Friday, March 28, 2008

Puppy Invasion

Gee it sure is nice to meet puppies at Angel Paws folks. First I want to introduce you to Tyler. Tyler is a four month old miniature schnauzer. He sure was excited to meet everyone. He even tried to play with the big dogs. He certainly is not afraid up us. He got right in there when I was playing tug-of-war with Mongo. Tyler especially liked PJ. He zoomed around PJ, like only a puppy can.

Deacon watches Tyler and PJ meet

Tyler and Deacon say hello

Tyler gives Deacon a kiss

Mongo keeps an watchful eye on Tyler while playing

That same day Casey 10 stopped by to say hi. Casey 10 is an eight month old Sheltie that is visiting the Keys. When she was outside the fence she was barking like she was going tear every dog up. Then her Dad brought her inside and she suddenly was quiet. She didn't want to go far from her Dad. Don't you think she is a grrrreeaat looking pup. She got a bit more at ease after little while. We know that our friends Charlie, Maximilian the Valliant (aka MTV), Josh and Jessie are just as nice as Casey 10.

" Casey 10" watching the action

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all our cyber-paw pals. It sure was a long night folks. We wore our bunny ears, so not to scare the Easter Bunnies. We were just busy being Easter Collies. Someone has to keep those Easter Bunnies in line.

We intend to watch a movie that stars Jimmy Stewart and Harvey a 6 foot 3.5 inch invisible white rabbit later today. Harvey is actually a pooka. Do you think pooka's actually exist? Have any of you seen a pooka? Inquiring Collies want to know.

Happy Easter,

Essex & Deacon

I wonder if this is what they
mean by the hare of the dog?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bobby Crosses Bridge

We just received the news that Great (Great) Uncle Bobby has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We are greatly saddened. We were hoping to celebrate his 14th Barkday in April. We know when he crossed the Rainbow Bridge that Mac, Sam and Honey were the first to greet him. After that we are sure that Foxy, Holly and Pudgy came to lick his face and say hello. We will miss his letters to us. We will write more about him later.

Dog Speed Uncle Bobby, Dog Speed

Essex & Deacon

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just Ducky

Cyber-Paw Pals it has been an interesting two days. Yesterday in honor of Tosca's Second Barkday we got two ducks that quacked and didn't squeak. I played with both of them, Essex pretty much ignored them. I pranced around with Mr. Red-Collar and did my best Golden Retriever impersonation. The other would quack three times when you squeezed it. That is not normal. After a short battle with Mr. Three-Quackers, I defeeted him.

Today at Angel Paws a man stopped his car and got out with his wife. Essex thought he smelled strangely familiar. After listening to him talk to Dad, Essex realized it was the man had told us that touching story last year. You remember the "Legend of Holly the Collie", the one that makes our eyes get misty. Essex didn't put up much fuss when Dad pick her up to be petted. We told him about our blog and how we barked about Holly. Hopefully, we will see him again later this week. We would like to hear some more tails about Holly and his children's collies.

Dog Speed


Mr. Red Collar

Pretending I'm a Golden Retriever

Side and bottom view of the defeeted Mr. Three-Quackers

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

We hope everyone had a pawtastic St. Patrick's Day. We had a fun time at the dog park running. It was cool and windy, which is most excellent weather for playing.

Things got a little exciting yesterday as Bear got hit by a car. He is fine folks, it just scared the blarney out of him and his Dog Dad. He went scampering and ran away from the dog park. A bunch of us went looking for him and found him about an hour later. All we can think of is Christopher Robin muttering "Silly old Bear."

Dog Speed,

Essex and Deacon

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Major Dane

It was another interesting week at the dog park. Essex performed fence patrol, guarding the dog park from evil bicycles and golf carts.

PJ came back to visit and play. It sure was good to see him again. He was a little leery about playing with new dogs. Bear gave me plenty of nose pokes. Bear gets behind you and poke you hard in ribs or the behind, so you will chase him. He almost did that to Auntie Essex, but then thought better of it. All of us other dogs just laughed at the expression on Bear's face. Auntie Essex doesn't put up with that nonsense.

PJ looks all better.

Bear and the nose that poked a hundred dog

Then a visiting Great Dane named Major stopped by. He sure was tall, now I know how Ollie feels. We asked him to put in a good word with the Great Dane for us. New to Angel Paws Dog Park are Angel and Tubby. We hope to continue seeing a lot more of them. Angel is a Guam Boonie dog. She was adopted by a nice man, after her whole pack was wiped out during a typhoon struck the island. She has a wild side, but was pretty nice to me. Tubby and I played chase.

Major, the Great Dane. That's Deacon right behind him.

Angel, the Boonie Dog from Guam.

Tubby and I quickly became friends

Well, I have to go.

Dog Speed,


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hello Emmy

Hello Essex & Deacon,

I am a Boston Terrier puppy named Emmy. I’ve heard so much about you from your Great (Great) Uncle Bobby. I am Bobby’s cousin on his hooman’s side, just like Clyde is your cousin. After all Bobby has told me about you, I just had to e-bark you.

I adopted a loving family in Louisiana, and love my new home. As “Rocket” would bark, “Life is good.” I am still learning doggy etiquette and the correct way to do things at home. As you know that takes a little time, but I am a good puppy 95% of the time. I'll bark at you later, something just moved outside, I have to check it out.

Bobby’s Louisiana Cousin Emmy

Look Ma! On top of the world!

Having fun in my yard.

= = = = = = =


Any friend of Great (Great) Uncle Bobby is our friend too. We have met several Boston Terriers at Angel Paws Dog Park and we’ve liked them all. Your pictures are pawtastic and you sure look happy. We heard from the Great Dane, you are following in the paw prints of a very good Boston Terrier named Bessie. You have some big paw prints to fill, but we are sure you’ll do a grrrrreat job. Be a good pup and perhaps your Dog Mom or Dad will give you some cheeessseee. Oh, by the Great Dane, we love cheese. In the meanwhile, we wish you a double dose of the collie blessing.

Dog Speed

Essex & Deacon


We were ebarked to identify the collies in our collage. From top left clockwise. A puppy picture of Deacon; Cassie & Deacon touch noses in Ohio; Great (Great) Uncle Bobby with his late best pal Mac in Kansas; a puppy picture of Essex; Foxy our guardian dog angel; Duff & Shelly (they signed our guest book); Cassie, Essex, Deacon, Hattie & Lady in Ohio; puppy picture of Buddy (Essex's brother & Deacon's dad); and our shirt tail cyber-paw cousin Tosca. As for the Collie Blessing, we inspired Dad to write the blessing.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dog Park Update

We are seeing paw pals from previous winters. Deacon enjoys playing with them and our usual paw pals. Dad likes talking with their hoomans and I am on fence patrol. There are so many bicycles, golf carts and walkers that I sometimes can’t even rest. I keep everyone safe and enjoy all the running.

I saw PJ twice this week, but Dad forgot his camera. PJ is doing fine but seems a little dog shy. It was the first we saw him since that incident with a pitbull named Ceasar in November. We were all happy to see PJ; even my tail wagged in joy.

Dog Speed


Our good friend Roxy, the Pitbull

Roxy and Deacon wrestling

Deacon with his good buddy Ollie
The Key West Collies, chilling out at home