Sunday, March 31, 2013

Barky Easter - 2013

We hope all of you had a pawsome Easter.  We enjoyed celebrating with Dad and getting extra treats.  This Easter our pals Kiana and Tonks stopped over with there pawrents.  Sherman had a lot of fun chasing with Tonks.  Essex just chilled out.   All the pups fell asleep afterwards.
Essex & Sherman Are Easter Collies
We thought we chewed up the Bunny Ears, but we were wrong.  We were stuck wearing them once again.  The good part is we get treats to pose like this. 
Stonewall Guards the Lamb Cake
Stonewall Wears the Ears Too
Like most Easters Dad made a lamb cake.  The lamb cake has a long history in our family.  Grand Maw used to make one when Dog Dad was a little boy.  Dad had to search high and low to find a lamb mold to make the cake.  It is like he is back with Grand Maw and Grand Paw as a little boy.   Stonewall did a pawsome job of guarding the cake and even got into the act of wearing bunny ears.  We did get to go to Angel Paws too today.  The weather was pawtastic.

Hope you had a holy and safe Easter.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday - 2013

We hope every paw had a safe and blessed Good Friday. Dad came home early, so we were happy. Things were slow at Angel Paws. Ruger is visiting family up north and Red took the day off. So it was the Collies and Karma today.
Essex - The Secretary of Da Fence
Essex as always assumed the role of the "Secretary of Da Fence." She did an awsome job posing for this picture. Sherman and Karma played. Those two were running and wrestling a whole lot, and came home two tired pups.
Karma and Sherman
Karma Walking Over Sherman
Our Easter wish is for Dixie to come home. Yes, she is still lost and our chums at the Collies of the Meadow are still posting about her.  Dixie has been missing since December 2, 2012 from Reidsville, Georgia. She went missing off of hwy 121 outside Tison, near Glennville GA. Dixie is a full blooded mahogany female Sable Rough Coat Collie girl. She was last seen wearing a pink collar with a heart tag with her name, address and phone number. She is 4 years old and has been spayed. If you have seen her or know of someone with a new dog that looks like Dixie please call Dixie’s mommy at (912) 334-9735 or call Debbie at Glendale Farms (478) 454-5427.  For more information click on the link Lost Collie Alert to read our previous post in January about her.

Our Easter Wish - Dixie Comes Home
Dog Speed,
Essex & Sherman

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Good Deed

As we were driving up to Angel Paws we noticed two dogs walking alone by the side of the road.  Bowsers we were concerned.  As we pulled in we noted the pups were near the gate.

Dad got the two of us out and got in the park.  Our pal Red was there with his Dog Dad Joel.  We got to the gate and entered.  Dad was hoping the two Australian Shepherds would follow us in, no such luck.  Joel came up and called the pair in a high voice and one pup entered the park.  The other stayed outside, nuts.  Joel got his leash, called "pup, pup, pup" in the high pitched voice again, the pup hesitated.  Next he sat down and did it again.  The pup came, he noted the pup had no collar, so he looped his leash around her neck and led her in.  The two hoomans, let go a sigh of relief.
One of the Aussies with Essex
Dog Dad didn't recognize the pups and the two of them decided to wait and see if their pawrents would drive by looking for them.  Red's Dad was a Labrador Retriever breeder, a certified pet trainer and even wrote a couple books.  Click here to read what Essex and Deacon wrote about him in a previous post.   Joel told us that he remembered hearing at a conference that if you used a high pitch voice a pup was more likely to come to you.  Essex looked at Dad, and told him she could have told him that.  

The two Aussies explored and played with Sherman, but nobody drove by looking for them.  After about a half hour and they figured they would call the base police.  It was then that Dog Dad thought of his friend and her husband.  He had seen them every once in a Blue Moon walking their two Aussies.  He remember one was named Dakota.  He called out "Dakota" and one pup came to him.  Bowsers, Dad just might have figured it out. 
Montana and Dakota
Exploring Angel Paws
One of the Sisters
Using his cell phone he called his boss, who had the number for base security.  He called security and asked them to call their Dog Mom.  Sure enough it was their pups, Montana and Dakota.  The base police called back and said their Dog Mom wanted to thank both Dog Dads and the two pups Paw was on his way.  When Dakota and Montana's Dog Dad got their, he thanked both Dog Dads more.  

In the end a whole group of hoomans working together like dogs do.  The result was a happy tail.  Dog Dad told us that Dog People tend to look out for each other.  Guess they get a pack mentality from their pups.  We know Dog Dad will go to bed with a smile tonight.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Puptrick's Day - 2013

We hope that everyone had a pawsome St. Puptrick's Day.  Dad got out the silly green hat and we got to wear it again. 
Essex Looking Pawsome
Sherman Smiles
All is forgiven as we got treats and spent plenty of time at Angel Paws.  Ruger was there so, Sherman came home plenty tired.

Essex & Sherman

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Kind Stranger

Yesterday, a lady we never met before stopped her car in front of Angel Paws and called Dad to come on over to the fence.  Now Dad had never met this lady and couldn't figure out why she wanted to talk to him.  Like Essex, he is very cautious about strangers.

When Dad got to the fence the lady explained to him that she had a statue for him.  That one of her friends didn't want it because she didn't have a collie.  The lady told her friend she knew just who to give the statue to.  She had seen us at Angel Paws most evenings.  She had gotten the statue several days ago and kept forgetting to put it in her car.  She had the statue and wanted to give it to Dad.
Essex and Stonewall
Dad walked out of the park and got the statue and put in our Explorer.  He thanked the lady, but was probably not as profusely as he would have if he had time to think about it.  He was just totally caught off guard.  The statue is about 12 inches tall and looks pawsome. 
Front View
Stonewall Side Profile
The Other Side
The one strange thing about the statue is Sherman doesn't like it.  It was on the table and he barked at for over an hour.  Dad put it on the floor and Sherman wouldn't come in the room.  He definitely wants nothing to do with the statue.  Essex could absolutely care less about the statue.  Dad was thinking about names and decided that Stonewall would be a pawsome name.  What do you think?

Essex & Sherman

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Good Karma

Today we want to introduce you to Sherman's newest buddy Karma.  The two of them run, wrestle and play together.  If Ruger comes then it is a total puppy mayhem.  The hoomans will watch, smile and chuckle while the pups play.  If they get to close to Essex or interfere with fence patrol, she is quick to teach them to mind their manners.  It is good to that Sherman has found new friends to play with since Leo left.


Sherman and Karma
Sherman Pounces
Sherman Is Grounded
Letting His Little Budy Walk All Over Him
Earlier in the week, there was an American Kestrel looking over the park.  Dad wishes he had a better camera, but the picture came out pretty good.  So far we have seen Ospreys, a Bald Eagle, an American Kestrel, Pelicans, and White Ibis to name just a some of the birds.
American Kestrel
Hope you had a great day, we know we did.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

Friday, March 1, 2013

Dad Helps Birdie

Dad helped us out today in getting a report out to the Great Dane.  You may remember our second post, where Essex talked about the time she was caught relaying a report for a little birdie when she was a young pup.  Well today we had relayed a report and the silly bird couldn’t figure how to get back out of the enclosed porch in the back.  It kept flying into the window screens.
A Confused Birdie
No More Door Service  For Those Collies
Dad came home and saw the little birdie when he let us out.   He tried to coax the bird to the open door with no luck.  Dad had almost given up, when he decided to nail one of our blankets to the outside screened window nearest the door.  Well, he did that and the silly bird flew finally saw the light and flew out the door.  We are glad that our Dog Dad is "Collie Smart."
Our Blanket Covering The Screen Window
We are sure our report back is now in the howled archives of the Great Dane. 

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman