Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lazy Sunday in October

Things were quiet today.  We had Angel Paws all to our selves.  Dog Dad broke out the training treats and had both of us going over the A-Frame.  After that Sherman lied down and had some water.  Essex on the other hand kept her eye out for evil bicycles and such. 

Sunshine on Essex's Shoulders Make Her Happy
Profile Shot of Sherman
We found another coconut that was even sprouting bigger than the last one.  You can see the two leaves starting to form.  Sure is neat looking.  We wonder if all the rain is causing the coconuts to start sprouting? 
Another Sprouting Coconut
We Really Don't Know Clouds at All
It was cloudy when we got to Angel Paws today.  So we spent some time looking at the clouds.  Dad was whistling all kinds of tunes.  If we heard the "Lassie" tune, we came running.  That tune means treats and we like the treats Dad gives us.  Dog Dad told us we are going on a special WABAC trip Tuesday.  That it is sometime he has been telling us we would be going for a long time.  Wonder when and where we are going on our trip?

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman


Berts Blog said...

Woah, I have never seen a cocomut sprout before. I guess we never thought about it. I mean, how else do new coconut trees grow.

Did your dad sing some Carpenter songs?



Essex & Deacon wrote their version of the Joni Mitchell song for our Angel Pal Charlie at her sing along site.

Essex & Sherman

Oorvi said...

A sprouted coconut? Is that a new toy that dog dad got for you to play with?

Forgive my obsession with toys. You know where it's coming from :)

Licks n wags,

How Sam Sees It said...

Can you plant the coconut?


Dianne SS said...

Everything is so green and lush looking down there because of the rain! Is Sherman a Sable merle? His coat is looking a lot like that? I saw where you had commented on Duffy's blue eye and that he's a sable merle. He has blue flecks in his other eye, if you catch it in the right light!

Dianne and Duffy


Nope, Sherman is not a Sable Merle. Since his Dad was a tricolor and mom a sable, I would guess he is a Tri-factored Sable

Dawn said...

I've looked at clouds from both sides now....

StevieGrrrWonder said...

My don't the doggies look handsomely groomed! Sherman excitedly barked in my ear that he saw John Denver's ghost following Essex around the park playing his guitar and singing that famous song of his. Sherman looks a lot like Deac now, except with a shorter nose and floppy ears (miss that doggie).

U gonna plant that coconut? :-)

BTW, that cloud in the pic is a TCU (towering cumulus) and type 2 of the low cloud group, as meteorologists would say! That song u were refering to on the cloud pic it by Carly Simon? Can't remember....old age is setting in BOL :-)