Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Last Post of 2019

It has been a strange Essexmas and New Years Eve without Uncle Sherman around.   I miss not having him around to play with at home.  Dad tries, but he is not very good at dog games.

Angel Paws has been hit and miss.  One day there are ten pups and other days it is just me and Dog Dad.  Dog chums have come and left Key West this year.  Others regulars rarely come to the park now. 

Dad is reminiscing right now about 31 December 2003.  That is the day that Great Great Auntie Essex came to live with Dad.  It was an event that furever changed his life.  At Angel Paws Dog Park, he was telling Rambo's Mom about Sherman, Deacon and Essex.  It all started with the story of fence patrol.

We will post more tomorrow as we look back at 2019.

Dog Speed,


Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Essex-mas 2019

I awoke today to Dad telling me Merry Essexmas. I got a long walk, extra treats and cheese.  That and plenty of attention from Dog Dad. 

Essexmas baking was interesting this year.  The piece that kept the mixer on the stand broke.  Dog Dad jury-rigged the mixer with outstanding results.  He took some string, made a loop and tied it to the kitchen cabinet handle and put the handle in the loop.  It worked pawsomely. 
Jury-Rigged Mixer
Dad will be looking at getting a new mixer.  The old Sunbeam Mixer was his Mom's and is from the 50s or 60s.  That mixer has made a lot of cookies, cakes and mashed potatoes.  Dad would think of Ohio and his pawrents when he used the mixer 

As fur me, I am paying extra attention to Dad, since Uncle Sherman crossed the bridge.  Dad doesn't go back to work until 6 January, so I plan to enjoy having him around.

Merry Essexmas


Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thank You and Happy Turkey Day

We wish a Happy Thanksgiving family, friends and cyber pals.  Dad went to a restaurant with two of his pals and had some turkey.  He didn’t bring any home for me though.  Dog Dad said something about Essex and Deacon eating turkey and having extremely fowl and runny dog poop.  Sigh.

Dog Dad and I are thankful for having you around this month.  There were many kind emails, cards and posts sent to us.  Your acts helped us get through the Rainbow Bridge crossing of Sherman.  We received cards from Dad’s brudder, sisters, our vet’s office in Key West and the vet’s office in Marathon.  Dad's sisters sent him a small stuffed animal collie named Lassie.  It reminded Dad of his childhood and was even made the year Dad was born.  Then there emails from Aspen’s pack, Angel Dog Jake & JH Pawrents, Gracie’s Pack, Navy’s Pack, Magnum’s and Samson’s Pack. Chloe’s Pack, the Moondance Huskies, and Lil and the Holmhaven Collies.  Sky’s and Tonks’ pawrents posted on face book and a sent us the comments from Angel Paws Dog Park pawrents that we are no longer in Key West.  If we missed anyone, we apologize.  Your words meant a lot to me and Dog Dad.
Rainbow Bridge Cards Fur Sherman
Lassie From Sisters 
Young Dad With Stuffed Animal Lassie Dog
Thank you, Dog Speed and Happy Turkey Day to all.

Gemini and Dog Dad

Monday, November 25, 2019

Sherman - 5 June 2011 - 4 November 2019

Sherman At Holmhaven
Sherman & Essex Playing
Sherman & Leo
In Our Back Yard With a Sandy Nose
Sherman & Karma At Angel Paws
Giving Dad a Loving Look
Sherman Experiences First Snow
Sherman & Gemini Playing At Home
Sherman & Gemini Sharing the Dog Bed
This took longer to write than I wanted.  Helping friends move and a lot of other things happening.  Sherman was one heck of dog. 
What was my Uncle Sherman’s story?  Sherman was born on Sunday, 5 June 2011.  He came to live with Dog Dad and Great Great Auntie Essex due to the tragic Rainbow Bridge crossing of Great Uncle Deacon on 27 May.  There was an immense hole in Dad’s heart. Sherman filled that hole and then some.  He was one of two sable boys in the litter.  His brudder Duke went to live in North Carolina and Sherman came to Key West on 6 August.  Dad, Essex and Sherman intended to visit our cyber pals Jake and Just Harry that day, but there was a terrible thunder storm in the area.  To avoid driving three hours in heavy rain, the pack drove back to Key West.   

I first met Uncle Sherman on 4 September 2015.  I was smitten with him and followed him around the yard at Holmhaven Collies.  My other three sisters were not as interested in Sherman.  We became a bonded pair when I came to live in Key West.  Anytime we went to the vet, I would whimper when Sherman left the room.  He was a gentle giant, that loved being around dogs and hoomans.  Sherman and I would play in the yard and living room.  Sherman would lay on his back and I would pounce on him.  He was a special dog and many hoomans knew him from our walks or time at Angel Paws.


= = = = = =. 

Dog Dad here:  I will think of Sherman sleeping either by the bed or right outside the bedroom door.  Many of those times either his nose or paws would be under the rug.  In the house he would stay right at my feet when I sat on the couch, or by the sliding glass doors.  When fireworks went off, he was a Velcro Collie.  If a treat was involved Sherm was close by. At Angel Paws I will think of him doing fence patrol after Essex crossed the bridge.  Sherman the pup was bounced by Essex whenever he tried to help her with fence patrol.  During morning walks, he would bounce like a jack rabbit and bark at one part of the walk.  That was where a dog escaped his yard and ran up to us.  Essex was unfazed and Sherman hid behind her and Dad.  Sherman never forgot that, and when he got bigger he would started bouncing as approached that place.  He seemed to be saying  “I’m a big dog and not a little puppy anymore mister.”  He loved chewing on water jugs and was a very social puppy. 

At the park I will think of Sherman playing with his best pals Leo and Karma.  Sherman was an enthusiastic face licker.  I won’t miss having to watch Sherman when there tennis balls around.  Sherman was not gentle in taking a tennis ball away from a person.  He would growl at the other pups too.

Sherman was called Sherm, Shermee, Shermster, the Speaker of the Park, Big Guy and Silly Boy.  He crossed at middle age, and I had hoped he would be with the pack for several more years.  The spinal lymphoma and his front legs being paralyzed force a difficult decision.  As he was being helped across the Rainbow Bridge, I stroked him and talked to him.  His mind was there but the body was failing.  In many ways I wanted to keep him alive, but I could never put him through that.  I loved him to much and had to the right thing.  Sherman left a paw print in my heart and I miss my Silly Boy.
Miss you Sherm. 

Dog Dad

Monday, November 4, 2019

Sherman Crosses The Bridge

It is with great sadness the I report my Uncle Sherman crossed the Rainbow Bridge today at the Marathon Veterinary Hospital.  I can imagine him running over to Essex and meeting Deacon for the first time.

As you know Friday we went to Marathon.  On Saturday we visited Sherman and he looked a lot better.  Sunday morning we get a call and Sherman can't move his front paws and the Doc asks to use a catheter.  Dad tells them yes and is then informed more tests will be done Monday.  Dad is worried.  The call comes Monday morning that Sherman is paralyzed and will not recover.  He is eating though.  Dad knows that Sherman will need assistance in crossing the rainbow bridge.  As much as he loves the big guy, he could never keep him bed ridden.

We arrive at Marathon about 3:10 PM.  We are amazed that Sherman is totally alert and clear eyed.  He can move his head, but his legs are not working.  Dad lays down with him and Sherman gives him a ton of collie kisses.  Dad lets him go on for minutes.  He tells Sherman how much we loves him, and that we will miss him so much.  Sherman smiles and licks Dad some more.

Last Pawtograph of Sherman & Gemini Together

The vet comes in and talks to Dad.  She tells Dad Sherman has lymphoma and explains the process of helping him cross over.  Sherman gets a sedative while Dad talks to him and strokes his fur.  At 4:15 PM Sherman crossed the Rainbow bridge and will be missed.  Heaven has gained a gentle giant with a huge heart.
4:15 PM - Sherman Has Crossed The Rainbow Bridge
I'll write more later.  Right now I'll need to keep Dad company and give him plenty of collie kisses.

Dog Speed,


Saturday, November 2, 2019

2 November - Sherman Update

We drove up to Marathon and visited Sherman this afternoon.  He is in much better spirits and looking much better.  He ate food that morning, so the appetite is coming back.  He gave Dad some collie kisses, during the visit.  Sherman moved around some, but tired quickly.  His nose is still dry to the touch, instead of cold and wet.  While Dad didn't talk to the vet, he knows Sherman is making solid progress. We are both hoping for a recovery for the big guy.

We will post again on Monday.

Dog Speed,

Gemini & Dog Dad

Friday, November 1, 2019

1 November 2019 - Sherman Update

Marathon Veterinary Hospital Entrance
It has been over two years since we have visited the Marathon Veterinary Hospital.  Dad was up early in the morning after a rough night trying to sleep.  Marathon is the only 24 hour vet in the Florida Keys and has great facilities.  Dad called them up and the three of us arrived at 6:30 AM.   There would be a big extra charge if it vet saw Sherman before 8 AM. Dad figured they would want to talk to our vet about Sherman's tests earlier in the week.  Our vet didn't open until 9 AM.  Dad asked if we could arrive early as he didn't want to be driving looking into the bright morning sun.  The vet tech told Dad no problem.  

While we waited Dad talked to the two of us in the waiting room for about 90 minutes.  He stroked the two of us, and talked in that calm voice of his.  Sherman told Dad he was a brave boy and would make it through.  The Doc looked at Sherman and our medical records book.  The Vet Tech and Doctor both told Dad more people kept a medical file book.  Sherman left with Doc for blood work and an ultrasound.  

Sherman & Gemini In The Waiting Room
Visiting Sherman In The Back Room
We waited quite some time before the Doc came back.  Dad spent a lot of time talking with me.  I could tell he was worried.  We went for a couple walks too.  Doc said Sherman's liver was in overdrive.  The Doc went over a lot of things.  She didn't want to raise our hopes and told us Sherman's chances were 50/50.  We went to the back room and visited with Sherman before leaving him for overnight care in Marathon.  Dad held it together, but I could feel his voice and emotions coming through.  Dad is stoic like a collie, so this side rarely comes out.  Doc told call if he didn't hear from them by 7 PM.

We left Marathon and got back to Key West at about 11:45 AM.  Dad went to work to keep his mind busy.  This is a typical male hooman reaction to this type of crisis.  After work he visited the folks at our regular vets office to tell them about our Marathon visit.  Then he came back and talked to me and we went to Angel Paws.

Dad called Marathon at about 6:45 PM.  He was told Sherman's temperature was down and he was sitting up at times.  Things are looking better, but Sherman is not out of the woods.  Odds are probably 60/40 in Sherman's favor.  We will hear from the vet around 9 AM and 4 PM tomorrow.  Hopefully, we will hear more good news.

Dog Speed,


Paw Ssss:  We appreciate all your prayers and wishing us well.  It means a lot to us.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

October 2019

We finally got Dad to post.  Things have been busy here.

Gemini's annual vet check up was early this month.  She passed with flying colors.  During that visit we me a basset hound named Chloe and her Dog Dad.  We talked for awhile.  The man asked if the people at the vet if they knew anyone that needed a dog ramp.  They asked Dad if we wanted it, we wagged our tails and we now have a ramp.  Dad needs to do some training because we don't want to use it.  
Gemini Is Not Sure About The Ramp
We had lots of visits to Angel Paws.  That always makes us happy.  Dad was home the previous week and did lots of cleaning around the house.  The place still looks like a disaster area, but we will keep after Dad to clean more.

This Monday Sherman threw up in the morning, then again when Dad got home and before bed time.  He didn't want to eat either.  Then he threw up Tuesday.  We visited the vet Tuesday.  Sherman got some fluids and tests done.  Wednesday, Dad talked to the Doc, then stopped by to pick up some antibiotics for Sherman.  The last three days Sherman has been given boiled chicken and rice to eat.  All three days Dad has had to force feed him.  If he doesn't want to eat tomorrow, Dad will get an ultrasound done in Marathon.  Sherman is slow and the not eating has Dad an Gemini worried.  Sherman is attentive, but is slow and has very little appetite.  The fact Sherman is letting Dad brush him, shows he is not feeling well.  He always gives Dad a quick ugly face during brushing.
Dad Fixed Chicken & Rice For Sherman
Sherman got to spend time in the living room this Collieween.  He is usually really barky, but he was too tired to bark.  Gemini spent time in the bedroom.  Part of the way through Collieween, it rained.  We had a good rain fur about fifteen minutes.  It seems that the Trick-or-Treaters melted away.  So the second time ever Dad has left over Collieween Candy.  The other time was after Herricane Wilma.  

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Lewis and Clarke

Cyber Paw Pals, we have pawsome news from Angel Paws.  We just met two new pups that arrived in Key West.  There names are Lewis and Clarke.  Lewis is a nine year old male smooth collie.  Dad furgot to ask her humans what breed Clarke was, but she looks like a miniature schnauzer to us. 
Lewis and Clarke Explore Angel Paws
We were just getting to leave Angel Paws and we noted a collie.  We stood up and looked at Dad.  We sniffed each other and the two explorers sniffed around Angel Paws.  We are looking forward to seeing the two of them over the next several years. 
Lewis Stops Over to Say Hi
Clarke Visits Her Hooman
It sure is great to have another collie pal.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Gemini's Fourth Bark-Aversary

Dad sure has a pawsome memory.  He woke up this morning, kissed me on the nose and said "Happy Bark-Aversary Gemini."  I wagged my tail as we got ready for our early morning walk.  I got an extra treat as he went off to work.  When he got back we got our Dad's Home Treat, then Dad gave us some "Frosty Paws" peanut butter and cheese ice cream.  After we got done eating Dad talked to us about him bringing me home and my first day at my home in Key West.  We talked about that he chose me because I followed Sherman around when they came down to visit me. 
Gemini Is Done With Her Frosty Paws  

I tilted my head and thought about coming home with Sherman.  I smiled at Dog Dad as memories came flooding back. 
Sherman Explaining the Collie House Rules
Riding to With Sherman to Key West
While I enjoyed visiting Gandalf two years ago, I rather spend that time at my home than evacuating for a herricane.  The photos for Hurricane Dorian made me sad for all the hoomans and animals there.  While I enjoyed visit, I rather be home than visiting.  I love my pack, our home and Angel Paws.

Dog Speed,


Saturday, August 31, 2019

Grey Dorian

To all our pals in cyber paw land, we are doing well.  We watched Herricane Dorian carefully and Dad constantly had on the weather channel.  The storm churned and it made a turn.  Hopefully it will keep turning and go into the Atlantic and leave every paw alone.  We barked so much we must have made that herricane turn.  Dad is happy and relaxing.  We could feel him worrying earlier during the week.  After all Irma visited us Labor Day two years ago.  All our pals have been in our prayers.  Stay safe every paw.
NOAA Chart of Dorian
Earlier this month Sherman and Dad celebrated his eighth barkaversary of arriving in Key West.  We had some frosty paws to celebrate.  Dad needs to get the camera fixed, so he can take pawtographs for our posts.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Saturday, July 20, 2019

20 July 1969

We return to the WABAC machine.  Dad dials in 20 July 1969, location Amherst, Ohio.  As we get out we quietly climb up on a porch and look in the window.  There is a very young Dog Dad watching the TV with Grand Paw, Grand Maw and his three year old brudder and sister.  His brudder is messing around and Grand Paw yells at him to settle down and watch this.  This is history.
The Eagle - 20 June 1969
At 9:51 PM the hatch opens.  At 9:56 PM the hooman foot steps on that wonderful orb up in the sky.  The world stops.  Everyone in Grand Paw's home is happy.  The entire world has a feel good memory.  Shortly later a tired Dog Dad goes up the stairs and to fall asleep in his bed. 

God Bless all the people that made the good memory happen.  Then we get back into the WABAC and come home.  Thunder rumbles in the sky and we stay close to Dad.  He is smiling and pets us.  Then we join Dad and go to bed.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

16 July 1969

We hear Dad turning dials by the big door.  We look at each other and bark excitedly "WABAC machine."  We see the dials set for 16 July 1969, location Indian River, Florida.  We quizzically look at Dad.  What are we going to see?

When we get out of the WABAC, we see hoomans and vehicles packed on the shore.  There are a lot of boats on the Indian River.  Dad points a yacht on the river.  Rick, his brother Mark and their Mom are on that boat.  A little after 9:30 we hear a loud roar and then see a rocket go up in the air.  Dad smiles with pride and we rub up against him.
The Launch
As we look at Dad, he tells us that we are watching a great moment in history.  A twelve year old Dad is with his family watching the launch on a black and white TV in Amherst, Ohio.  The upcoming days would feature one of the few times that people remember where they were and something good happened.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Gemini Is Four

Well cyber paw pals, Dad woke us up to singing happy barkday to Gemini.  She is now four years old.  As Dad was getting ready for work he gave us a couple slices of roast beef.  We both gobbled that up.  Just before he left, we heard some thunder just before he was leaving the door.  Sherman was worried about the rumbling, so I ate his treat. 
Gemini is Wearing the Barkday Hat
Gemini at Angel Paws, Sherman in the Background
Sherman Taking It Easy

When Dad got back he did some stuff around the house, then we went to Angel Paws.  We met a nice pup named Brandi that is visiting Key West.  She mostly was interested in playing ball.
Brandi a Boxer-Black Mouth Curr Mix
Gemini &Sherman Resting At Home 
We had a pineapple grow in our garden too. Dad said it was awesome, but neither of us wanted to taste it.  So Dad had it all to himself.  
Pineapple From Our Garden
Dog Speed

Gemini & Sherman

Thursday, June 6, 2019

75 Year Anniversary

Dog Dad was talking about Grand-Pawther (Dad's Pawther) to us.  Grand-Paw followed on after D-Day.  During WW II he drove the chaplain around.  That chaplain later married Dad's parents.  Nothing was sure back then and many men did not return home to their families. 

We were lucky to have these hoomans around.  They grew up during tough times and faced adversity during a time of great upheaval. 

Grand Paw & D-Day Tank

Chaplain & Grand Paw

We remember their sacrifice and bravery on the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. 

Dog Speed,

Sherman, Gemini and Dog Dad

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Sherman Is Eight

Sherman woke up to Dad singing Happy Barkday to him this morning.  He gave Dad a big collie smile.  Then Dad hugged him and we went for our morning walk.  While Dad was packing his lunch for work, he gave both of us a slice of ham.  When he left for work we got an extra dog treat too.
Sherman the Barkday Boy
When Dad got home, we got an extra dog treat too.  Later in the day we went to Angel Paws.  Maximus stopped by a couple minutes later, followed by two border collies that are visiting.  After they left Baily, the German Shepherd stopped at the park.
Baily and Sherman at Angel Paws 
Gemini Taking It Easy
For his barkday we got new bowls.  They are from LL Bean, we love them and they are well constructed.  Cost a little more, but these should last furever.  They are not made out of particle board.
Our New Bowls

Hope every paw had a grrrreat day like we did.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini