Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope all of you have a pawsome Thanksgiving.  Dog Dad and I are doing well, I keep him company and smiling.  He will be heading to a friends, so there will probably be no dog park today.  I will be getting some extra walks though.  Dad told me he was surprised how well on walk on leash, except for the one place during our walk.  There is a boxer at that section of our walk, and we love barking at each other and I bounce there too.

We both miss Great Auntie Essex, but we are thankful for the time she was with us.  I will remember the lessons she taught me.  Hopefully another collie from Holmhaven will join us this summer.  Dog Dad has his heart set on another tri-color girl.  Keep your fingers crossed. 

Dog Dad and I are also thankful for having an article published in "The Lookout"  "The Lookout" is dedicated to remembering Albert Payson Terhune and the collies of Sunnybank.  Dad sent them an article about the "All Collie Drill Team." after our adventure in the WABAC machine.  My pawfathers were in that team.  It arrived the Saturday after Great Auntie Essex Crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  She and I inspired Dad to write it.

The Front Page
Our Article on the All Collie Drill Team
Happy Thanksgiving Every Paw,

Sherman & Dog Dad

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Visitor Earlier In The Week

While Dad and I miss Great Auntie Essex we are doing well.  Dad talked to Lil and is planning on getting another collie because we are a two collie household.  Unfortunately, Holmhaven is not planning on any tri-colors until the summer.  Sigh.....
Dad and I  are still going to Angel Paws and I enjoy going, though there have not been a lot of pups at the park.  Dog Dad was off last week, so he kept me company.  My pals Tonks and Kiana came over to visit on Wednesday for a couple hours, so I had plenty of fun.
Kiana Checking Out My Yard
Tonks On My Deck
Sherman Joins Tonks On The Deck
I'll try to keep up Dad's spirits with silly antics. 

Dog Speed,


Friday, November 22, 2013

Six Seconds

Dog Dad was sitting on the couch this morning petting me.  Then he got one of those far away looks and started talking to me about a time long ago.  The Holmhaven Foundation male, Bellhaven Enchanting Lancer, was alive and living with my breeder Mom Lil and her Mother Inga, in New Jersey.  Dog Dad was only in the first grade but he remembers.  Today is the 50th anniversary of Dog Dad's first national memory, the day JFK was shot.  Dog Dad has a book that Grand Maw had bought shortly after the shooting from the local paper.  He paged through it this morning.
Book Dog Dad Has From the Local Newspaper
"Lancer" Was Alive Then
He noted that the day was a Friday.  He recalls being in first grade and being let out early.  He recalls his pawrents being shocked and deeply saddened.  He remembers the entire United States grieving.

It is interesting what Dog Dad's recalls.  His most vivid memory is of a riderless horse named Black Jack with the boots reversed in the stirrups.  He remembers the presidents son, John John, saluting the casket as it passed.  He can see Oswald being shot.  He can see news on TV showing the shooting at Dealey Plaza.  He can hear the voice of Walter Cronkite.  These memories are in black and white, just like the TV he watched them all unfold on. 

Fifty years ago today, three shots were fired in under six seconds and the country changed furever. 

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Dog Dad

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Maggie - A Good News Story

Washington, Illinois was hit by a devastating tornado on 18 November.  A man named Jon Byler Dann was able to get his family to the safe room, but their sheltie, Maggie, refused to come out of her kennel.  The tornado leveled their house but the family was safe, but Maggie was no where to be found.

About thirty hours later while sifting through the rubble with friends a faint bark was heard.  Maggie was found.   The 11-year old sheltie suffered a dislocated hip but is safe.  Funds were raised to help her and other animals.  Below are links to two articles:.

Here a couple links to the story:
  Link to E story - Includes information on how to help
  Link to WeatherUnderGround Story - Pawsome Pawtographs
I love posting a good news story.

Dog Speed,


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Origin of Essex's Name

The choice of the name Essex goes back many dog moons, all the way back to the fall of 1975.  Dog Dad was a freshman at Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio.  He reported early to attend soccer training camp.  His roommate had arrived a shortly before and had selected the bed by the window.  His roommate was a young man named Eric, who went by “Rick.”  Rick’s pawther was an aviator aboard the Essex during the Korean War. 
Why the Name Essex?
Wittenberg was a different world for Dog Dad.  He was from a blue collar family.  Grand Paw worked for Ford Motor; Grand Maw was a house wife.  Many of his classmates had doctors, lawyers and such for parents.  Dog Dad didn’t feel he fit in, but then that is typical Dog Dad.  Dog Dad is a reserved hooman and meeting new people is stressful.   Dog Dad has gotten better at it over time, but he is a hooman with only a few people he calls friends and he avoids crowds.  He would tell you the loneliest place in the world is a crowd. 

 It was during his freshman year, Dog Dad realized something that had a major impact on his life.  Like most teenagers, he felt messed up.  At Wittenberg the light came on as he realized everyone else was just as messed up.  He was not alone.  The rich, the elite and even the popular had problems.  That knowledge changed his outlook on life.  Thus the name Essex marked a pivotal moment in his life.
A Pivotal Moment
Dog Dad and Rick have not seen each other since college.  Dog Dad thinks of his roommate at times and remembers those days.  When it came time to name his collie pup, he wanted a name with a story.  He thought of Wittenberg and his roommate.  When people asked why Essex, he told them his college roommate’s father was an aviator aboard the Essex during the Korean War and it made him think of college.  That is only part of the story. 
The Rest of the Story
Rick's Dad Visited the Moon
Cyber-paw pals, this was Dog Dad’s brush with fame.  His roommate was the oldest son of the “Mr. Armstrong.”   Now Dog Dad knew the son and not the father.  Thus the name Essex makes Dog Dad thinks of Wittenberg, his college roommate, a July night in front of a flickering black & white TV, and above all his beloved collie girl that taught him so much.  Like Dog Dad, the story of the name Essex is simple, complex and runs deep like still water.  Now you know the rest of the story.

Dog Speed,

Paw-SSS - Dog Dad turned the comments off for this story.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Essex - 13 October 2003 - 15 November 2013

Essex's Holmhaven Puppy Picture
Exploring Her New Home
At a Hotel in Her Old Kennel

December 2006 With Deacon
Deacon and Essex
Hunting the Red Baron
Watching the World Outside the House
Sherman and Essex
Last Picture of Essex - 12 November 2013
Part of my healing process is to write a tribute.  This tribute is for my beloved Essex.  When I write my eyes get misty, so I am glad this isn’t paper.  I appreciate all the prayers and well wishers  It all helps far more than you know. 

What was my Great Auntie Essex’s story? Essex was born 13 October 2003, a Monday at Holmhaven Collies in Florida.  It was a tough time for Lil, our breeder. Lil’s 99 year old mother had broken her hip in September.  Lil was visiting her twice a day.  It was during this trying time ten collie puppies came into the world.  It was Holmhaven’s “X” litter and the attendants at the rehab helped Lil pick names beginning with an “X”.  Essex was at Holmhaven, when Lil’s mom crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 14 December. 
Well, one by one the puppies left until only two remained, Essex and Buddy.  Buddy stayed behind to sire several litters, before leaving Holmhaven in 2010.  It was during this time Dog Dad thought about getting a rough collie puppy.  He searched the Internet and stumbled on Holmhaven.  He called Lil and exchanged e-mails.  On 31 December 2003, Dog Dad drove from Key West to Holmhaven Collies and back with a beautiful collie puppy.
When it came to choosing Holmhaven, the Great Dane must have guided Dad.  For Dog Dad was truly blessed to have found such a wonderful breeder.  Myself, Great Auntie Essex and Uncle Deacon have been smart friendly collies. 
Essex was a very reserved collie.  She took her time to know and trust people.  Once that trust was earned, she would greet you with a prance and a great sweeping tail or she might even nudge you with her nose.  That trust could take days, months or even a year.  Essex decided early on that fence patrol was her mission at Angel Paws Dog Park.  She rarely played with other dogs. 
If we approached a stranger during our walks, she would stay near Dad.   When there was a new dog or cat she would approach calmly and slowly.  She was so calm, it was amazing.  If a pup got out of place at the park near her or interfered with her fence patrol mission, she would quickly and firmly resolve the matter in seconds, and let the offender go.  Essex helped Dad make many friends over the years.  She taught me the way of the collie too.
= = = = = = =
Dog Dad here: I will think of Essex sitting on the Papasan Chair intently watching the outside world.  She would bark at the mail truck or when strangers came close to the house.  I would joke with the mailman, telling him Essex was my PAS, Postal Alerting System.  If a person she knew approached our house, there was silence and a wagging tail. 

At bedtime Essex would sleep at several places.  Sleeping on the couch or just outside the bedroom door were her two favorite spots.  If I was sick, Essex stayed in the room watching over me.  When we got ready for our morning walk she seemed to smile. 
I will miss her loving gaze.  Essex was not a Velcro Collie, she was her own dog.  However, Essex had a special bark that said “Dad I want you to let you know I love you, please come pet me and let me go through your legs.”  I could never refuse those infrequent requests.  When Deacon crossed the bridge, she stayed near me, it was like she wanted to console me.  She was so in tune with me.  Essex was extremely intelligent, and there were times you could just see her thinking about how to do something. 

When it came to taking a treat, Essex was the gentlest dog I’ve ever met.  You could barely feel her gently grabbing the treat in her mouth, even if other dogs were around.  If I asked her to jump up on my chest, the jump felt like a feather on my chest, not a sixty pound collie.  She was a lady.

On the way to the dog park, I will miss Essex looking at me excitedly from the front seat during the drive.  Many passing by Angel Paws will miss the “Secretary of Da Fence” patrolling the fence line.  Essex barking at evil golf carts, bicycles and other offensive things.  She would go down to the opposite end, wait for them at the far end, all the while bouncing and barking.  The words “Somebody is sleeping on the job” would send Essex rushing to check the fence line and barking at the offender. She would give gentle collie kisses to those she knew, and preferred fence patrol to treats.   

She was called Essex, Ressex, and Res.  It hurt to see her slowing down and started to gimp this year.  I hoped Essex would be around another four or six years.  I loved her and in many ways Essex saved me.  She brought an aloof man, back to a world full of people, dogs and added so much to my life. 

A great collie crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I am sure she is guarding the gates of heaven with St. Peter.  She will be at the gates telling St. Peter that it will be okay to let me in despite my faults when appear at those gates.  The night Essex crossed the bridge; I kissed her forehead before going to sleep.  I told her I would love her furever.  She will be furever in my heart.    

A heavy rain came through during the night and early this morning.  I like to think that the angels in heaven were crying.

Dog Speed Essex, my gift from Heaven.

Dog Dad

Friday, November 15, 2013

Essex Crosses the Bridge

Dear cyber-paw pals, it is with heavy heart that I report that my Great Auntie Essex crossed the Rainbow Bridge during the night.  Dad woke up this morning, when he went to get our leashes he noticed Essex laying on the ground.  He remembered the expression on Deacon's face and knew she had crossed the bridge.
What Dad Saw This Morning
She has joined my Uncle Deacon.  Dad and I are sure she is reporting to Grand-Paw and Grand-Mutter (Dog Dad's Mom & Dad) as well as Deacon.  We will right more in the next couple days. 

Heaven has gained a great collie.  We can see Essex calmly walking up to every paw and gently greeting them.

Dog Speed Great Auntie Essex,