Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Remember 15 April 1898

Earlier today we followed Dad into to the WABAC machine.  Once again it was set to the year 1898, location Havana, Cuba.  We get out and sniff around the area.  Suddenly at 9:40 PM we hear a loud explosion.  We run over by Dad and hide behind his legs.  

We bark out "What made that loud thunder Dad?"  

Dad replies, "You remember a couple weeks ago we were in Key West to watch the USS Maine leave Key West?"

We nod our heads yes.

"The USS Maine just exploded.  Of the 355 members of the USS Maines crew, 261 crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Six days later, the US went to war with Spain."  We couldn't find any reports of a dog being aboard the ship, but there could have been one.  
The Wreckage of the Maine in Havana Harbour

That event changed a lot of things in USA.  We had territories half-way around the world and would become more involved in global events.  We join Dad in a silent prayer at Angel Paws.   After today we too will "Remember the Maine."  

USS Maine Memorial in Key West Cemetary

Dog Speed,

Gemini and Normandy