living in Key West is we see plenty of rainbows, but that could be because Dad spends more time outside.

Dog Speed,

Gemini & Normandy

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Busy May

We've been trying to get Dad to post, but things keep on popping up.  May has been busy and Dad is behind doing stuff.  It seems there is plenty of house stuff to be done.
Normandy & Gemini Posing Pretty

On 11 May norm celebrated his second Bark Day.  We spent plenty of time at Angel Paws.  
Looking At Dad

Today Bear and his hoomans went to live in a new home in Key West.  We will miss our pal.  It was a fun two months    Bear is already missed.

Dog Speed,

Gemini & Normandy

Monday, April 18, 2022


 We've been meaning to post for some time, but Dad was busy with something called taxes.  Dad didn't even have time to find the rabbit ears.  As for us we slept through most of Dad figuring taxes out and using colorful language.
Normandy & Gemini Resting While Dad Does Taxes
We have new neighbors, and they have an Australian Shepherd mix named Bear.  If we are outside the same time, Bear will hop over the fence and the games begin.  Norm and Bear chase after each other rough housing.  All the while Gem barks at the two of them.  If Dad hears the barking, he will come outside and watch the three.  He has a smile on his face all the while.  
The Three Amigos Playing

Water Break
Dog Speed,

Gemini & Normandy