Monday, March 22, 2021

Giving Dad A Scare Friday

We gave dad a good scare Friday.  He accidently left the gate open and we went exploring.  Dad figured that out after he took a shower.  Dad went down the various streets calling our name and whistling the "Lassie" tune to no avail.  He kept this up for over an hour.  He asked people walking down the street, riding bicycles and the garbage men (it was trash day) with no luck.

He said a prayer to God and the Great Dane fur our safe return.  He turns the corner and see the two of us wondering back home at the side of the road.  He gets the two of us and put us in the back of the collie mobile.  Then he gave us a big hug.  Dad wasn't angry, he was really glad to see us.  

He gave us our treats, told us we were getting a good brushing when he got back and went off towork.  When he got back, Normandy got a good brushing.  Then we went to Angel Paws.  Gemini a brushing on Saturday.  Below you can see all the seeds of the weed in our fur.  We would like to have another adventure, but don't think Dad will give us the chance.

Dog Speed,

Gemini & Normandy

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Miles Crosses The Rainbow Bridge

 One of our good pals crossed the rainbow bridge last night.  dad got a frantic call from his hooman saying Miles was having problems breathing and had thrown up.  Dad gave him the phone number to the vet in Marathon and his pal give Miles' Dad a 24 hour vet number at Big Coppit Key.  His human traveled quickly, but Miles crossed the bridge during the ride up.  We were sad to hear the news of his crossing.  We are sure that Essex, Deacon and Sherman greeted him as he crossed the bridge.
Miles -2012

Miles at Our House - 2014

Miles & Uncle Sherman - 2014
Miles was a pawsome pup that stayed with us several times when his hoomans couldn't take him on a trip.  Better to stay with pals, than at a kennel.  He stayed at the our house so he knew Essex, Sherman and myself from those stays.  Miles met Deacon and Normandy if he walked by Angel Paws with one of his hoomans.  
Gemini & Miles - 2018
We liked him a lot.  When Miles visited our home, he would go to Angel Paws.  At our house he would jump up on the window ledge to look outside.  He played more with Essex and Sherman when he was a pup, than he did with me.  

We know his hoomans will miss him badly.  I was hoping that he could tell Normandy tales about Essex and Sherman when he could stay with us.  Unfortunately, the trip his hoomans planned was cancelled by COVID.

Dog Speed Miles,