Tuesday, November 30, 2021


Weather is cooling down in the Keys, for which we are thankful.  Dad has been home with us for the last six days, which we enjoyed.  Norm got to mess with his feet while he tried to sleep.  I just enjoyed hearing Dad grumble at Norm. 

We spent a fair amount of time at Angel Paws the last couple days.  One of the pups that frequents Angel Paws is Chuchi.  Chuchi is an albino pup that is part Catahoula.  She is deaf, but loves playing with the other pups. 
Norm Plays With A Ball

Norm & Gem Chilling Out
There were times we played and other times we just chilled out.  We hope everypaw had a pawsome Thanksgiving.

Dog Speed,

Gemini & Normandy

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving - 2021

 Happy Thanksgiving every paw.  We received this pawtograph from our Angel Paws pal Kai and had to share.  Kai reminds Dad of Essex because he loves fence patrol.  

We have been doing well.  Lots of time at Angel Paws and Dad has taken some vacation, so he has been spending time with us.  Outside of the Dog Park, Dad doesn't go anywhere much.  He is still pretty vigilant during this time of pandemic.  

Gemini & Normandy Playing At Angel Paws
We received sad news that our pal Sir Oliver crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 19 November.  Sir Oliver and Sherman were only two months apart in age.  Neither of us met Sir Oliver, but Uncle Sherman told Gemini about the time he visited him and Essex.  As you can see below Sherman and Sir Oliver had a lot of fun.  
Sherman & Sir Oliver Playing at Angel Paws - 2013
We hope every paw had an awesome day.  We know that we enjoyed ourselves.  

Happy Turkey Day,

Gemini & Normandy