Thursday, October 31, 2013

Collieween 2013

We hope every one had a pawsome Collieween.  Just like Collieween's past Dad bought a lot of candy (16 bags) and we were put in the back bedroom.  If we didn't go barky, we would probably get to stay in the front room.  Well, it started a little after 6 PM and by 8:15 PM, Dad was out of candy.  Dad figured there must have been over 300 visitors.  

Essex Guarding The Candy
The Candy in the Avenger Tin
Dad had fun and we managed to get out of the bedroom after a couple hours.  We hope all of you had a howling good Collieween.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Silly Sherman

I got Dad laughing this weekend, which is always a good thing.  It seems that it the little things that do that, and we are pawsome at those little thing.

We had come back from the dog park and Dad was busy doing things.  He fills our food bowls. I plop down by the bowl holder and rest my head on the bowl stand.  his on top.  Dad looked at me and starts to snicker.  I look up at him with and give my soulful eye look and Dad chuckled more. 
Just Being Silly
He had his camera and had to take a picture to share.  I hope you enjoy it.

Dog Speed,


Friday, October 25, 2013

Taking It Easy

Well cyber paw pals, Dad spent the entire week at home and did stuff around the house.  It was nice to have him around, though it did interfere with our usual nap times.  It is one of the big tourist weeks in Key West, and Dad doesn't like to have to deal with all the traffic, especially since there is a lot of road construction. 
Essex Resting On The Couch
Below is a video that our breeder Mom, Lil, made of a bunch of our relatives at play at Holmhaven this June.  If you click on the picture it will take you to the video.  Dad was trying to get the You Tube link to work, but silly Dad had problems.  BOL 

Click on the Picture to Watch Holmhaven Collies at Play
On different note, today is the eight year anniversary that Herricane Wilma.  Essex says that a lot of things changed because of that storm.  Like all the carpet was torn up and thrown out.  Essex kept Dad sane while he was throwing stuff out that was damaged due to the storm surge.  Below is a picture of the pool that used to be in our backyard.  Sherman never saw the pool as the gremlins were at work while Essex, Sherman and Dad were all asleep back in September 2010.  Those pesky gremlins made one side of the pool burst open and all the water came rushing out.  The black line to the left of Essex marks how high the flood water came up on the pool
Essex By the Pool
Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hunter's Moon

When we went for our walk this morning there was a full moon in the sky.  Dad told us that it was the Hunter's Moon.  He talked about how this moon came in October and the name came from the fact that in our ancient paw-fathers days, the crops would have been harvested and all the critters could be seen.  The hunters could see all the critters and have an easy time hunting.  We found out that the full moon for each month has a name.
Hunter's Moon - 2013
We loved that all the moon glow that flowed over us during our walk.  After we got back Dad got his camera and took a paw-to-graph.  Sherman got in the act and had Dad take a picture of his moon dog eyes. 
Look Dad - Moon-Dog-Eyes
Essex Guards The Fence
Buddy - Essex's Brudder
Earlier in the week we got a not from Essex's brudder Buddy, who lives up the Keys.  He told us he got his therapy dog papers and now gets to go to school every day with his Mom.  He takes care of all the kids at his school too.  Bowsers that sure sounds so pawsome.  We wish we could go to work with Dad.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Essex is Ten

I woke up today to Dad singing "Happy Barkday" to me.  He does that every year.  Then we went for our walk and we got extra time to sniff.  Then came out normal treats and pills. 
The Hat, Do I Have To Wear The Hat?
Next came some of our favorite cheese and peanut butter ice cream, then a little while later cheese. 
Waking Up To "Happy Barkday"
We're Having A Collie-bration
Unfortunately in the middle of that came the bark-day hat.  In a little while we will be in the chat room talking to our pals and having a collie-bration.  Later today will come the dog park.

Dog Speed,


Friday, October 11, 2013

The Switch

We got an e-bark from Lil several weeks back about how the Holmhaven Collies have switched to a new dog food.  Dad has noticed that over time Essex has been getting more finicky about eating, so he decided to give it a try, as he knows Lil always does her Holm Work (we are being punny) and gives us good advice.

The brand we are switching to is called Merrick.  We went with the grain free "Real Texas Beef and Sweet Potato Recipe" at the recommendation of Lil's Collies.  Now Dad realizes can't change food super quick, unless you like the smell of dog poo.  So for the next several days a quarter of our food will be Merrick the rest Purina O.N.E.  Essex has been on Purina for all most a decade.  However, Dad noticed Essex wasn't quite as hungry as she used to be.  So we decided to switch, starting today.
Essex, Do You Think This Stuff Will Taste Good?
Our Old Brand
When Dad put the food down, it was gone in minutes.  He doesn't ever remember that happening.  Both of us loved the taste of the new food.  We told him we give it eight paws up.  We'd give it more, but we only have eight paws between the two of us.

Paw Esss, Dad told us that this Sunday will be a special day.  We wonder why?  Perhaps one of you can give us a hint.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cleveland, 10 October 1920

Today we entered the WABAC machine and traveled to 1920 and returned to Cleveland, Ohio.  As we got out and started to walk down the streets we could hear people talking about game five of the World Series.  They talked about Rube Marquard, a pitcher for the opposing Brooklyn team being arrested for trying to scalp tickets for the game on Saturday.  We all chuckled to ourselves.

As the game starts Cleveland pitcher, Jim Bagby, doesn't allow a run in the top half of the first.  We watch the bottom of the first inning, the first three batters get on base.  Up comes the right-fielder Elmer Smith.  Well cyber paw pals, Elmer hits a home run, a grand salami.  This is the first grand slam in World Series history.  The stadium is buzzing.   We smile at Dad.

The game continues and it is the bottom of the fourth inning.  Two runners on base and the pitcher Jim Bagby comes up to bat.  Ka-Pow, the ball goes over the fence for a three run shot.  This is the  first homer by a pitcher in the World Series.  Bowsers, Dad these two offensive gems have to be why you brought us to this game.  Dad just smiles.

It is now the top of the fifth and the bottom of the order comes up for Brooklyn.  Kilduff the second baseman singles to left.  Next Otto Miller, the catcher, singles to center.  The relief pitcher for Brooklyn, Clarence Mitchell is up.  The man next to us tells Dad, Mitchell is a good hitter, and was six for sixteen as a pinch hitter that season.  The count reaches 1-1 and we are chewing our tails.  Brooklyn puts on the hit-and-run play, runners are in motion.  Mitchell hits the ball hard toward center field, just several feet to the right of second base.  The Cleveland second baseman, Bill Wambsganss moves a little to his right, jumps a little, stretches out his glove and  oh my dog, he has caught the ball.  Wamby continues to second and tags the base for out number two.  As he turns around he sees Miller, who has just pulled up short and is only about five feet away.  Wamby goes over and tags Miller for out number three.  We blink in amazement and there is a dead silence in the park.  As the crowd realizes what they have seen they break out into a thunderous applause. 
Wamby Completes An Unassisted Triple Play
Bill Wambsganss
We stay through the rest of the game and our beloved Tribe wins it by a final score of 8-1.  We give Dad collie kisses after we enter the WABAC machine.  We have witnessed  the first and only unassisted triple play in World Series history.  Someday we hope Dog Dad's beloved Cleveland nine win the World Series.  Dog knows, they and the city deserve it. 

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Tree Is Gone

There was all kind of loud noises at our house while Dad was away.  We sure wish Dad was around.

When Dad come home and let us outside, we started to check out our yard.  The we noticed it.  Our coconut tree was gone.  Bowsers no more coconuts that go thump in the night.  No more dodging falling coconuts. 
I Could Swear A Coconut Tree Was Here
It is a good thing as the tree was in a bad place and Dad couldn't trim it any more.  Since Dad is happy, we are happy.  Though Sherman will miss pulling on the fallen fronds, while Dad was trying to get them into the trash. 
An Empty Spot
A Coconut Tree Was Here
Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman