Monday, February 29, 2016

Once Every Four Years

Gemini is doing pawsome.  She hasn't worn the cone since Thursday.  She has not been at Angel Paws since her spay.  She misses her favorite place, but Doc told Dad 10-14 days to heal up.  With how she rough houses at Angel Paws, Dad decided on 14 days.  

Dad was going to post tomorrow, but woke up.  We told him he only gets to post on 29 February once every four years.  That got him to post.  BOL.

Dog Speed,


Monday, February 22, 2016

Gemini Update

Gemini is doing pawsome, we appreciate every paw thinking of her.  By Sunday Gemini was our spunky collie girl.  She has not been licking the stitches to the amazement of Dad.  The whole thing has upset her schedule and thus Dad's sleep.  She is wearing a cone, because Dad doesn't want to give her a chance to lick the area when he isn't home.  Sherman tolerates the cone-of-shame.  Sherman reminded Dad how Essex growled and wanted nothing to do with him when he wore it as a pup.  Sure is interesting how something that upset one is no issue for another collie.
Sherman is Okay with Gemini Wearing the Cone
As for our home, we have a new fence and the ceiling in the master bathroom is fixed.  Life is getting back to normal.
Old Fence
New Fence
Dog Speed

Sherman & Gemini

Friday, February 19, 2016

Gemini Doing Well

Dear cyber-paw pals Gemini is doing fine.  She has been a bit groggy and is not hungry.  I think the anesthesia is to blame.  I went with Dad to drop her off at 8:30 AM and we picked Gemini back up at 4 PM.  She gave a slow tail wag.  When we got home, Gemini got to wear the cone that I wore after my operation.
Gemini Before  
Gemini After the Operation
Dad and I expect her to be more active tomorrow. Operations always worry Dad and me.  We are glad that our Gemini is doing okay.

Dog Speed,


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February News

Things have been busy around our home.  The bathroom ceiling is being repaired.  That makes Dad happy and of course we love having company in the house.  Both of us like extra attention.

Gemini gave Dad a big scare at Angel Paws Monday.  We were leaving the dog park and she slipped out of her collar, ran across the street to meet another dog.  A man driving his truck stopped when he saw her escape.  Both Dad and I were relieved Gemini wasn't hit by the truck.  Dad went out that night and got her a smaller collar to wear at the Publix Grocery Store.
Gemini & Navy Resting After Play
Gemini and Navy play a lot at the park.  It is rough play, but Gemini enjoys it.  Navy's Dad had a DNA test done.  The test revealed that he is a mix of Australian Cattle Dog, Labrador Retriever and Cocker Spaniel. Navy's Dad has been keeping a close eye on him and warning people about running in the park.  Navy's herding instinct takes over and he will nip at people's heels.  Since Navy has tagged a couple people, his Dad closely watches what is going on at the park.

Friday, Gemini is going to the vet to be spayed.  Operations make Dad nervous, so I've been keeping an eye on Dad.  We will post after the surgery.  The bad news is that Gemini will not be going to Angel Paws for awhile.

Dog Speed,