Monday, November 30, 2020

End of 2020 Herricane Season

Well, cyber paw pals 30 November is the last official day of Herricane Season.  It has been a very busy year for herricanes.  We went into the Greek alphabet fur the second time ever.  We kept dad safe and sane during this busy year.  We even helped keep him company during this pandemic too.  Hmmm, wonder if the word pandemic is derived from Pandora.  You know that lady that opened that box full of bad things.  
Normandy Is Taller Than Gemini
Gemini Resting On The Couch
The good thing about this year has been the arrival of Normandy.  He likes to lick Dad's feet, especially when he tries to sleep.  He fits in well with the pack and loves his Aunt Gemini.  

We have some good news from our pal Loki, up in Panama City.  We will post about that in December.

Dog Speed,

Gemini & Normandy

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Veterans Day - 2020

To everypaw that ebarked us, thank you.  We are doing well.  Tropical Storm Eta was kind to us.  We figured we would get all kinds of rain, but it was fairly dry.  The winds were not bad either.   We watched a lot of the weather channel with Dad.  Dad didn't take us out for morning walk on Monday.  We got to run around in the yard.  Dad was worried about a getting caught in a rain squall and in a big burst of wind.  When he looked at the yard late Monday, there was some palm fronds to pick up and the yard was a bit wet.

Norm Chilling Out During Eta
We got an email from our the pack up at Holmhaven.  They were very wet, but the flooding from the rain did not get into the horse stalls.  All the collies, horses and hoomans there are safe.  That made us all smile.  

As for Veterans Day, we went to Angel Paws for a short time.  We were the only ones there.  After about ten minutes, the rain started coming down.  We played a bit in the rain.  Then a wet Dog Dad and collies got into the collie mobile.   

Dog Speed,

Gemini & Normandy

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Watching Eta

 Well cyber paw pals we are watching Tropical Storm Eta.  We are staying in Key West fur Eta.  We tried to bark it away, like Sherman and Essex did in August 2011 fur Herricane Irene.  Our barks were just were not big enough.  Eta should pass by us around 5 AM, Monday morning.  That means no morning walk, so we are not looking forward to it.  Dad will let us out in the backyard in a couple hours for a potty break.  Potty breaks will be few and far between tomorrow.  

Dad will be following various herricane sites, while we will be relying on reports from Angel Dog Jake.  Jake was an expert herricane reporter that lived  close to Holmhaven before he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Weather Angel Dog Jake
Dad has closed the herricane shutters up.  Taken all the loose items out of the yard.  He is talking to us with his calm voice.  Norm went through Sally in September, so he knows the drill. No it is the waiting game.  
Norm After Our Morning Walk
Gemini Is Wet Too
We will post how things went Monday evening.  We are sure Angel Weather Dog Jake will keep us informed.  The spirits of Essex, Deacon and Sherman will watch over us.  
Norm Chilling Out
Dog Speed,

Gemini and Normandy

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Remembering Sherman One Year Later

It is hard to believe Sherman crossed the bridge one year ago.  It seems like it was yesterday, but at the same time ages ago.  When we walked this morning I was telling Norm how Uncle Sherm would pull and bounce at one portion of our walk.  At the park Dad thought how he would play keep away with the tennis balls.  Dad thinks of how Sherm tried to get up to be with us, that last day we visited.  
Sherman's At The Marathon Hospital
Then of course there was Sherm playing at Angel Paws.  How we chased around the yard.  I am playing the same game with Norm now in the yard.  There are so many happy memories of the big guy.
Sherman Showing Gemini Around Our Back Yard

Gemini & Sherman Sharing The Dog Bed

Dad and I look at Norm.  We are amazed how big he has gotten.  Not sure where the small puppy has gone.  He doesn't try to sleep under the bed anymore.  Norm is almost as tall as me.  I'm sure he will be taller than me on his Barkday.
Gemini & Normandy Sharing The Bed
Dog Speed,