Saturday, May 30, 2015


I have seen the signs of a doodlebug in my yard.  Dad and I were looking around and saw this strange round feature in our front yard.  Dog Dad looked at me and said in reminded him of an ant-lion trap.  He told me the ant-lion is a small critter that builds a sandpit trap.  A bug wanders near the sand pit and falls down, it tries to get up to no avail.  The ant-lion then grabs the insect and pulls it under for it's meal.  Another name for the ant-lion is a doodlebug.  This is the first time Dad has ever seen a doodlebug sand trap..  
An Ant-Lion Trap
Dog Speed,


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Keeping Dad Smiling

I have been busy today making Dad smile.  Running around acting like a nut case at the dog park, licking his face and being goofy.  Dad still gets a little wistful but I understand why.  It was four years ago today that Uncle Deacon crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

He has told several stories about Uncle Deacon today.  There was Uncle Deacon taking biscuits right out of a persons pants pocket, the muddy paws playing tug of war with Mongo and having Sasha the Rat Terrorist bouncing all over him.  He called Deacon the Collie Ambassador because he did so well with both people and pups.
Angel Dog Uncle Deacon Playing With Sasha
Dad smiles and gives me hug.  He dwells on the good times and gives me another hug.  I think both Great Auntie Essex and Uncle Deacon would be proud of me.  I know Dad loves me.

Dog Speed,


Monday, May 25, 2015


One thing about having good friends that are a boxer and a labrador  retriever is that when you play, you get slimed.  So here are two pictures of me after playing with Bella and another one after playing with Rue.

Bella got my nose good
Bella Inspects Her Slime Work
Home After Playing With Rue
Hope everyone had a pawsome Memorial Day Weekend.  I enjoyed having Dad around to keep me company.

Dog Speed,


Monday, May 11, 2015

Buster and Remembering DWB

Last Tuesday, Dog Dad got together with Angel Dog Buster's Mom in Key West.  She was visiting with some facebook paw pals.  Her and Dad went out for dinner and then off to Angel Paws with me.  She is a super nice lady and she gave me a lot of attention.  They talked for hours about how much they missed Dogs With Blogs (DWB) and paws they had met there.  The talked about long gone cyber-paw pals and all the adventures.  There were a long list of people, plenty of interesting dog blogs to read back then.  
A Picture of Buster Around 2007 

During the first few years of this Collie Blog, Buster would be busy reminding folks about the DWB chat room.  There would be six or eight paws in the room and at times it was impossible to follow the conversation.  Those memories make Dad smile.  Dog Dad told me that DWB reminded him of Camelot.  It was a state of mind more than a place.  There were so many similar, yet different minds that were DWB members.  There were adventures with other pups like Charlie and a sharing of information about grooming, health and what food to eat.  Other blogs barked about a pups latest doings, others barked about their travels, some had a constant adventure, others like ours was a combination of remembering the past and our real world tails.  One real world event Dad still talks about is Great Auntie Essex running into the sign post at the City Dog Park.  Dad can still see the patches of fur missing from Great Auntie's face and her limping as she came to him.  The myth of a dog's being aware of their surroundings vanished with that single incident..  

Buster like Great Auntie Essex and Uncle Deacon has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  However, all of them will be furever in the hearts of their pawrents.  At times memories will flood their minds, their current pups will be told about adventures many dog moons ago, at times eyes will glisten and emotions will be heard in those hooman voices.  .  

The Last DWB Page
There are folks like Dad and Buster's Mom that will furever miss DWB.  It was a pawsome place that disappeared far to quickly.  The only thing that still exists is the Chat Room, which we still use.  Oh, those magical Sunday Mornings when so many pups were on line together.

Dog Speed,