Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hello Emmy

Hello Essex & Deacon,

I am a Boston Terrier puppy named Emmy. I’ve heard so much about you from your Great (Great) Uncle Bobby. I am Bobby’s cousin on his hooman’s side, just like Clyde is your cousin. After all Bobby has told me about you, I just had to e-bark you.

I adopted a loving family in Louisiana, and love my new home. As “Rocket” would bark, “Life is good.” I am still learning doggy etiquette and the correct way to do things at home. As you know that takes a little time, but I am a good puppy 95% of the time. I'll bark at you later, something just moved outside, I have to check it out.

Bobby’s Louisiana Cousin Emmy

Look Ma! On top of the world!

Having fun in my yard.

= = = = = = =


Any friend of Great (Great) Uncle Bobby is our friend too. We have met several Boston Terriers at Angel Paws Dog Park and we’ve liked them all. Your pictures are pawtastic and you sure look happy. We heard from the Great Dane, you are following in the paw prints of a very good Boston Terrier named Bessie. You have some big paw prints to fill, but we are sure you’ll do a grrrrreat job. Be a good pup and perhaps your Dog Mom or Dad will give you some cheeessseee. Oh, by the Great Dane, we love cheese. In the meanwhile, we wish you a double dose of the collie blessing.

Dog Speed

Essex & Deacon


We were ebarked to identify the collies in our collage. From top left clockwise. A puppy picture of Deacon; Cassie & Deacon touch noses in Ohio; Great (Great) Uncle Bobby with his late best pal Mac in Kansas; a puppy picture of Essex; Foxy our guardian dog angel; Duff & Shelly (they signed our guest book); Cassie, Essex, Deacon, Hattie & Lady in Ohio; puppy picture of Buddy (Essex's brother & Deacon's dad); and our shirt tail cyber-paw cousin Tosca. As for the Collie Blessing, we inspired Dad to write the blessing.


Urban Smoothie Read said...

harlow emmy, is great ot meet u here in the cyberworld...

Islay said...

Nice to meet you, Emmy! You're in good company, now - bet you thought nobody spoke your language?

Essex & Deacon, those are DARLING photos of the two of you - but then, you two are always beautiful!