Thursday, February 28, 2013

28 February 2013

Dad is feeling lots better and appreciated every paw thinking of him.  The power of the paw, orange juice, chicken noodle soup and rest helped him a lot.  He went to work the last two days and we got to go to Angel Paws Dog Park.   Both of us have been enjoying our time in the park. 
Essex At Rest
The weather should be even cooler this weekend and we are excited.  The cool weather just seems to give us more energy.

Essex & Sherman


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Sick Dog Dad

Well folks, we got to take care of Dad today.  He was feeling sick and stayed home.  Guess the sniffles going around at work finally caught up to him. 

While we were happy to have him home all day, we did miss going to the dog park.  Though he did manage to take us on our walks. 

Dog Dad is feeling better now though.  Amazing what rest, NyQuil, orange juice, chicken noodle soup and the power of collie paws can do. 

Dog Speed,

Essex and Sherman

Friday, February 15, 2013

Ruger A New Pal

Sherman has a new chum at Angel Paws Dog Park, Ruger.  Ruger is a nine month old chocolate Labrador Retriever.  He is smaller than Sherman and the two get along pawsomely.  Dog Dad and the other hoomans love to watch the two play.  There is a lot of chasing, wrestling, barking and just plain silliness. 
I'm Ready For You Ruger
Take Down - Two Points
Taking a Breather
Argggg, Ruger Has My Leg
Their interaction brings back memories of our good chum Leo.  We wish Leo was still here, but having Ruger around gives Sherman someone to romp with.  The one thing constant about Angel Paws is there seems to dogs leaving and dogs coming.
Brooke Smiles For The Camera
Sidney Takes The High Ground
We even got to see Brooke and Sidney this week.  It is good to see some of our old pals. 

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Good News, Bad News

We received some good news.  A Holmhaven Collie named Vixen is living at our Deacon's (our angel collie) first home in St. Augustine.  You might remember when Deacon, Dog Dad and I visited them when the pack evacuated to Orlando because of a Herricane back in 2008.   Vixen is nine years old and just a little older than Essex.  Sherman wants to go see where his late uncle used to roam and I would like to visit them again too.  So we are now bothering Dog Dad to go visit. 
The sad news is that the Collies of the Meadows posted that Dixie is still missing.  Dixie has been missing since 2 December.  She was last seen off highway 121 outside Tison, near Glennville, GA.  She was wearing a pink collar with a heart tag with her name, address and phone number on it.  She is four year years old and has been spayed.  Dixie's mom's phone number is (912) 334-9375.  There is a reward for her safe return.  Since Dixie disappeared by a highway someone might have picked her up.  She is microchipped. If you have relatives or friends in Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Carolinas or Tennessee please let them know.  We all would love to have her found, but nobody more than a little 10 year old girl who misses her terribly.  More information and pictures of Dixie can be found at  If the first number does not answer try Glendale Farm Collies at 478-454-5427.

Another Pawtograph of Dixie
Dixie Shaking Hands
As for Sherman and I, the below pictures say it all.  We are pretty calm and happy that football season is over.  Dog Dad won't be watching those silly football games for several months.
Nothing Exciting Going On Here
Sigh, Is It Dog Park Time Yet?
Dog Speed,