Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sprained Paw

Dad has been trying to catch up with the house most of this month.  Sherman sprained his paw two weeks ago.  When he didn't heal up after a week, we saw the vet on Tuesday, 24 September.  He confirmed a sprained paw and we got some anti-inflammatory medication.   The good part about that was he had to have food, so more treats fur us. 

The bad part is no Angel Paws Dog Park and our walks are cut in half.  Sherman is ruining Gemini's social life.  The two have been playing with each other.  Dad is amazed that we get along so very well with each other.  Gemini has her annual vet visit on 6 October.  

We will try to post tomorrow.  

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Monday, September 10, 2018

Remembering Irma

Cyber-paw pals,

The folks in the path of Herricane Florence are in our thoughts and prayers.  We hope are prayers keep them safe.

A year ago today around 9 AM Herricane Irma struck Key West.  We were sure that we would never see our home again.  A lot of hooomans and animals prayed for us and it worked.

We were lucky that we were able to stay with our pal Gandalf's family.  We are forever indebted to their kindness.  We were grateful for our family and pals like Skye.  They helped keep us sane.
At Gandalf's House
Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Gemini's Third Bark-Aversary

When Dad woke up today, he gave Gemini a big hug and wished her a Happy Bark-Aversary.  When Dad came back from work, we went to Angel Paws.  This was much better than last years Bark-Aversary as we have no Herricane coming our way.  We both remember Dad driving Gemini to Key West.  She was definitely smitten with her Sherman.  We intended to see JH, but it started to rain really hard, so we drove back home.  Funny thing  was the ride back to Key West was all gray skies but no rain.  We talked about Gemini joining our pack this morning and evening.
Gemini Just Before Leaving Holmhaven To Go To Key West 
Gemini Explores Her Yard
Our Paw Pals Luke the Labrador Retriever and Oakley the Australian Shepherd left Key West in late August.  We will both be miss them, but pups are always coming and going.  We did meet Murphy a Golden Retriever pup.  Gemini took a shine to him right away. 
Oakley the Australian Shepherd
Oakley With a Ball 
Gemini and Murphy
Dog Speed,

Gemini & Sherman