Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Collieween 2012

To every paw out there "Happy Collieween."  It is Dog Dad's favorite day in the Keys.  About 150 or 200 trick or treaters stop by our house.  Dog Dad just camps out outside.  We get to stay in the bedroom, something about little kids being scared by barky collies.  Heck, we are just trying to give them a trick, since Dad has the treat part covered. 

Below our two favorite Collieween pawtographs.  We didn't take them, but we think they are pawsome.
Happy Collieween
Trick or Treat
On a sad note, our pal Skye had one of her pack cross the rainbow bridge yesterday. Dog Dad found out on the telephone, as we were concerned about their pack because of Hurricane Sandy visiting the north east. Dave crossed after the storm had passed.  He was 13 years old and had retired from the sled team.   Both Dog Mom and the Team will miss him. They haven't posted about it yet, but if you get a chance stop by the and give them a kind word or two. 
Dave  Crossed the Bridge Yesterday
Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hoping Every Paw is Okay

We hope all our friends up the northeastern United States are okay.  We just got a call from Skye and she is doing fine.  Still haven't heard from Leo and his Mom and other paws.  Our prayers have been going going out for a lot of paws and hooomans.  We are used to having other paws worry about us, so this is unusual.  We believe our pal Asta is happy to be living in Budapest instead of NYC right now.

Miles Spent the Night
Sherman Chilling Out
Essex Watching Sherman and Miles
This past week in Key West was busy.  First our new pal Miles came to spend Saturday night with us.   Miles wasn't quite trusting of us at first and spent the first five hours in his kennel.  Sherman spent the first hour barking at him trying to convince him to come out. 
Where is My Sandwich
You Made Me Float Like A Butterfly
Now I'll Sting Like A Bee
That's Why Name is Shermee
Next the Ladies Mom and her friend came down to visit.  They were busy enjoying Fantasy Fest activities.  We stayed home and visited Angel Paws.  Here is the link to our post about their visit last year.   They made Sherman wear butterfly wings, wouldn't let him eat their sandwich and made him go on Duval Street.  Well Sherman is a lot bigger now.

Dog Speed

Essex & Sherman

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

400th Post - All Collie Drill Team

Dog Dad has talked about taking this trip in the WABAC machine for a long time.  We finally did it for our 400th post.  We traveled back to October 1973, the location Sunnybank, the home of Albert Payson Terhune.   The sky is sunny and the air crisp and cool.  We hear the noise of a crowd and then the air is filled with the music of John Philip Sousa. 

On the far right is Lil and in the center is her Mom Inga,
The collies left to right Star, Scooter, Lance, Mac and Flash
Lil and Flash lead the team
As we get to a spot where we can see, there are five collies with five lovely dog moms.  We watch in amazement as the collies and the ladies do a quadrille and perform the intricate routine to the beat of the marching music.  We marvel at the team and the concentration and precision of the five collies.  One of the smells that drift up to us is very familiar.    

Dad states “The blood of those collies, run through your veins.”  Our mouths drop open.  Dog Dad smiles and tells us “The Lady with the hula hoop is Lil and the tri-color collie with her is Flash, one of your great, great….. grand pawthers.  The Holmhaven Collie Drill Team performed at the annual Oktoberfest held at Sunnybank from 1973 to 1976 for sure.  Possibly they performed in 1977 and 1978 but I’m not sure.”  Our chests swell with pride.  The music stops and the crowd cheers and we bark.  Lil sees us but doesn’t recognize us.  We want to bark with her and the collies, but Dog Dad tells us it is time to go. Below are some better pictures of four of the five team members.
Once in the WABAC machine he tells us “You should be proud.  Besides the drill team, the foundation male for Holmhaven Kennels is Bellhaven Enchanting Lancer.  The Bellhaven Collie Kennel was run by Mrs. Florence Ilch.  Mrs. Ilch is a very famous collie breeder.  She raised many outstanding collies to include one of the most famous collies in history, Laund Loyalty of Bellhaven.  Laund Loyalty is the only collie and the youngest dog ever to finish “Best in Show” at Westminster.  He won it all in 1928 at the age of nine months.” 
Bellhaven Enchanting Lancer 
Holmhaven’s Foundation Male
1929 – Laund Loyalty of Bellhaven
This trip in the WABAC has been special.  We smile and give Dog Dad a whole lot of kisses for taking us on this extra special trip in the WABAC Machine for our 400th post.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lazy Sunday in October

Things were quiet today.  We had Angel Paws all to our selves.  Dog Dad broke out the training treats and had both of us going over the A-Frame.  After that Sherman lied down and had some water.  Essex on the other hand kept her eye out for evil bicycles and such. 

Sunshine on Essex's Shoulders Make Her Happy
Profile Shot of Sherman
We found another coconut that was even sprouting bigger than the last one.  You can see the two leaves starting to form.  Sure is neat looking.  We wonder if all the rain is causing the coconuts to start sprouting? 
Another Sprouting Coconut
We Really Don't Know Clouds at All
It was cloudy when we got to Angel Paws today.  So we spent some time looking at the clouds.  Dad was whistling all kinds of tunes.  If we heard the "Lassie" tune, we came running.  That tune means treats and we like the treats Dad gives us.  Dog Dad told us we are going on a special WABAC trip Tuesday.  That it is sometime he has been telling us we would be going for a long time.  Wonder when and where we are going on our trip?

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

Sunday, October 14, 2012

1962 - Cuban Missile Crisis

We step in the WABAC machine this morning and we were still in Key West when we stepped out.  As we go for our walk we notice the newspaper is only a nickel.  Strange the paper is normally fifty cents.  Then we look at the year, it is 1962, fifty years ago.  Dog Dad would be a little boy in kindergarten and the Holmhaven Collie line just starting.  This is an eventful in day in world history. 
The U-2 Pawtograph
On the morning of 14 October 1962, a U-2 piloted by Major Richard Heyser, flies the first U-2 reconnaissance mission for Strategic Air Command (SAC).  Previous U-2 missions were flown by the CIA.  Pawtographs from this mission show Medium Range Ballistic Missiles sites being built in Cuba.  On 16 October President John F. Kennedy is informed.  This is the start of the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Four options are discussed that morning, a surgical air strike, an attack on a number of locations in Cuba, an invasion of Cuba and a naval blockade.  The mood is somber and Robert Kennedy passes a note to his brudder, the President.  The note reads “I now know how Tojo felt when he was planning Pearl Harbor.” 

JFK leaving Naval Air Station Key West, 1962
State Archives of Florida, Cory McDonald Collection
The word quarantine is used instead of blockade.  The USS Essex is directed to make the first interception, to include antisubmarine tactics.  On 22 October JFK addresses the nation on national TV and SAC goes to DEFCON 3.  On 24 October SAC increases alert status to DEFCON 2 for the first and only time in history.  Will the Russian ships run blockade?  Finally on 28 October, Khrushchev announces over Radio Moscow that he has agreed to remove the missiles from Cuba.  The world exhales.  As we get back in the WABAC machine, we look at Dad and wag our tails.  Calm cool reasoning prevailed during this crisis.  JFK was the right man, at the right place at the right time.
SAC Patch
We hope we have the wisdom to elect the right man for the times.  We hope our leaders remember the past and do not repeat the same mistakes.  We pray for them to be wise.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Essex is Nine

Hello every pup, I hope every-dog had a grrreat day.  I had pawsome day.  It was my ninth barkday.  First I woke up to Dog Dad singing "Happy Barkday" to me.  Then we went for our morning walk.  Dad broke out my favorite bone marrow treats.  Next I read my Barkday Card from Dad's Brudder, Stevie Grrrr-Wonder. 
Essex Reading Her Barkday Card
Thanks Stevie Grrr-Wonder
What's a Barkday Without Presents?
Later in the day we went to the new pet store.  Hooomans came over to pet us and told us how beautiful we were.   Sherman and I got to wear those silly Scooby Doo Barkday hats.  Then it was to our beloved Angel Paws Dog Park.  Sadly, none of our friends showed up.  We did have fun sniffing and of course I did a pawsome job of doing fence patrol.
Wearing the Scooby Doo Hats
Ever Watchful During Fence Patrol

Dog Speed,


Thursday, October 11, 2012

11 October 2012

We have been busy going  to the park and helping Dad around the house.  We took some old paint and electronics to a special junk yard event last Saturday.  We got to visit Foxy's Maw and Paw.  It has been several months since we visited.  Our friends are doing fun.  In case you don't recall Foxy passed away many many dog moons ago, when Essex was just a pup.  Essex speaks fondly of Foxy and gives her hooomans special big tail wags because they are pawsome friends of ours. 

Psst, come closer
"Psst, come closer, I have something to tell you.  Grrrreat Auntie Essex turns nine years old on 13 October.  That is a lot of dog moons folks.  Dad is planning to make cheddar collies for her barkday.  Essex has taught me a lot and I just wanted to give you a tails up.  I'm not worried about her finding out, because  The Secretary of Da-Fence is aways on guard.  Hope you have a great day and enjoy the cooler weather."
The Secretary of DaFence
Dog Speed,


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Silent Nights

Silent nights, that has been what nights have been around our home.  Dog Dad has even caught Essex sleeping at the foot of the bed several times.  Dad isn't snoring a lot at night.  He has a lot more energy during the day and doesn't seem to be dragging when he gets home.  Both the yard and the house are getting cleaned up.  He plays with us more too.  He has lost weight, we can tell because he has went down five notches on his belt.  His knees hurt less and our morning walks are quicker.

Sherman and Essex Chilling Out
Was it a magic dog biscut that caused this to happen.  No, it is the result of him using "the mask" and the CPAP machine.  The CPAP prevents the snoring and Dad doesn't stop breathing during the night.  It has made a world of difference.  Being tested for the allergies helped, because Dog Dad found out about a dastardly dust mite allergy.  His kennel room where he sleeps has been made less friendly to those little beasties.  Eating better and losing weight has helped too.
Maybe both of us will see the more energetic Dog Dad that Essex remembers as a puppy.  Except this one will be a grayer.  BOL.  As for our weather, we have been getting plenty of rain.  It hasn't interfered to often with the Dog Park, but the grass is growing.

Dog Speed Cyber-Paw Pals,

Essex & Sherman