Friday, December 30, 2016

Watching Over Dad

The four days after Essexmas, Dad was in bed sick.  It is all Gemini's fault as she barked his ear off after eating the oplatek wafer.  Though she blames me for talking to much to him.  Either way we watched over him those four days

We will post more tomorrow..

Dog Speed,

Sherman and Gemini

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Essexmas 2016

We wish everypaw a very Merry Essexmas.  Things have been busy at our house this December.

Dad has been busy at work this December.  That threw off his Essexmas backing.  He finished that just in time this year.

Miles and Copper are visiting us once again.  Copper is getting better, but is still scared of Dad.  We keep telling Copper that Dad is no Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, but Copper doesn't believe us.  

We made it to the Dog Park this every day this week.  The last two days we left earlier than usual.  Dad went to his neighbors house yesterday for their big Essexmas Eve dinner.  When Dad got back he gave us some oplatek to eat on Christmas Eve.  Dad youngest sister sent him oplatek in the mail.  In accordance to the ancient legend, we woke up Dad and had a conversation with him at midnight.  We told him how happy we wore.  We talked about Essex and Deacon.  Dad gave us a big hug after our long talk with him..
Oplatek Wafer
Then today we accompanied Dad to his friend Ed's home.  We ate before we left and Dad had a pawsome dinner when he got there.  We met Bailey, their daughters pup.  We played a lot.  Right before we left Dad called us.  Low and behold we were in Ed's neighbors yard.  They had left their back gate open.  We gave Dad a big scare.  

We hope all of you had a pawsome Essexmas.

Sherman and Gemini

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Surprise Visitor

A man stopped his bicycle by Angel Paws, opened the gate and walked in.  Dad looked at the man and called his name.  It was one of his friends, he had not seen in many years.  They talked for about an hour.

When we got home we asked about the man.  Dad told us that he was the man, that Dad stayed with when Essex and him evacuated during Herricane Wilma.  That Essex met another pup named Lucy during their stay.  The man and Dad worked together in North Dakota many Dog Moons before Essex came to live with Dad.  We could see memories flooding back into Dad's mind as he smiled.  Dad was not aware his friend was coming as he hadn't checked his pee-mail in awhile.  We hope to see more of the man and listen to Dad tell stories of times long ago and far, far away.
Lucy Crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2010

There were tall tales about Essex, Hurricane Wilma, times in North Dakota.  Weather so cold that you pee would freeze before it hit the ground.  We will have questions and Dad will have answers.  Most of all there will be smiles and hugs.

Dog Speed,

Sherman and Gemini

Monday, November 21, 2016

A Memorable November

We've been busy in Key West.  Dad just seems to be doing one thing after another and time is flying by.

First came the World Series.  Our beloved Cleveland Indians lost in seven games.  We were all sad, but proud that the team made it so far.  Dad was convinced that the Tribe was going to be out in the first round.  How could a team make a run for the championship with so many injured pitchers.  The collies had faith, even though Dad wavered.  It was fun to watch the games with Dad.  We hope the Tribe will hoist a banner in the near future.
Disappointed but Proud of the Tribe
Next came there was the pawsidential election.  Dad wasn't a fan of either candidate.  When election time rolled around Dad told several people "It is time to vote and then pray for the country."  Either way things are going to be interesting here in the US.  Dad wished that Tosca would have made another Presidential Candidate.  However, the Dog Gone Party Candidate has been silent for may years..
2008 - The Doggone Party 
After that we celebrated Veterans Day.  We spent time at Angel Paws and Dad remembered all the veterans to include his pawther.  Sherman relayed to Gemini all the stories that Essex told him.  We both wish we could have met Dog Dad's pawther and mutter.  They both sounded like terrific people.  
Dad's Pawther 1944
The super moon then visited us on 14 November.  We swear we could hear Skye and the Moondance Huskies howling at the moon here in Key West.
Watching the Super Moon Rise at Angel Paws
The weather has been pawsome this month.  The cool weather has made the Collies extra playful.  The morning walks have been brisk.  The last two days, Dad has worn a light jacket.  

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Monday, October 31, 2016

Collieween 2016

Another exciting Collieween is over.  We only had a short stay at the dog park, then it was off back to our home.  Dad put us in the bedroom, brought in our food bowl and closed the door.  He went through a bunch of bags of candy as there was the normal steady stream of trick-or-treaters.  Dad enjoys talking to the neighbors and seeing all the people.

One lady that stop by asked Dad if he still had his pups. She had a Burmese Mountain Dog and lived just down the road.  Dad remembered the pup and walking by the house all the time with Essex and Deacon.  He replied that he still had collies, but that we lived with him now.  It brought a smile to his face that somepaw remembered the collies and him.

We received a card from the hoomans that first lived with Deacon.  Herricane Matthew just grazed where they lived.  They lost power for several hours and are doing fine.  We found out that Charm now lives with them.  We noticed that Dad was happy when he got that card.  He said that hooman pack were really nice.

Hope you had a pawsome Collieween.

Sherman & Gemini

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Relief and Remembering

This week we sent out e-mails, watched blogs and crossed paws as Herricane Matthew went up the Florida coast.  From the Miami- Fort Lauderdale area the news was good.  Gusty winds, very few power outages.  At Holmhaven Collies, where we were born they had gusty winds and a little rain.  When Lil added she had six-week old collie puppies she was bringing in, we all smiled.  Brave Star and Just Harry stated they all were doing well.
Just Harry Reported All is Well in South FLorida
The families of our pals Gandalf, Teddy, Magnum & Samson, and, Shiloh & Dakota all were doing well.  We got some news about their pack and few pawtographs.
Shiloh and Dakota Are Doing Well 
Cousin Teddy is Loving Life
Reilly and Denny - The Cowspot World is Okay 
Annie Loving Life in Jacksonville
Next we heard from Annie in Jacksonville and read the Reilly & Denny's post on the cowspot dog blog.  Annie's Hooman knew Auntie Essex very well.  She was a frequent visitor to Angel Paws and would talk to Dad about all kind of things.  They were both Geology Majors, so they could talk about rocks.  She watched Essex a couple times when Dad had to be out of town.  When the Cowspotdog blog reported that their home did well, we did a happy dance.  We are sending a letter out this weekend, but we are pretty confident that Deacon's first family probably are doing well, because they were further inland than Annie's mom.  

Today would have been Essex's 13th barkday, so Dad spent some time thinking of her and Wilma.  His memories are good memories.  When he thinks of Essex, he will usually smile. Essex saved him in so many ways.  Maybe the spirit of Essex and Deacon herded Matthew away from hoomans so there was less damage.  Just maybe Essex saved Dad one more time.  After thinking of this, we both got a big hug.
Angel Dog Essex - Did She Save Dad Once More?

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Friday, October 7, 2016

Safe But Worried About Our Pals

Herricane Matthew missed us, but we are worried about so many of our pals.  We barked very hard trying to weaken and push the storm away from everypaw.  
The weather folks are predicting Herricane Matthew will go up the coast and loop around back toward us.  If that happens the storm is supposed to weaken to tropical depression.  We were happy to read that Reilly and Denny are safe in Georgia.  We are worried about there home, but that they are safe is what counts most.  In the St. Augustine Dad is worried about Vixen's Mom, Carol, that was the first hooman that Angel Collie "Deacon" lived who with; then there is the Mom of Angel Dogs Oreo and Snoopy that Dad spent many a days talking at Angel Paws.  Dad is worried about Lil at Holmhaven, Just Harry's pawrents and Brave Star's Dad in Broward County, Florida.  There are others we are thinking about Magnum & Samson, Gandalf, Karma, Shiloh & Dakota, Howie and their families.  We are hoping every paw is safe.  We have some reaching out to do.
Carol & Angel Collie "Deacon"
2008 - Herricane Ike Evacuation
Dad remembers coming back from Herricane Wilma.  Essex told Deacon how she kept things from over whelming Dad.
October 2005 - Storm Surge Line is Behind Essex
One good note though.  Navy and his pawrents made it to Key West 5 AM on Thursday.  They rolled into to Key West a day before Matthew. 

Dog Speed,

Gemini, Sherman & Dog Dad

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Herricane Matthew and Keys Animal Quarantine.

Gesh, we have two problems to worry about in the Florida Keys.

First, Herricane Matthew is an evil storm with 120 knot winds right now.  Our prayers are with all those hoomans and animals that are in Herricane's path.  The current forecast is that the closest approach to Key West will be at 6 pm on Thursday (6 October) and will be 204 nautical miles (378 kilometers).  Looking at the wind probabilities  there is 8% chance of having sustained winds of 34 knots, 2% for 50 knots, 1% for 64 knots. So we feel okay with the idea of staying safe in our house.  We have been barking at the storm to send it away from land and weaken Herricane Matthew but no luck.

The other news we read about into today's Key West paper is an animal quarantine has been declared in the Keys.  There has been a screwworm out break in the keys.  The screwworms are fly larva that enter a wound and eat an living animals or hoomans flesh.  Hoomans rarely get infected.  When we read about this we alerted people we knew that lived or normally visit the Keys.  It did cancel a planned visit by two collie relatives Samson and Magnum.  We were so looking forward to seeing them, but their parents decided not to come down.  We found one good site about the screwworm scourge at  Florida Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services site.  Here is the link to the screwworm site:  The site has some numbers to call if you have any questions.  Samson and Magnum pawrents called the number, talked to their vet cancelled their visit.  Dad said they made an informed decision and he would have made the same one.
Screwworm Fly
Attribution: The Mexican-American Commission for the Eradication of the Screwworm
All this leads us to wonder, if we a  zombie apocalypse is coming our way.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Watching Matthew and Key West Departures

We are breathing easier since Key West is not in the cone, but we are still  tracking Herricane Matthew, which is a dangerous Category 4 Herricane packing winds of 145 miles per hour.  (233 kilometers per hour).  Both of us are barking at Herricane Matthew trying to weaken and push it farther out into the Atlantic Ocean.  You may remember Sherman and Essex barking away Herricane Irene way back in August 2011.  The collies succeeded in that butterfly effect.  Gemini has been pretty enthusiastic about the barking.  We haven't been very successful in weakening Matthew though.  Sigh.  Perhaps the spirits of Jake the Weather Dog, Essex and Deacon will weaken Herricane Matthew.  In the meanwhile, our prayers are with the hooman, dogs and cats in Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos.
Sherman Barking Away Herricane Irene - August 2011
Jake the Weather Dog
As for our world in Key West.  Navy and hoomans are coming back to Key West this month.  It will be pawsome be able to count on a pup being at Angel Paws.  Yesterday, we were the only ones at the park.  On the downside, several pups have left Key West.  Anna and Ellie departed for Jacksonville, Florida.  They should have a pawsome time with the cooler weather.  Then Gandalf has moved to central Florida.  We may see him every once in a blue moon though.
Navy and Gemini Playing Last April
Anna & Ellie
Stay Safe and Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Friday, September 30, 2016

30 September 2016

We finally got Dad to post.  He has been busy and just plain tired.  We think it is from watching football games and all the rain we have been getting.  Seems like the hedges need to trimmed and the grass mowed all the time.

Here are some pawtographs of our pal Fritzie.  Fritzie and Gemini play quite a bit.  Running around and chasing.  Sherman just sits back and barks at them.
Fritzi Getting a Drink 
Fritzi Gives Gemini a Kiss

Fritzi and Gemini Play While Sherman Watches

We saw Lunchbox and Pocket a couple times each week.
Lunchbox Exploring 
We will try take some pawtographs and post tomorrow.  There are some pups leaving Key West and some new pals at Angel Paws.  In the meanwhile, maybe we'll take a nap with Dad.
Gemini and Sherman Take It Easy
Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Gemini's First Bark-Aversary

Dad woke up this morning, rolled over and wished me a Happy Bark-Aversary.  Bowsers, I have been living with Dog Dad and Sherman.  Dad sang Happy Bark-Aversary to me this morning, kissed me on the nose and went for a walk.  Then we chatted in the DWB chat room with our pal Skye in Connecticut.   Followed by spending time at my favorite place, Angel Paws Dog Park.  Unfortunately, the normal crew was not there.  There were two other pups, but Dad forgot to take a pawtograph.
Gemini At Her Favorite Angel Paws Perch
Gemini and Sherman Drinking Some Cold Water
Sherman Trotting Back to Dad
Gemini Has Grown A Lot
Just look at these pawtographs from a year ago.  I was so tiny back then. I still love my Dad and Sherman.  Give me a chance and I will get close to them and give me a face lick.  I enjoy living with this pack.  
Last Sniff At Holmahven Before Leaving For Key West 
My First Ride in the Colliemobile 
My First Meal in Key West
One year in Key West, I have a loving home and a big collie Uncle that I adore.  Life is good.

Dog Speed,


Thursday, September 1, 2016

New Leash

We are watching Herricane Hermine and hoping our pals in northern Florida are safe.  We figure that Denny and Reilly will get a lot of rain.  We got some rain, but not near as much as we expected.
New Leash
Things were different when we went for our morning walk this morning.  Dad got a flexi leash and Gemini got to use it.  I gave Dad a nasty look and said I'm older, Dad looked at me and said that I already broke one way back in April 2015.  I snickered and knew it was a lost cause to argue about the leash.  Since I pull and tug especially where I exchange barks with another dog  on our walks, Dad said Gemini gets to use the flexi leash.  Sigh.
Sherman Checking Things Out
Gemini Looking Pretty 
Gemini Playing With a Piece of Bark 

We went to Angel Paws in the evening.  It was a cloudy Day and there were no other pups there.  We enjoyed ourselves anyhow.  Gemini found a piece of bark to prance around with.  Dad laughed at her antics of tossing it and prancing around.

Dog Speed,

Sherman and Gemini

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Storms, Mosquitoes and Crocodiles

This is a week of too much to worry about.

First there was Invest 99L, which is now Tropical Depression Nine.  Was it going to become a herricane?  We were worried Wednesday through Friday last week and we helped Dad herd things into the sheds, so there was nothing for the wind to pick up.  Well, the center is to the south of us and isn't a tropical storm yet.  So a big sigh of relief.
Tropical Depression Nine Projected Path - From NOAA
We have been reading a lot about Zika in the newspaper.  There have been two cases reported in the Keys and there have been a lot of cases reported in Florida.  Zika is not a new disease, it was first discovered way back in 1947 in the Zika Forrest in Uganda.  .

Next we read in the paper about a four-foot American Crocodile off one of the sea walls in Key West.  Then he heard there are other crocodiles in the Keys.  Dad is thankful neither of like swimming in water.  He doesn't expect to run into any crocodiles during our walks.  He sure wish they all had a ticking clock, like the one in the Peter Pan. 

Dog Speed,

Sherman and Gemini 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cassie Crosses the Rainbow Bridge 19 August

We got word from Ohio on Friday that our pal Cassie crossed the rainbow bridge.  Gracie watches over her hoomans now.
Five Collie Sunday, 30 September 2007
Cassie, Essex, Deacon, Hattie, Lady
Cassie and Deacon - 2007
Dad first met Cassie way back on 26 September 2007.  They walked over to Grand Paws and Grand Maws house to say hi.  Essex, Deacon and Dad came out to meet them.  The two packs became good friends.  A the time of the first meeting, Cassie was only three years old.  That Sunday, 30 September there was the famous "Five Collie Sunday."  It was a Sunday to remember.  
Cassie, Essex, Hattie and Deacon - - 2008
Cassie -2008
Joy and sadness has been seen by the two packs.  Hattie and Deacon crossed the bridge in 2011.  Gracie Lou and Sherman came to live with the hoomans that year.  Essex crossed the bridge in 2013 and Gemini came to live with me in 2016.  Fortunately Gemini got to meet Cassie this summer.  She knew our smell and welcomed us.  We both listened to her weave tails about Essex and Deacon.  
Gracie Lou and Cassie - 2011
Cassie - 2016
We are sad to hear Cassie crossed the bridge, but there are so many happy memories that thinking of her brings to our pack.  We can see he playing with Hattie, Essex and Deacon across the rainbow bridge.  All of them will be waiting for their hoomans.  

Cassie loved and was loved by her hoomans.  There is nothing more important to a dog.

Dog Speed Cassie, you will be missed.

Sherman, Gemini and Dog Dad.