Sunday, March 13, 2022


Mid-day Saturday we had a lot of wind and a little rain.  During that time frame our last coconut tree fell down.  We didn't even hear it.  Thank dogness no paw was hurt and when it landed in there were no cars parked in the street.  

This afternoon cut the fronds off the top.  A little while later Dad's neighbor Bob got out his chainsaw and helped Dad cut up the tree.  They were done quick.  To get the big piece out of the hedges, they got the smaller pieces and put them under the big piece.  That reminded Dad of the ancient Egyptians building the pyramids.  Using the logs to roll the big stone blocks.  Dad has some pawsome neighbors.

When we got back from Angel Paws a man asked Dad if he could take the smaller pieces.  Dad said no problem, he was going to call the city to remove it anyhow.  A couple of hours later all that remained is the big piece.  

That was the big excitement today.  A couple of weeks ago, we had a small adventure due to a hole in the fence.  We will tell you that story later this week.

Dog Speed,

Gemini & Normandy