Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sprained Paw

Dad has been trying to catch up with the house most of this month.  Sherman sprained his paw two weeks ago.  When he didn't heal up after a week, we saw the vet on Tuesday, 24 September.  He confirmed a sprained paw and we got some anti-inflammatory medication.   The good part about that was he had to have food, so more treats fur us. 

The bad part is no Angel Paws Dog Park and our walks are cut in half.  Sherman is ruining Gemini's social life.  The two have been playing with each other.  Dad is amazed that we get along so very well with each other.  Gemini has her annual vet visit on 6 October.  

We will try to post tomorrow.  

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini


Collie222 said...

Did they give you a splint? It wrap it? Hope he heals quickly!

Unknown said...

Get better, bites not going to the dogpark and having yur walks cut short. My two furballs just had their yearly checkups, actually they get 'em every 6 months under the nifty thrifty Banfield plan I purchased. All is well with some minor chronic problems. Tell Miss Gem to hang in there cuz it's just a matter of time. Sherman will b up in no time...u just can't keep a good dog down!!!

Brian said...

I sure hope that paw is all better soon!