Sunday, September 13, 2020

A Strange, Wet And Busy Week

 On Monday Normandy figured out how to open up the water jug.  He took up the cap, slightly chewed it and was drinking the water from the top while Dad was driving.  Thank dog none of it spilled.  At the park there were friends fur the collies to play with.  We watched them from afar, then Norm went to play.  Dad put the water bowl on the seat and Gemini drank the water from her bunker position.

Chewed Bottle Cap

Gemini & Normandy Watching Other Pups
Gemini Gets A Drink

On Friday we got a package from our pal McGee in Ohio.  Some dog treats fur both of us, and some toys fur Norm.  I was excited when I smelled McGee and his Mom on the package.

A Box From McGee

Saturday was wet.  The start of Tropical Storm Sally was passing by us.  It started raining when it was time for the dog park.  It wasn't to windy so Dad let us outside in the yard because he knew it would be muddy when we walked.  Well, Norm found some mud anyhow.  BOL.  That night we got even more rain.  The streets flooded from the rain water.  The rain fall flooding reminded Dad of Katrina soaking the Keys.  He remembers getting home to see Essex looking out the window, while sitting on her papa san chair.  Dad smiled at us while telling that story.  This morning we took a shorter walk.  The street at the end of the road was flooded.  So we went the other way and had a shorter walk.  It rained a little while we were walking.

A Happy Wet Normandy
Dad I Just Pretended It Was D-Day
Two Happy (Wet) Collies
Bowsers, Look At All That Rain Water

We hope the rest of the week is dryer.

Dog Speed,

Gemini and Normandy