Monday, February 22, 2016

Gemini Update

Gemini is doing pawsome, we appreciate every paw thinking of her.  By Sunday Gemini was our spunky collie girl.  She has not been licking the stitches to the amazement of Dad.  The whole thing has upset her schedule and thus Dad's sleep.  She is wearing a cone, because Dad doesn't want to give her a chance to lick the area when he isn't home.  Sherman tolerates the cone-of-shame.  Sherman reminded Dad how Essex growled and wanted nothing to do with him when he wore it as a pup.  Sure is interesting how something that upset one is no issue for another collie.
Sherman is Okay with Gemini Wearing the Cone
As for our home, we have a new fence and the ceiling in the master bathroom is fixed.  Life is getting back to normal.
Old Fence
New Fence
Dog Speed

Sherman & Gemini


Cowspotdog said...

looks like everything works out eventually

rottrover said...

New fence and happy dogs...can life get any better???


Dawn said...

Glad she's doing well. She's a good girl, and Sherman is a good big brother.

StevieGrrrWonder said...

Glad Miss Gem is doing swell and Sherms is having no problems with her cone of shame. Still, she may have fun if she goes out in the yard and looks skyward to collect raindrops in the cone....a very bright idea that saves dad time on water bowl duties :-) Fence looks good too. I was told to stain mine, but a one-sided stain won't protect cuz the other side isn't gotten too very easily.

Jans Funny Farm said...

Glad Gemini is doing okay. Like the new fence. Well, we don't like it. It's a fence. But Jan likes it because fences keep us prisoner.